Water Bottles Prices in South Africa

Water bottles have been an old companion to most of us.

We’ve been using children water bottles since our days in the nursery school up to the primary school level.

Most people don’t use water bottles in secondary schools as it is believed to be a thing for kids.

The irony is that after passing through the secondary school and graduating from the higher institution, most people still come back to the abandoned old-time companion, water bottle.

But this time, in a different way. It could be water flasks for baby, fancy water bottles or any other type.

If you’re looking forward to buying one, you’re in the right place. This article outlines the prices of water bottles in South Africa and enlightens you on some other important things about this old friend.

Water Bottles Prices in South Africa

Types of Water Bottles

There are different types of water bottles, depending on the classification.

Based on the materials they are made of, there are plastic water bottles and metal/steel water bottles. The plastic ones are mostly for kids to take clean water to school while the metal or steel ones are mostly used at home to store water and other liquids for later use. The plastic ones also include the PET bottles used by manufacturing industries.

Based on functionality, there are drinking water bottles and hot water bottles. The drinking water bottles are purposely made to store liquids for consumption and related purposes while the hot water bottles are designed for health purposes.

Uses of Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are used for several health-related purposes, which include the following.

  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Ease back pain
  • Alleviate headache
  • Relief sore knees and bruises when used as ice packs
  • Warm up in bed on a cold night
  • Purify the liver and colon
  • Relief stomach pain

Where to Buy Water Bottles in South Africa

There are various places you can purchase high-quality water bottles in South Africa.

E-commerce Stores

You can get any type of fancy water bottle online from online stores like Konga and Jumia. They offer varieties that are sold by different sellers on their platforms. To buy from any store, simply visit the website and type “water bottle” in the search box and click the enter button. A number of water bottles will be displayed alongside their prices.

Local Stores

This is an option for you if you don’t want to buy online or you’re unable to. Look around your area to see if there are plastic or food flask sellers. These sellers oftentimes offer high-quality water bottles for sale. Buying from local stores will give you an opportunity to bargain. The amount you buy one here greatly depends on your bargaining power among other factors.

Home Sellers

Recently, some women have adopted the business of selling home appliances, fashion products, baby gadgets, and so on. Some of these women sell original and durable water bottles usually imported from China. Some of them import their products directly from China while others buy from those who import them.

You stand a higher chance of getting a very durable one at a lower cost when you purchase from those who import them directly. If you wish to buy from these sellers but don’t know anyone who is into the business in your environment, just go to Facebook or Instagram and read the timelines of your friends and friends of friends. They mostly advertise their products for free on these platforms.

Cost of Hot Water Bottles in South Africa

  • Therapeutic Hot Water Bottle: R$ 37 – R$ 56
  • Relaxing Hot Water Bottle Flannel: N500 – R$ 37


Drinking Water Bottle Price in South Africa

Water Bottles in South Africa Price of Water Bottles in South Africa
Creative Sports 304 Stainless R$ 111 – R$ 185
Transparent Water Bottle R$ 56 – R$ 74
Lore 70cl Greatness Within R$ 56 – R$ 74
Nike Hyperfuel R$ 278 – R$ 333
Sports Transparent with Straw R$ 185 – R$ 259
Travel Water Bottle R$ 56 – R$ 93
MACDON R$ 63 – R$ 74
Water Bottle with Reusable Cooling Insert R$ 130 – R$ 148
Master Chef Sports R$ 111 – R$ 185
Polar Gear Aqua Sip Bottle R$ 86 – R$ 130
500ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup Thermos Flask (for Travellers) R$ 126 – R$ 185
Disney Star Wars R$ 93 – R$ 259
SubZero Tritan R$ 74 – R$ 111
Master Chef Multi-purpose R$ 222 – R$ 259
Energy Water Bottle R$ 71 – R$ 93
Kylo Ren Aluminum R$ 130 – N,4,000
Emoji Love Eyes R$ 56 – R$ 74
Insulated R$ 93 – R$ 111
Recreation Everyday R$ 93 – R$ 111
Mickey Mouse Straw R$ 52 – R$ 74
Kids’ Water Bottle R$ 93 – R$ 185
Sistema Twist & Sip BPA Free R$ 74 – R$ 111
350ml Cola Style Stainless Steel R$ 74 – R$ 111
Contigo Kids 14oz Gracie Autoseal R$ 185 – R$ 259
Master Chef Cool Can R$ 185 – R$ 259
Rose Stainless Steel Silver R$ 56 – R$ 111
Classic Design Water Bottle R$ 37 – R$ 56
500ml Insulated Stainless Steel R$ 148 – R$ 222
Travel Drinkware Portable R$ 93 – R$ 185
Miunsi 700ml Sports R$ 67 – R$ 93

Plastic Vs Steel Water Bottles: Which is Better?

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you’ve taken bottled water one or more times than you can count. This might come to you as a surprise … but research shows that taking water from plastic water bottles poses a lot of health effects.

Water from plastic bottles has been found to contain chemicals that cause abnormal hormone functions and high risk of cancer. The chemicals in plastic water bottles increase with an increase in heat and time.

Also, it’s not very possible to completely clean plastic bottles. This is why they sometimes give an awful smell after been used for a long time.

Steel water bottles, on the other hand, don’t have as much health effects as their plastic counterparts. They can also be easily cleaned to prevent giving an awful smell.

Wrap Up

Water bottles are available in different sizes, shapes and prices. The type you buy greatly depends on your purpose of use and budget. Some are designed for kids, some for sport, and others for home use and several other uses. Use the price list as a guide whenever you set out to buy one from any of the sources mentioned above. I hope you find this helpful.