Top 5 Professional Management Courses in South Africa

In this post, we have provided a comprehensive list of the top 5 professional management courses in South Africa currently in this 2022. These professional management courses are taught at some of the top management institutions in South Africa and if you are looking for the best certification courses in management to take, this information will help you a great deal.

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Truth be told, many top organizations require the expertise of managers, those that are well grounded in the field of management for the smooth running of the organization and the efficiency of managers who have developed certain skill sets through enrolling for and taking professional management courses is priceless. With the right knowledge and the right certifications and qualifications in management, it is very easy to keep advancing your career especially if you are a graduate in business and  management sciences.

If you are a fresh graduate or a business executive with an eye for success in management or for climbing up your career ladder sooner rather than later, it will do you a whole lot of good to add professional certifications to your degree certificate so as to boost your chances of going further in your career. This post will highlight the top 5 professional certification courses in management that you can take in order to thrive in your chosen field.


These are the 5 best professional management courses in South Africa this 2022:


Project Management Professionals certification is one of the best and most widely recognized professional management certification courses in South Africa today. The beauty of obtaining a certificate in this management course is that it is internationally recognized and accepted. The PMP certification course is offered by the Project Management institute (PMI).

Currently, in the country today, there are many approved centres where one can enroll for the course. Some of the criteria for earning this professional management certificate is that you are required to attend a 35-hour mandatory project management education class split into different days throughout the duration of your programme and you must pass the project management exam comprising of 200 questions. The duration of your programme is dependent on your academic qualification and the amount it costs to take this certification examination is about $400.


The Professional MBA is a Masters degree in Business administration and it is a very much sort after qualification in the management world. Many universities in South Africa offer the Professional Masters in Business Administration and it is required that you must have obtained your bachelors degree before venturing to take this course.

Degree holders in other fields other than business administration who desire to go study the MBA can be admitted. Many universities in the country as well as business schools offer this course both as a full time and part time course depending on what the student wants. The course is also taught to business and management executives who take interest in it.


Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) is a project inclined professional management certification and as the trends in business and management continue to evolve, this makes many top companies and organization to seek after holders of the CSM certification. The beauty of the CSM certification is that it is internationally recognised and accepted, and it is offered by the Scrum Alliance.

The CSM professional project management training is arms managers with current trends and techniques in teamwork, team management and leadership. Holders of this professional certification will definitely understand the scrum methodology. Many managers of top organizations as well as management students are being encouraged to acquire the CSM certificate so as not to be left out in our ever changing world.


The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) is the recognized body that confers the AIPMM professional management certification. The course is all about equipping individuals with advanced customer relationship management and brand management techniques. Those who possess the AIPMM certificate are in highly sort after by top companies ond organizations.


The CIPM certification course is another top professional management certification course that is very well recognized in South Africa today. The duration of the course ranges from 1-3 years and this is totally dependent on your academic qualification. Courses offered at the CIPM arm managers with the necessary skills in human and personnel resource management. This certification is also internationally recognized and accepted very advantageous to both practicing and upcoming personnel managers.


The NIM certification gives upcoming business and personnel managers the platform to grow into some of the top managers in the country. As a manager, once you possess the NIM certificate, employment opportunities will always come knocking. NIM offers professional courses in business management, brand management and customer relationship management. Once you have completed the training, you will be  inducted into the various membership strata of this top professional management certification institution.

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