2024 VW T-Roc Price in South Africa

Are you in the market for a new SUV? Look no further than the Volkswagen T-Roc, which has recently launched in South Africa. This stylish and affordable SUV option is perfect for drivers looking for both practicality and luxury. The 2024 VW T-Roc boasts an eye-catching exterior design with sharp lines, bold curves, and a sporty front grille. The five-seater vehicle is available in three different models: the base model (Trendline), mid-range (Comfortline), and high-end (R-Line).

2024 VW T-Roc Price in South Africa

Interior Features

The interior of the T-Roc is just as impressive as its exterior design. It features modern technology such as an infotainment system with smartphone integration, automatic climate control, rain-sensing wipers, ambient lighting, and heated front seats. The infotainment display comes as eight inches as standard, or 9.2 inches on upper specs, providing a seamless user experience.

Comfortable Seating

One thing that sets this SUV apart from others on the market is its comfortable seating arrangement. Driver’s seat height adjustment helps you find your optimal driving position while providing perfect visibility behind the wheel. The ergoActive seat adds to the comfort, making long drives a breeze.

Engine Performance & Safety Features

The performance under Volkswagen lies through excellent engineering of engines that surpass their competition along with safety features added give customers peace of mind. Customers are given two dynamic engine options; four-cylinder petrol or diesel engines giving between power range from 85 kW to 140 kW depending on selected trim level that promise great fuel efficiency around town up to open highways without scrimping on strong acceleration when needed.

Safety is always top of mind at Volkswagen manufacturing center. The new updated series comes standard with Electronic Stability Control(ESC) and Anti-lock Brake System(ABS). while other variants come complete with Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC), Park Distance Rear View Camera System, Front Assist, and more.


The pricing for the Volkswagen T-Roc in South Africa is competitive when compared to other similar-sized SUVs on the market. The base model (Trendline) has a starting price of R489 400, with the mid-range (Comfortline) priced at R548 300 and higher-end (R-Line) priced at R593 600.

Where to Buy

Interested buyers can head down to their nearest VW dealership or visit their website for info regarding finance options available along with added packages that best meet your needs.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable yet stylish option for a new SUV in South Africa, look no further than the Volkswagen T-Roc. Its modern interior features a comfortable seating arrangement coupled with powerful engines not found anywhere else ensures it stands out among its competition as one of this year’s essential SUVs.


FAQ 1: What is the price of the 2024 VW T-Roc SUV in South Africa?

Answer: The price of the Volkswagen T-Roc SUV in South Africa varies depending on the variant. As of January 2024, the starting price for a base model (Trendline) is around R489,400 while a top-of-the-range model (R-Line) can cost around R593,000.

FAQ 2: What are some notable features available on the VW T-Roc for its price range?

Answer: The Volkswagen T-Roc comes equipped with several impressive features that make it stand out as an affordable yet stylish SUV option. Some notable features available across different variants include LED headlights with daytime running lights, touchscreen infotainment system with App-Connect functionality, rearview camera system, climate control system, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems.

FAQ 3: How does the VW T-Roc compare to other compact SUVs in terms of pricing and features?

Answer: Compared to other popular models like Audi Q3 or BMW X1 available in South African market within similar segment /price category ,the VW T-Roc offers competitive pricing without compromising key features. It also boasts spacious interior space along with advanced technology integration at this price point which makes it an attractive option against its competitors combined together by offering great value for money.