Top 5 Best Toilet Cleaning Brands in South Africa

In this article, we shall be discussing about the top 5 best toilet cleaning brands in South Africa this 2022. There are certain toilet cleaners that have become very popular in the market because of their effective stain removal, germ killing and bleaching properties that have made South Africans to come to love and trust them with the passage of time; it is these toilet cleaning brands that we shall look at in details as we progress in this article, kindly read along.

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It is true that cleaning the toilet is not everyone’s favourite chore as this task can be somewhat overwhelming, but if one is fortunate enough to get any of the best toilet cleaners in South Africa, the task becomes easy as all you have to do is to spread the toilet cleaner around the toilet bowl, leave for a few minutes and then scrub with a minimum of fuss.

Part of the reason why some people have it rough when it comes to cleaning their toilets is the fact that they can scrub and scrub to no avail when trying to get rid of those toilet rings and it is always a challenge to maintain the white colour of their toilet bowl but with the best toilet cleaning brands in South Africa offering some of the best toilet cleaners around, you can be rest assured that the once stressful task of cleaning and scrubbing your toilet with much difficulty will be forgotten as soon as possible.

With that said, South African Guide has, through careful research, come up with 5 of the leading toilet cleaning brands in the country that you can rely on to help you deal with your toilet challenges and greatly minimize all that stress that you go through just to make sure your toilet sparkles. They are discussed below.


The following toilet cleaners and the 5 best leading brands in South Africa this 2022:


Harpic is arguably the most popular toilet cleaning brand in South Africa today. Before the advent of other toilet cleaners to rival it, this toilet cleaner was the default name for anything called toilet cleaner in the country. It is a product of the UK Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, Reckitt Benckiser and it has been in South Africa for a very long time. Harpic’s quick action and superior results are unbeatable.

This toilet cleaner disinfects your toilet effectively and with the improved Harpic technology, you get a sparkling clean, hygienic and fresh toilet with every use of Harpic. Regular use of Harpic toilet cleaner prevents the build up of stains in the toilet bowl and ensures that it is visibly clean due to its effective removal of germs in the toilet.

Harpic’s strategically bent bottleneck shape lets you pour the liquid into deep corners under the toilet rim, without letting your hands touch giving you all round cleaning.


Hypo Toilet Cleaner is an effective toilet cleaning brand in South Africa that is making waves in the market today because of its excellent removal of tough stains as well as its germ killing properties. This particular toilet cleaner is proving to be a very worthy competitor to the already established Harpic and it is gaining very wide acceptance in the South African market. Hypo toilet cleaner is a product of Hypo Hygiene Products Limited, a division of Multipro Enterprise Limited, and it comes in three sizes of 725ml, 450ml and a pocket friendly 65ml sachet, all of which are very affordable.


Wind Toilet Bowl Cleaner is another toilet cleaning brand in South Africa that is a preferred choice for many South Africans today and it is available in many supermarkets nationwide. This toilet cleaner is an effective cleaning agent. It is an all in one liquid toilet cleaner that deodorizes, kills germs 99.99% and effectively removes tough stains. The curved nozzle allows easy application under the toilet rim.


Kleanmate is a specially formulated toilet cleaner which is used effectively on stains and acts as disinfectant as well. This toilet cleaner works easily on lime scale deposits and stubborn stains leaving the toilet bowls and urinals sparkling clean. Kleanmate liquid toilet cleaner formulation has an apt viscosity which provides excellent adhesion to vertical and sloped surfaces making it easy to clean surfaces. Kleanmate is a product of Tradenet International Limited (TIL), the company was incorporated in the year 2007.


Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach completes our list of top toilet cleaning brands in South Africa. It is a very powerful clinging gel that deep cleans and kills 99.9% of germs and destroys tough stains, eliminating odours in the process, leaving toilets sparkling with a refreshing Rain Clean Scent. Its unique dispensing nozzle easily delivers that cleaning power under the bowl rim.

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