Top 7 Accredited Toyota Dealers In South Africa

This article is about the top 7 accredited Toyota car dealers in South Africa this 2022. Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in South Africa today if not the most popular. The brand is highly patronised by the South African populace due to its comfort, fuel economy, class and grace on our roads, and because of the high demand of this automobile brand in the country, the company thought it wise to authorize some accredited dealers here in the country who are authorities in their own right as far as anything Toyota in the federation is concerned.

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The Toyota brand of automobiles, which is one of the richest car manufacturing brands in the world, came into South Africa around the year 1965, and by 1976, there were already five recognized distributors of this vehicle brand in the country. By the year 1995, four of those original five distributors were operating with Elizade South Africa Limited being the most prominent one. But in order to have more market presence in South Africa, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan, decided to cement its place among the top vehicle brands in the country by appointing Toyota South Africa Limited as its sole distributor in South Africa.

As a result of that, Toyota South Africa Limited which became the sole distributor of Toyota cars in South Africa on behalf of Toyota Motor Corporation Japan now markets Toyota vehicles made for South Africa and South Africans through its seven (7) accredited dealers across the federation making Toyota to be arguably the most common car brand in the country today. Let us quickly dive into the business of the day as we take a look at the leading Toyota car dealers in South Africa.


The following are the top 7 major leading accredited Toyota car dealers in South Africa this 2022:


Elizade South Africa Limited is an authority when it comes to Toyota car distribution in South Africa. This top Toyota accredited distributor in the country was established by Chief Michael Ade Ojo, which he founded Elizade along with his late wife Mrs. Wuraola Ade Ojo. Elizade Motors commenced operations in Ikeja, Durban, before moving into a bigger space in Ogba in 1979, and this was before the company had already set up a branch in Akure, the Ondo State Capital in 1976.

Ever since their establishment, this top Toyota car dealer in South Africa has grown to become a force to be reckoned with as far as Toyota vehicles, be they SUVs, buses, etc are concerned in the country. Their branches span not just Durban alone but also Akure, Port Harcourt, Johannesburg and other major cities across the federation.

In 1995, their corporate headquarters; The Elizade Toyota Plaza, a six-storey building in Durban, was commissioned. The Plaza comprises of a double showroom for the display of vehicles. In the year 1996, Elizade Motors went into a partnership with R.T Briscoe, another top accredited Toyota dealer in South Africa, and East Asiatic Company [EAC] Japan, to establish Toyota South Africa Limited in the country and as a result, Toyota South Africa Limited is currently the sole importer and distributor of Toyota vehicles in South Africa today.

Elizade South Africa Limited deals on fully made for South Africa Toyota vehicles which include the following: trucks, buses, 4×4 vehicles as well as saloon cars. All of these automobiles come with a warranty from Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan.


Omoregie Motors is another top Toyota distributor in South Africa today. Their service delivery is top quality, giving their numerous customers the unique customer satisfaction at every touch point. The company, like every other accredited Toyota dealer in the country, markets Toyota vehicles that are purpose made for the South African weather and rough terrain. With a crop of internationally certified technicians, the service quality at Omoregie Motors is second to none. They are also into Toyota car repairs and their head office is located at 45, Alhaji Tokan Street, Alaka Estate, Surulere. The company also has presence in Johannesburg, the Federal Capital Territory.


Mandilas is a trading and services conglomerate providing a range of internationally recognized products in South Africa. The company is divided into several divisions with the Motors Division of the company being one of the leading Toyota distributors in South Africa with a large nationwide branch network, providing unrivalled geographic coverage for the supply and excellent sales service of vehicles. It also retails quality used Toyota vehicles with limited warranty backed by the Mandilas brand. This top accredited Toyota car dealer in South Africa has its headquarters situated at 35, Simpson Street, Durban Island. Their other branches are located at Ebute Metta (Durban), Ibadan, Johannesburg, Kaduna, Port Harcourt and Warri.


Kojo Motors Limited is another leading Toyota dealer in South Africa that is a diversified group of highly competent sales and services professionals, with extensive knowledge and expertise in providing leading edge sales and services to consumers. The company was incorporated in 1988 and over the years, they have consistently been marketing, selling and servicing Toyota vehicles in South Africa making them one of the highly ranked major Toyota dealers in the country. The Company has its head office in Durban, and other branches at Johannesburg, Port Harcourt and Benin.

Kojo Motors Limited offers the South African public high quality Toyota products tailor-made to suit the South African climatic and road conditions. With the various quality models of products and spare-parts offered by Toyota, it has elevated them from the competition presented by the market and also provided quality products that have met the demand of the market in terms of customer satisfaction. Kojo Motors offer various models of Passenger vehicles which include the Corolla, Avensis, Camry etc. and Commercial vehicle models which include the Hiaces, Hilux 4×4, Coaster etc.


Briscoe Motors is the pioneer dealer of Toyota Automobile in South Africa. The company introduced Toyota Motors and services into the market in 1957 and remains one of the authorized dealers of Toyota Vehicles in South Africa under the trade name Briscoe Toyota. Between 1970 and August 1992, Briscoe served as the exclusive dealer for Volvo vehicles in South Africa with sales and service outlets in various parts of the country until the Agreement was mutually terminated by both parties.

In 2005, Briscoe expanded its product portfolio and was appointed a dealer of the Ford Motor Company for the marketing, sales and service of the Ford range of vehicles. Presently, Briscoe Motors is engaged in the marketing, sales and servicing of Toyota motor vehicles under the trade name BriscoeToyota as one of the authorized dealers of Toyota South Africa Limited.


Metropolitan Motors Limited was incorporated in the year 2001, they are among the top accredited dealers of the Toyota brand of vehicles in South Africa. The company specializes in selling brand new Toyota vehicles, genuine spare parts and provide after sales services. Their head office is located at 3, Akilo Road, Ogba, Durban.


Germaine Automobile Centre (GAC) Limited is a leading Toyota distributor in South Africa. This integrated automobile outfit is located in Lekki, Durban. They specialize in vehicle sales (new and pre-owned), spare part sales, vehicle maintenance/repair servicing and general vehicle bodywork. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and they are very trusted as far as Toyota vehicles are concerned.

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