Wall Tiles Prices in South Africa

Tiling your walls is an excellent idea.

A tiled wall communicates taste, class, and luxury.

While tiling a wall may seem a little expensive, it is, in fact, a good investment considering the strength and longevity of tiling materials.

Wall tiles generally make a building more attractive. And if you happen to go with the more natural tiling options like marble, slate, etc, you’ll find that your walls will acquire a more ‘earthy’ feel, which is a lot cozier and grander than most plain colored walls.

Of course, wall tiles are not only meant to be used in bathrooms and toilets. In fact, today, more and more homeowners are using wall tiles for exterior design and they are just as good as they are when used in the interior.

When it comes to wall tiles, you have lots of options on the market. There is a huge selection of wall tiling materials to purchase for your building available at different cost, grades, durability, attractiveness, design and so on.

Here I’ve provided you with the various types of wall tile materials in South Africa and their price range.

And yes, the prices listed here are estimates as it would be almost impossible to give actual prices that will be the same across the country. This is because tile sellers are always free to fix their selling prices and since most tiles are also imported, their prices will also vary depending on currency fluctuations and on the forces of demand and supply.

Aside from providing the price range of wall tiles in South Africa in this article, I’ve also provided a simple guide on how to calculate the number of tiles needed to cover your wall. This way, you can easily estimate the packet of tiles you need to buy.

Current Price of Wall Tiles in South Africa

Ceramic Tiles: ceramic tiles are a great option when it comes to tiling the walls of your home, shop or office as they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are man-made tiles manufactured from clay and tend to absorb liquids. Unlike wall paint, ceramic tiles do not attract dirt and are easy to wash, clean and maintain.

Ceramic wall tiles come in different packages. The most popular options include the 30 x 30 package priced at R$ 45 – R$ 56 while the 40 × 40 ceramic wall tile ranges from R$ 52 – 1,750.


Porcelain Tiles: are less porous and unlike ceramic tiles have higher water resistance levels and as such, not easily stained. This makes them an ideal choice for walls. However, porcelain tile is a bit more expensive and due to its hardness, are harder to cut.

Porcelain tiles due to their often smooth and shiny finish are very compatible with both exterior and interior walls and because of this striking qualities, are a bit expensive compared to ceramic tiles. Like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are also man-made tiles manufactured from clay by subjecting them to very high temperatures in a kiln.

There are two types of porcelain tiles: polished and unpolished. The price of a 30 × 30 pack of a polished porcelain tile ranges from R$ 93 – R$ 102 in South Africa while that of a 40 × 40 of the same ranges from R$ 100 – R$ 111.

You can find a pack of 40 × 40 unpolished porcelain tiles from around N2, 500 – R$ 111 while a 30 × 60 of the same goes for R$ 130 – R$ 148.


Natural Tiles:  There are different types of natural tiles. These are often named after the stone they are made from. As such we have natural tiles like granite, slate, onyx, marble, etc. They are good tiling materials and can add a classy ‘earthy’ look and luxury to your home decor.

Natural tiles have the longest life span among the other types of tiles and are considered the most beautiful. Therefore, natural tiles are quite expensive. Most times you’ll find them within the price range of R$ 195 to R$ 296 in South Africa.

How To Calculate the Number of Tiles Needed For the Wall of Your Home

Step 1: Measure the length and height of the wall

The first step in calculating the number of tiles required to cover a wall is to measure the length and height of the wall. This should be done on all sides that would need to be covered by tiles.


Step 2: Multiply the length and height

After measuring the length and the height of the walls, multiply the length by the height of each side to get the area, that is, the square footage. For example, if the length and height of the wall are 6 by 7 feet respectively, the square footage will be 6 x 7 = 42 square feet.

Repeat this for all the walls you measured and then add the answers together to get the total area.

Step 3: Divide the total footage by the size of the tile

Now you’ll need to calculate the actual number of tiles you need to cover the wall you measured earlier on. To do this, divide the total area by the length of the tile you’ll be getting.

For instance, if you are buying a 12 x 12 tile, divide the total area by 12. This way, you’ll get the total number of tiles needed to cover the wall.

Furthermore, you can divide the total number of tiles you need to buy by the number of tiles in a packet. Tiles often come in a pack. For instance, 12 x 12 tiles may come as 6 pieces in a pack. Divide the total number of tiles needed by 6 to get an idea of the total packet you need to buy.

Where to Buy Wall Tiles In South Africa

Tiles are available in most building materials market in South Africa. I doubt you’ll have any trouble finding a dealer.

You can also order tiles online in South Africa. Popular online markets like olx.com and jiji.ng offer wall tiles at affordable prices which you can conveniently order from the comfort of your home.