Top South African Debt Counsellors: Get Relief Now


Being in debt can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Debt counselling is a process where a registered debt counsellor can assist individuals who are struggling with their finances by negotiating more affordable repayment plans with creditors. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the top debt counsellors in South Africa who can help you get relief from your debts.

Why Choose A Registered Debt Counsellor?

It’s important to choose a registered debt counsellor because they have the necessary training, expertise, and accreditation required to guide you through the debt counselling process. They will provide a comprehensive analysis of your current financial situation and work with you to develop an affordable budget plan.

Some benefits of working with a registered debt counsellor include:
– Protection from legal action by creditors
– Reduced interest rates on outstanding balances
– Consolidation of multiple unsecured debts into one monthly payment
– Monthly payments structured according to an individual’s affordability
– Assistance in developing healthy money management habits to prevent future financial difficulties

Top South African Debt Counselling Services

Here are some of the leading Aligned Association for Accredited Debt Counselling Services (AADCS) accredited companies providing quality service across South Africa:

1. National Debt Advisors (NDA)

National Debt Advisors is one of the most recognized names within the industry offering professional assistance throughout all stages of the process – highlights include:
– Free consultation via telephone or internet video conferencing at any time;
– Negotiation fee included for quicker payouts;
– Legal protection when adhering dilligently throughout whole agreement period as set out between client
and NDA.

2. has been helping people manage their finances since 2007 offering;
– Easy online applications;
– Regulated under the National Credit Act;
– Debt review and Counselling services provided by trusted professionals
(whom adhere to AADCS).

3. Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue offers a wide range of debt counselling services, such as:
– Free consultation with a registered debt counsellor;
– Fixed fee structure approved by the NCR;
– Referral fees paid out for each successful client referred to them.


Debt counselling can help you take control of your finances and provide relief from the stresses of being in debt. By choosing a registered debt counsellor from one of South Africa’s leading companies, you can get professional assistance throughout all stages of debt counselling process in customized and affordable ways suited to individuals’ affordability; thereby enabling sustainable financial management habits that will build towards long-term financial wellness.

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Yes, here are three popular FAQs along with their answers for “Top South African Debt Counsellors: Get Relief Now”:

Q1. What is debt counselling and how does it work?

A1: Debt counselling is a process that helps consumers who are struggling with debt to manage their finances more effectively. It involves working with a registered debt counsellor who will assess your financial situation, negotiate new payment terms with your creditors, and create a repayment plan that you can afford based on your income and expenses. The debt counsellor will also provide ongoing support and advice to help you stay on track.

Q2: How much does debt counselling cost?

A2: The cost of debt counselling varies depending on the service provider you choose in South Africa. However, there are limits on how much they may charge as regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). In general, the fees may include an application fee of up to R50 (non-refundable), an assessment fee of up to R600 (including VAT), an initiation fee not exceeding R7 500 or 5% of total outstanding liabilities at time of application excluding interest – which ever is smallest-, monthly aftercare fees (subjected to NCR guideline maximums) among others.

Q3: Will I still be able to access credit while under debt review?

A3: No, when you apply for debt review in South Africa most lenders will consider applicants as “blacklisted” until any debts currently held have been paid back in full through the process administered by the court-appointed Payment Distribution Agent (“PDA”) – added over-indebted consumers cannot take out further credit unless proceedings-clearance certificate has been provided by all panies noting loans or monies owing payments were made fully as per Court Order where applicable before clearance certificate issued from NDMA once completed-. Therefore while subjecting under this programl accessing credit would be limited until completion.