Top 10 Short Courses to Study in South Africa for Career Growth

In the ever-evolving job market, upskilling is no longer just a nice-to-have; it’s an absolute must. Short courses offer a golden opportunity to acquire new skills, boost your career, and stay ahead of the competition. In South Africa, a smorgasbord of short courses is available that can catapult your career to new heights. Let’s dive into the top 10 short courses you should consider for a career glow-up in South Africa.

1. SEO Specialist

In the digital age, being invisible online is akin to being invisible in the job market. An SEO Specialist works their magic to make websites appear as if by sorcery (but actually through hard work and expertise) at the top of search engine results. With an average salary of $18,000 per year, mastering SEO can make you the Harry Potter of the digital world. A short course in SEO will arm you with the wand to cast visibility spells on websites.

2. Project Manager

Project Managers are the maestros of the business world, orchestrating projects from inception to finale, ensuring everything runs on time and budget. With an average baton—err, salary—of R600,000 per year, a Project Management Certificate can turn you into the Tchaikovsky of project management.

3. Safety Manager

In industries where the daily mantra is “safety first,” Safety Managers are the guardians, ensuring everyone goes home in one piece. Earning an average of R349,669, a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety can equip you with the superhero cape you need to protect your colleagues.

4. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are the storytellers of the business world, weaving tales that captivate and convert audiences online. With an average salary of R18,917 per month, a short course in Digital Marketing can teach you the art of digital storytelling.

5. Health and Safety Officer

Similar to Safety Managers but with a more hands-on role in enforcing safety policies, Health and Safety Officers ensure the workplace is not a scene from a Final Destination movie. With an average salary of $14,262 per year, a short course in this field is your ticket to becoming the workplace hero.

6. Digital Marketing Manager

Stepping up from Digital Marketer, the Digital Marketing Manager oversees the entire digital realm of a company. With an average salary of R480,000 per year, a short course can help you claim your throne in the digital kingdom.

7. Senior Project Manager, IT

In the realm of IT, Senior Project Managers are the Gandalfs, guiding projects through the perilous paths of development and delivery. With an average salary of R1,002,493, an Agile Project Management Certification can be your staff of power.

8. Safety Representative

Safety Representatives are the vigilant watchers on the wall, ensuring the workplace doesn’t turn into a Game of Thrones battle scene. With an average salary of R387,475, a short course can arm you with the knowledge to keep the peace.

9. Digital Marketing Specialist

A notch above a general Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Specialists focus on strategizing and implementing marketing campaigns. With an average salary of R387,500 per year, a short course can sharpen your digital marketing weapons.

10. Project Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree

For those who already have a Bachelor’s Degree, specializing as a Project Manager can significantly boost your career. With an average salary of R46,000 per month, a short course in Project Management can be the cherry on top of your academic achievements.


Whether you’re looking to level up in your current field or pivot to a new career path, these short courses offer the knowledge and skills needed to supercharge your career growth. Remember, in today’s fast-paced job market, continuous learning isn’t just a key to success—it’s the whole keychain. So, pick a course that aligns with your career aspirations and start learning today!