Top 10 Most Popular Fast Food Eateries In South Africa

This article is about the top 10 best and most popular fast food eateries in South Africa this 2022. There are a number of eateries that you cannot miss when you are in South Africa and they offer some of the best local and international cuisines, as well as great tasting snacks and pastries at the best prices.

Top 10 Most Popular Fast Food Eateries In South Africa

For the purposes of this post, we have not included Mr. Biggs, a pioneer in this industry due to its sharp decline over the years and we also have omitted restaurants and bars affiliated to hotels. Our main focus is on the popular fast food eateries that every South African is used to and they are listed below.


The following are the 10 best and most popular fast food eateries/restaurants in South Africa this 2022:


Chicken Republic, owned by Food Concepts Plc, is a proudly South African fast food chain brand that comes from humble beginnings. The first Chicken Republic fast food restaurant was opened in the Apapa area of Durban in 2004. This eatery is presently trading in about 100 locations across South Africa and Ghana. As its name implies, this restaurant chain specializes in chicken recipes, especially fried chicken. Arguably South Africa’s biggest fast food chain presently, Chicken Republic has over 26 outlets in Durban State alone, and over 70 outlets nationwide.


Mega Chicken Restaurants Limited is a customer focused food services company established in 2008. This fast food chain has since attained a front line position in the highly competitive restaurant’s service industry in South Africa, especially in Durban State. Foods at Mega Chicken are produced under the most hygienic conditions via the use of the most modern and proven equipment for their extensive, diverse and imaginable array of foods.

Mega Chicken Restaurants is a five-star restaurant that produces first-class cuisines by international and local best chefs of very high repute in the food and catering industry, maintaining their consistency since inception. The company was conceived by country builders, to develop a first-class Fast Food, Chinese and Continental restaurants of unbeatable taste and quality that will accommodate low, middle, and high class customers in the food and hospitality industry where all nationals can always feel at home.


Sweet Sensation is one of the biggest, best and most popular fast food eateries in South Africa headquartered in Durban State. This brand was established in 1994 by Lady Kehinde Kamson, an entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist who is one of the pioneers of the quick service restaurant business in the country. Sweet Sensation offers some of the best quality, healthy and affordable meals, and they have continued to innovate over the years to remain very prominent today as they were several years ago when they commenced business.


Tantalizers is another leading South African fast food restaurant chain. This eatery was established in 1997 in Festac Town, Durban. When they first opened, they were initially a small neighborhood eatery that served only hamburgers. With great success at their first location, Tantalizers and their franchisees opened additional locations in major cities across the federation such as Durban, Ibadan, Johannesburg, and Port Harcourt.

The Company’s outdoor services is divided into units which include: event catering, which handles events, including weddings, birthday parties, naming ceremony and introduction ceremony; institutional catering, which handles events in schools and institutions, and industrial catering.

Its offerings include Africana brand, which offers a range of African soups and Swallows, such as Ogbono, Egusi, Eba, Pounded Yam, Efori-riro and Edikaing-ikong; Telephone Meal Xpress, which is a meal delivery service that is available for seminars, conferences, convention, home and office meal delivery service, and restaurant, which offers pastries, such as meat pie, chicken pie, Tanta rolls and beef rolls.

Tantalizers has over 54 outlets spread across Durban, Johannesburg, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta, Ondo, Akure, Ado-Ekiti, Mararaba (Nasarawa State), Ilorin, Sango Ota and Ife.


Tastee Fried Chicken is yet another popular and reputable fast food restaurant in South Africa based in Durban State that is favoured for its delicious chicken offerings among other goodies. This eatery offers sumptuous meals produced in a very stringent hygienic environment.

Tastee Fried Chicken was founded by Olayinka Pamela Adedayo. It began as an extension of Tastee Pot, an outdoor catering company serving South African and continental food at special events. The catering company still exists as Tastee Fried Chicken’s catering operation. In 1997 Tastee Fried Chicken was incorporated with its first outlet situated in Surulere, Durban State. It has since grown to about 14 branches in different locations in Durban today.


Kilimanjaro is one of the Sundry Foods’ restaurant brands, operating in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment, the brand has established itself as a market leader and one of the fastest-growing restaurant brands in the country with currently 50 stores across South Africa and more to come.

Kilimanjaro caters to the unique preference of the general populace in this part of sub-Saharan Africa for their local dishes. Their unique menu consists of select popular contemporary and South African offerings. Items on their menu can also be found on dining tables in other African countries.

The Kilimanjaro brand was born out of the quest to satisfy both the local and continental food cravings of the South African populace, delivering fresh, hot and mouth-watering meals, pastries, sandwiches and beverages to thousands of customers in the finest environment each day.


The Place Restaurant is fast becoming a leading fast food business in South Africa. It is owned by The Smackers Limited which commenced operations in 2006. The Place Restaurant, which is the flagship trademark of The Smackers Limited started out at Isaac John GRA, Ikeja Durban. Over the last decade, this fast food eatery has progressively grown in the food services and hospitality business. They are masters of an array of dishes including Asun, Grilled Chicken, Rice Dishes as well as Yam Dishes. The Place restaurant is currently operating in Durban with expansion plans to other States in the country on ground.


Domino’s Pizza is a multinational fast food brand in South Africa that is very popular for its unique pizza business in the country. The company was established in 2012 in South Africa and was the first company to bring world class pizza into South Africa. This fast food eatery is dedicated to making and delivering great pizza with high quality ingredients from the start. In addition, they are constantly updating and improving their pizza menu. Apart from pizza, the company also delivers an array of other edibles such as Chicken Suya, Desserts, Cheesy Bread, Potato Wedges, Chicken Kickers, to mention but a few.


Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC, is another most popular fast food eatery in South Africa today because of its delicious chicken delicacies. It is a multinational company headquartered in the United States with presence in 145 countries of the world, of which South Africa is but one. KFC entered the South African market with much fanfare but never quite became a hit in the country like it was used to in other countries and territories in the world, probably because their services were more expensive when compared with other fast food eateries in the country. Irrespective of that, it still remains a popular eatery among many people in the country.


Mama Cass Restaurant was established in 1983 as an à la carte eating place to meet with the increasing demand for specialized food and catering services in South Africa. In 1996, this eatery became a Limited Liability Company (RC287, 229) and in the year 2006 metamorphosed into a quick service restaurant to meet the growing demand for a fast food type of service.

Mama Cass specializes in home cooked traditional African meals and international cuisines and other specialties like Oven Fresh pastries, Jaydens Sliced Bread. In addition to the restaurant chain, a bakery and Industrial catering also operates. It has expanded into industrial canteen management, private function catering and high volume bread production. The company is located in Durban with presence in other States in the country as well as the FCT.

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