Vitafoam Mattress Prices in South Africa

After a long stress filled day, one’s body would need rest.

How would you offer your body this delectation?

Would you just jump on anything that comes your way, like lying on some uncomfortable structure?

The human body is designed in a way that can detect or react to what pleases and displeases it.

From this statement, would you rather have your body reacting to displeasure? Would you be happy resting on something that gives you frequent pains such that you get to see your doctor regularly?

If you’re looking to get yourself a comfortable mattress and you’re considering Vitafoam brand but need to do some findings on prices or other things, then you’re in the right place.

Vitafoam mattresses are widely known for their efficacy and beyond. The manufacturing company began its journey in 1962 and was founded by British Vita in partnership with the local distributor, G. B. Olliviant.

This article provides the prices list of various types of Vitafoam mattresses alongside other useful pieces of information you should know to help you to make the right choice of mattress.

Vitafoam Mattress Prices in South Africa

Who Are Vitafoam Mattresses Designed For?

Vitafoam mattresses are designed to give relief to the human body. They are meant to contribute to relaxation and help to stimulate proper blood flow through your veins as you lay on them. They are designed for use by the general public. There is no particular class of individuals appropriated the right of owning a Vitafoam mattress.

Why You Should Buy Vitafoam Mattresses

For you to be in need of a mattress simply means that you are in need of comfort. Comfort in a physiological term is the gradual lengthening of inactive muscle or muscle fibers. It is also the definition of fine living of which VitaFoam is the art.

When you hear the general public claim that something has the attributes of fine living and comfort, they are actually referring to VitaFoam. The insinuation here is that you’re guaranteed lessen pain, which cuts down your cost of visiting a doctor frequently for reports of this nature. In essence, VitaFoam will alleviate all forms of discomfort while your precious body relaxes in it.

Cost of Vitafoam Mattresses In South Africa

One of the gratifying attributes of Vitafoam is their expertise in understanding the fundamentals of production. By and large, what every firm should consider first is how to meet up with expectations and how to serve the public better.

This is the case of Vitafoam. They have a well-strategized business plan that does not necessarily look to bloom their business but to meet up with and satisfy the need of the general public.

The mattress brand has in stock various kinds of mattresses that suit every occasion. They have mattresses of various forms such as the Vita Corona and Grand Mattress noted for their medium density, Orthopedic mattresses with high density elegantly designed for orthopedic needs, baby playing mats for babies, and Shine mattresses. These mattresses come in sizes and thus, the prices differ.

The bigger the size the higher the price as the company provides the public with a wide and enormous variety to choose from.

Vita Corona Mattress

6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches  R$ 1,314 to R$ 1,665

6ft X 4ft X 6inches  R$ 1,184 to R$ 1,554

Vitafoam Orthopedic Mattress

6ft X 6ft X 8inches  R$ 4,366 to R$ 4,736

6ft X 7ft X 8inches  R$ 5,180 to R$ 5,439

6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches  R$ 3,330 to R$ 3,700


Vita Galaxy Orthopedic Mattress

R$ 4,366


Vitafoam Semi Orthopedic Mattress

6 X 3 X 8inches R$ 1,995

Vita Galaxy Classic

R$ 2,701 to R$ 4,329

Vitafoam Grand Mattress

10 Inches  R$ 2,102 to R$ 2,664

6ft X 6ft X 8inches  R$ 1,961 to 60,000

6ft X 7ft X 8inches  R$ 2,109 to 76,000

6ft X 4ft X 8inches  R$ 1,665 to 49,500

6ft X 3.5 X 8inches  R$ 1,554 to 45,000

Baby Sofa Bed

R$ 1,110 to R$ 1,295

Shine Mattress

6ft X 2.5 X 6 inches  R$ 703 to R$ 814

6ft X 3ft X 6inches  R$ 814 to R$ 925


Spring Super Mattress

6ft X 6ft X 8inches  R$ 3,053 to R$ 3,145

Vita Supreme

6ft X 4ft X 8inches  R$ 1,221 to R$ 1,480

6ft X 5ft X 8inches  R$ 1,924 to R$ 2,072

Vita Spring Super

6ft X 7ft X 8inches  R$ 3,219

Vita Toddler Bed Mattress
51 X 27 X 5inches  R$ 629 to R$ 740

Baby Flexi Mat

R$ 219

Leisure Mat

R$ 345

What to Have in Mind When Buying a Vitafoam Mattress

Are you bothered about the Vitafoam mattress you want to buy? You must have, before now, been pondering over what the mattress can offer you. Vitafoam offers more than just a mattress. As I stated earlier, this article also provides useful pieces of information you should know about Vitafoam mattresses. Below are what you must know.

Pricing: Vitafoam mattresses, although of high quality, are very affordable

Durability: They are noted for their ability to resist stress and last longer

Warranty: Vitafoam mattresses bought from authorized distributors, reputable dealers or directly from the company comes with a warranty

Design/Outlook: Vitafoam is invincible on the grounds of mattress design with additional comforts

Availability: This is another technical term in the business world and Vitafoam is the engineer. They are readily available nationwide

Cons of Vitafoam Mattress

If there was a lag of any kind in the production quality of Vitafoam mattresses, there would have been a notable backdrop in the company’s standard. The mattresses are designed for comfort and fine living. You can be assured that there is no significant downside in their products as well as other services.

Where to Buy a Vitafoam Mattress in South Africa

Vitafoam is a famous brand in South Africa with authorized dealer stores widely available nationwide. It should not be a problem contacting the nearest Vitafoam authorized store around you. You can as well visit for more details as their site is designed with a GPRS based map to ease the means of locating their stores nearest to you.

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