Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in South Africa

The Corolla is one of the most popular products from the vehicle manufacturing giant Toyota. This car first hit the market in 1966 and since then, it has become one of the most popular cars in the world. Over the years, Toyota has released several editions of this vehicle including the Toyota Corolla 2006.

If you know anything about the South African vehicle market, you will agree that the Corolla 2006 is among the most popular vehicles around. There are several reasons why this car has gained so much popularity. Some of them include ease of use, low maintenance costs, and fuel economy, to mention a few.

How much does a Toyota Corolla 2006 cost in South Africa? What makes this car so special? This article will answer both questions and several others that may come to mind. Grab a seat and let’s get to the crux of this post.

Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in South Africa

Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in South Africa

Finding out the price of a vehicle before purchase is very important. Firstly, it helps you figure out if you can afford the vehicle at the moment. Second, you can weigh the price of the vehicle against the prices of other vehicles before making your choice.

The Toyota Corolla 2006 is very affordable compared to several other vehicles in the same class. We have taken the liberty to find out the cost of the new, tokunbo, and South African-used versions of this car on the South African vehicle market. Check them out below:

Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in South Africa – Brand New

There are seven different trims of the Toyota Corolla 2006 on the market. Check out their prices below:

  • Toyota Corolla 2006 CE (M5): ZAR$129,556 – ZAR$136,959
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 LE (M5): ZAR$136,959 – ZAR$140,661
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 S (M5): ZAR$159,169 – ZAR$170,274
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 XRS (M6): ZAR$185,080 – ZAR$196,185
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 S (A4): ZAR$148,064 – ZAR$159,169
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 LE (A4): ZAR$129,556 – ZAR$135,109
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 CE (A4): ZAR$118,452 – ZAR$127,705

Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in South Africa – Tokunbo

The cars in this category are less expensive. Most South Africans prefer to purchase tokunbo vehicles because they are almost always in good condition. Check the prices of the different trims of tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2006 vehicles below:

  • Toyota Corolla 2006 CE (M5): ZAR$92,540 – ZAR$99,944
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 LE (M5): ZAR$99,944 – ZAR$103,645
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 S (M5): ZAR$111,048 – ZAR$118,452
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 XRS (M6): ZAR$125,855 – ZAR$131,407
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 S (A4): ZAR$114,750 – ZAR$118,452
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 LE (A4): ZAR$85,137 – ZAR$96,242
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 CE (A4): ZAR$74,032 – ZAR$81,436

Toyota Corolla 2006 Price in South Africa – South African-used

It is difficult to peg specific prices on the cars in this category. The reason is that their prices are determined by the car owner and the condition of the vehicle. If you go for this option, we advise that you get a professional mechanic to accompany you. They can carry out a thorough check of the vehicle before the purchase to know if it is in good condition.

Simple Car Maintenance Tips to Help you Enjoy Your Toyota Corolla 2006

Purchasing a car is one thing, maintaining it is a whole different ball game. As we mentioned earlier, the Toyota Corolla 2006 is a low-maintenance vehicle. However, to keep it running in good condition, there are a few things you need to do frequently. This section will reveal some of these simple maintenance tips.

Read your car owner’s manual

Most car owners have never seen their owner’s manual before talk more about reading it. How do you know what to do to take care of your vehicle? The manual provides insight on the different services that you should subscribe to as well as other important information.

Some of the pieces of information that the manual contains include:

  • Correct engine oil.
  • The octane rating of the fuel to use.
  • Problem diagnosis.
  • Vehicle requirements and features.
  • Infotainment system.

With these pieces of information, you can maintain your Toyota Corolla 2006 properly.

Never skip car maintenance services

From the car owner’s manual, you have a clear idea of the maintenance services you need for your Toyota Corolla 2006. Ensure that you know the recommended service periods and stick to the schedule. Learn about when you should replace wires, plugs, serpentine belts, and fluids. Discuss with your mechanic to know the ideal times you should service your vehicle. Always stick to the right products when servicing for the best results.

Check tire pressure

Why should you check your tire pressure often? First, doing this is paramount to your safety while on the roads. If your car’s tire pressure sensor isn’t functioning, we suggest that you purchase a tire gauge. This tool helps you to check your tire pressure regularly. Another reason why having the right pressure is important is that it improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. While checking the pressure of your tires, make sure that you don’t leave out the spare.

Rotate tires

Another maintenance tip that relates to tires is “tire rotation.” Does it sound strange when we say you should rotate your tires? Let’s explain why you should.

The back and front tires of your Corolla carry different types of loads. Rotating these tires saves them from wear and tear. Doing this also helps your car to drive better. According to professionals, you should rotate your tires after every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Don’t forget to check the condition of your tires during rotation to figure out when they need a change.

Check the warning lights

Many times, we drive our vehicles without paying attention to the warning lights on the dashboard. You need to check your dashboard frequently in case any of the warning lights are on. Find out what each warning light means so that you can take the necessary action when it comes on. Most times, warning lights don’t mean that the car has suffered serious damage. It just means that you need to fill up on gas, oil, or water. It may also mean that you need to service your vehicle.