Top 5 Best Bike Taxi Services in Durban

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The top 5 best bike taxi services and companies in Durban this 2022 is what we shall be looking at in this article. The advent of motorbike taxi service companies in Durban is on the rise. These corporate ‘okada’ services have been set up to help ease the traffic situation in the State and get people to their various destinations faster than normal.

Top 5 Best Bike Taxi Services in Durban

While there are local okada riders who are equally good at what they do, some motorbike or motorcycle hailing service companies have come up with the idea of conveying people all over Durban State either through their different points where they are stationed all over the State or via their mobile app through which many South Africans and Non-South Africas residing in Durban can easily call for the services of corporate okada men from the comfort of their homes.

Many ride hailing companies are developing apps to make life easy for commuters in South Africa, and there are some of the most efficient okada services companies found in Durban. The aim is to demand for motorcycles online just as it is with the companies who do the same with cars, so that people are comfortable as they beat traffic in the State on the go.

Owners of the motorcycle taxi hailing service business in Durban are focused on changing the perception of transportation in South Africa and as such, they have invested huge sums of money in providing on-demand motorcycle taxi services to curb or at least greatly reduce the traffic situation in the country

One of the features of the Durban metropolis is the not so nice traffic conditions in the city. This can frustrate anyone and even cause tempers to flare especially if you are trying to catch an appointment but it seems you would miss it.

Many road construction and rehabilitation works around Durban might also be the cause of some of the meanest traffic grid-locks in the State. One cannot imagine themselves at home in time after work to be with family as all efforts to avoid the traffic issues on Durban roads prove futile as rush hour sets in. This is the main reason why these okada hailing services were set up, to help navigate even the worst areas, and get you to your destination just in time.


The top 5 best motorcycle/motorbike taxi hailing services in Durban this 2022 are given below in no particular order. You can tell us what you think by using the comments section right immediately after reading this article.


Widely regarded as the pioneer in the okada taxi hailing business in Durban State, Gokada has been able to help people living in the State, especially those in Yaba and its environs, to beat traffic on a daily basis, putting smiles on faces which were previously serious as they sought ways to bypass traffic congestion on Durban roads.

According to South Africa Infopedia, with Gokada, you are assured of a road worthy bike which means, though the regular motorcycle used by Okada riders had been banned from the major roads in Durban, Gokada bikes are allowed due to the fact that they are 200 cc motorbikes.

Also important is the hygienic condition of the helmet. You’re given a hair net to wear before putting on the helmet – this is something you don’t get from a regular Okada rider.

If by any means you’re dissatisfied with their service, you also have a means to channel your grievances and it will be dealt with. To cap it all, from the comfort of anywhere you are, you can hail a bike using their app and it will come pick you up to your destination.


ORide, is a new motorbike hailing service which was launched in Durban, South Africa in June 2019, it is an innovative on-demand motorcycle ride-hailing service which is very similar to Gokada and has plans of spreading to other parts of the country.

The ORide service is accessible through the OPay app – an app that is regarded as a superwallet for making transactions, available on Android and iOS devices. ORide launched ORide Green, its flagship motorbike models of 200cc engine specification which are custom built for long distance trip requests as well as ORide Street, its lighter offering to cater to shorter intra-city trips on the day the brand went public with their entry into the bike hailing service industry.

ORide offers flexible payment options including cash, card payment, and payment through the OPay app that allows riders to access promotional offerings.

MAX.NG is a safe and affordable transport and delivery service. They help to reduce your daily commute time by 70% on a safe and affordable Okada. This bike hailing service offers cashless payment, free hairnet and a clean helmet to its customers.

The Max app provides a last mile delivery service option (MAX Now) coupled with a ride hailing service using 200cc motorcycle (MAX Go). The app is readily available for iOS and Android devices.

A variety of their motorbike, MAXe is the first South African all-eletric motorcycle. With some of the most technologically advanced features built into this hybrid system, MAXe is specifically designed to fit perfectly into a commuter’s everyday intra-city commute.

MAXOkada offers you a safe way to move around Durban, South Africa. You can conveniently hail a motorcycle ride with the tap of a button and have one of their riders, also known as a Champion pick and drop you or your packages off at your destination.

Other motorbike hailing services in Durban that are fully operational but yet to attract as much attention and popularity as the first three listed above include:


Easy Ride is another okada hailing company that offers services on the Mainland of Durban. They also convey commuters to the Island and their services are affordable. Their drivers are well trained, and very polite and the quality of their bikes can compete favourably with the first three mentions in this post. Their colour is red.


This bike hailing service is an upcoming company in Durban. They are yet to be well known in the State but they are making as much impact as the other top companies in the okada hailing business. With time, they should have populated Durban and people should be accustomed to them.

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