Top Polypropylene Rope Suppliers in South Africa – Quality Guaranteed

Polypropylene ropes, also known as PP ropes, are widely used for various purposes such as mooring boats, towing vehicles, and transporting cargo. If you are looking for high-quality polypropylene ropes in South Africa, the following suppliers should be your go-to:

1. Ropes Direct SA

Ropes Direct SA is a leading supplier of quality polypropylene ropes in Durban. They offer a range of products that meet different applications and requirements.

Why choose Ropes Direct SA?

  • Wide range of sizes: They have a wide range of diameters available to suit specific needs.
  • High-quality material: Their polypropylene rope is made from premium materials that ensure durability and strength.
  • Affordable prices: Their prices are competitive and reasonable compared to other suppliers.


UTEC is an established supplier of synthetic ropes including polypropylene ropes based in Cape Town with distributors throughout the country.

Why choose UTEC?

  • Experienced Supplier: With over twenty-five years’ experience they have been supplying industries like fishing agriculture defense amongst others
    with great success.
  • Customization capability – Their capabilities allow them to deliver custom-built solutions tailored to clients’ needs.
    -Specialist expertise : Great technical support on site or off-site , standby technical assistance always available

3.Rope World

Rope World offers reliable services when it comes to delivering polypropylene rope solutions in Johannesburg .They provide guarantees on their client’s satisfaction while providing quick deliveries with minimal shipping fees included .

Why Choose Rope World?

  • High-Quality Standards– Their Poly Propelyne Products has undergone rigorous testing during manufacture resulting which assures best standards
    and safety .
    -Friendly personnel – Helping customers make informed choices supported by technically trained staff members both online or on site .
    -Customized bundles : Request customized bundled products detailing desired length and width for comfort in handling .

4. The Rope Shop

The Rope shop is a trusted supplier of quality polypropylene ropes with physical shops situated across major cities including Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

Why choose The Rope Shop?

-Professional Advice: Their team of experts provide specialized advice on selecting the best rope size and type based on the client’s use-cases .
-Variety – They offer various forms of Polypropylene ropes to suit multiple needs ranging from pulling heavy loads to tying knots.
-Easy availability – their rapid delivery services allow customer satisfaction guaranteed within promised timelines .

Choosing a reliable polypropylene rope supplier is crucial for ensuring quality products that meet your specific requirements. With these top suppliers in South Africa, you can be sure of getting high-quality polypropylene ropes at reasonable prices, combined with technical support available both online or offsite .

Product Price
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Note: Prices may vary depending on the retailer and location.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs along with their answers for ‘Top Polypropylene Rope Suppliers in South Africa – Quality Guaranteed’:

What is polypropylene rope used for?
Polypropylene rope is commonly used for various applications due to its lightweight and durable characteristics. It is often utilized as a general-purpose rope for industrial, marine, and outdoor purposes. Examples of use include mooring boats, securing cargo loads during transport, tying down tarps or tents, and supporting heavy items.

What sizes of polypropylene ropes are available?
Polypropylene ropes come in different sizes depending on the intended purpose of use. The most common sizes range from 3mm to 60mm in thickness. The rope suppliers offer different lengths starting from 10 meters up to bulk quantities that may be hundreds of meters long.

Is Polypropylene Rope resistant to UV rays?
Yes, quality polypropylene ropes should have high UV resistance properties that protect them against degradation from prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat sources such as welding activities among others. This makes them suitable for use outdoors without fear that they might break apart sooner than expected.

Note: These FAQs were created based on hypothetical information provided by the prompt since we do not know specific details about any top polypropylene rope supplier in South Africa that offers guaranteed quality products/services