Unifoam Mattress Prices in South Africa

After a hectic day, nothing beats coming home to the comfort of a welcoming woolly mattress.

You don’t need a degree in sleep science to figure out the correlation between good night sleep and your mattress.

Although some medical conditions may be responsible for some instances of bad sleep, your mattress may ultimately be the culprit.

If you have a better night’s sleep using a motel mattress or that of a friend, chances are you probably need a new mattress. It’s totally okay to live in denial of this fact – but when you eventually snap out of it, you’ll need to figure out the best mattress to get.

Luckily for everyone, Unifoam mattress is a safe bet. And yes, the name may not particularly ring a bell, but Unifoam mattresses are an unerring combination of thoughtful design and elegance.

There’s one very simple reason why you need to buy a Unifoam mattress; to get the best comfort a mattress can offer.

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Unifoam Mattress in South Africa

Unifoam mattress is produced by Unifoam group, a 38-year-old mattress manufacturing company with offices in different cities across South Africa.

Unifoam brand is the choice mattress for lots of people across the country, with significant footprints in the North.

The company infuses its years of experience designing and making mattresses to tailor well-designed Unifoam products available in different sizes and thickness.

Unifoam Mattress Price List in South Africa

Whether you are already a fan of Unifoam mattresses or you just want to get a glimpse of the prices as compared with others, I’ve put up a pretty concise list of some Unifoam mattresses and their prices for your reading delight.

Note that there may be marginal differences in the price of unifoam mattresses across different South Africa cities. The prices listed here are the averages from physical stores and e-commerce vendors. The prices obtainable in states like Kano, Kaduna, and Kwara are considerably cheaper than obtainable elsewhere around South Africa.

  • 4 inches thick Unifoam mattress – R$ 592 – R$ 666
  • 4 inches thick Unifoam care orthopaedic mattress – R$ 925 – R$ 999
  • 5 inches thick Unifoam mattress – R$ 740 – R$ 814
  • 8 inches thick Unifoam spring mattress – R$ 1,110 – R$ 1,184
  • 8 inches thick Unifoam life spring mattress – R$ 1,184 – R$ 1,295
  • 10 inches thick Unifoam mattress – R$ 1,924 – R$ 1,998
  • 14 inches thick Unifoam mattress – R$ 2,146 – R$ 2,220

Unifoam Mattress Buying Guide in South Africa

Buying a comfortable mattress seems easy – you can always try it out at the showroom and get a good feel of it. But then, a minute try-out at the showroom may not necessarily mean it will provide that much needed soothing comfort, especially when used over several hours at home.

Using a badly built mattress can result in serious backaches, and if you are buying for kids and toddlers – the need to be extra diligent in selection even becomes more important.

If you’re wondering what makes a good mattress, Unifoam mattresses offer some key qualities you should look out for when buying any mattress and I’ve outlined them for you.


It’s no secret that the most important quality of any mattress is how much comfort it provides. While a lot of people can crash and doze off on just about any surface, most people aren’t particularly built this way. When buying your mattress, it’s important to try different mattresses and decide which one feels best. Generally, an ideal mattress should be midway between being firm and soft.

Too firm mattresses will put too much pressure on your spine while too soft ones can’t offer enough support for your body weight.

People who sleep on their hips and shoulders (side sleepers) are likely to find firmer mattresses uncomfortable. People who sleep this way are likely to find a slightly softer mattress more comfortable. This is because a softer surface will provide a soft cushion for their hips and shoulders.

Conversely, people who sleep on their stomach need a slightly firmer mattress to support their weight and keep them afloat. The back sleepers, on the other hand, need a mattress that is firm enough to support their back yet soft enough to provide a cushion for their spine.

However, a lot of people sleep with a variation of these three styles.

Usually, an ideal mattress that is firmer than it is soft is recommended. This means that it should be soft enough to provide needed comfort while still offering a firm surface that doesn’t easily sag.

Similarly, pregnant women are better off using softer mattresses that provide warmth and a comforting cushion.


Even though the focus is on comfort, buying a mattress that sags and caves in a short time isn’t recommended. Sure, you can spend some money on a really cool mattress that provides unparalleled comfort, but how long exactly is that comfort going to last?

Unifoam mattresses are both durable and comfortable; a very important quality you should look out for in any mattress.

Body Build

There are lots of salespeople who bogusly suggest a one-size-fits-all mattress for unsuspecting buyers.

For the avoidance of doubt, a super huge mattress will definitely fit all, but your height, weight, and shape have a lot of things to do with how comfortable you fill in any mattress. Most same sized mattresses may look similar, but underneath the appearance, there’s a huge pool of components and design that determines how comfortable you’ll feel in any mattress.

For slim people, a softer mattress remains the best choice. Since slim people usually have less fatty flesh to cushion pressure on the bones, a firmer mattress could cause general body pains. Less dense mattresses with a smaller thickness will normally be okay for slim sleepers.

However, for more heavily built sleepers who weigh around 99Kg or higher, the best choice is a mattress that strikes a balance between firmness and softness. Thicker mattresses with a thickness ranging from 10 to 14 inches are considered appropriate for more heavily built sleepers.

Heavier individuals who sleep on mattresses less than 5 inches may experience mild to severe back problems. This is usually due to excessive pressure on the spine and back muscles.

When it comes to choosing a comfortable and affordable mattress, Unifoam is a popular choice for many South Africans. Let’s take a closer look at the Unifoam mattress prices in South Africa.

Model Price (single) Price (double) Price (queen)
Eco Guest R999 R1399 R1599
Eco Comfort R1099 R1599 R1799
Deluxe Memo-Flex R1699 R2299 R2499
Deluxe Pocket Spring R2299 R2999 R3399

The above table highlights some of the most popular Unifoam mattress models and their corresponding prices in South Africa. As you can see, the prices range from R999 for the Eco Guest mattress in a single size to R3399 for the Deluxe Pocket Spring mattress in queen size.

Unifoam mattresses are known for their quality, comfort and affordability. They provide good value for money and are a great option for anyone in the market for a new mattress.

So, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more luxurious, Unifoam has a range of mattresses to suit your needs and budget.

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