Top 10 Credit Card Providers in South Africa: Compare and Choose

Credit cards are an essential financial tool for many South Africans. They provide a convenient way to manage daily expenses, pay bills, and make purchases both online and offline. With so many credit card providers available in the market, choosing the right one can be challenging.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 10 credit card providers in South Africa. Here’s what you need to know:

Standard Bank

-Standard Bank offers various types of credit cards with different features such as rewards program option, access to airport lounges, travel insurance benefits.


-ABSA provides a range of credit options ranging from entry-level cards to premium offerings with exclusive benefits like discounted movie tickets, cashback deals or priority banking services.


-FNB offers several cards that come with perks like free personalized engraving on your debit or credit card; extra points when shopping at certain retailers or buying fuel; discounts on partner products.

African Bank

-African Bank has various types of affordable credit cards that give consumers access to instalment loans that can be used for emergencies or big-ticket purchases. It also allows customers the choice between two reward programs – Greenbacks or MyWORLD Lifestyle.


-Nedbank is known for its Pay-as-You-Use pricing model which enables customers only to pay for transactional fees they use as compared to monthly fixed costs regardless if they have not used them all up. The bank has also launched new digital-only e-savvy plus account range early this year that comes with zero-monthly fees when utilised via mobile banking app given customers more flexibility over their banking needs.


-Capitec’s Global One offering combines a savings account, transactional account facilities (which includes international travel) as well as credit facilities. Capitec also offers competitive interest rates and rewards programs for card usage.

Discovery Bank

-Discovery bank has a unique offering, its credit card builds cashback that could be converted into miles and travel perks such as free access to local airport lounges, participation in the Global Good Travel program and partners with car-hailing services like Uber.

Virgin Money

-Virgin’s Credit Card is well known for its generous earning points benefits similar to a frequent-flyer-like programme called Red. Points earned can be redeemed at Woolworths or other add-partner products.

## Investec
-Investec provides customised options suited to your lifestyle needs in their Private Banking suite of cards. They can help personalise limits according to expenditure pattern analysis, provide exclusive deals on dining, tickets to concerts or discounted private-jet flights.

## American Express

  • American Express’ Platinum charge card provides emergency medical coverage while abroad besides concierge service available 24/7 as well as reward programmes tailored towards luxury travel experiences.

Choosing the right credit card provider can go a long way towards improving your financial health. Consider factors such as fees, interest rates, promotions offered by vendors as well as how you plan on using your credit during your research phase. With this list of top 10 providers in South Africa offering various benefits one should have little problem selecting the appropriate one save for it being directly linked to individual requirements specific living habits/preferences etc.

In conclusion – whether you’re a seasoned pro who wants to maximise reward points/rebates; cost-conscious user seeking low annual percentage rate (APR) offerings;
or simply looking for an entry-level starter option – these top 10 are worth considering when it comes time for choosing suitable Credit Card Providers。

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Sure, here are three popular FAQs about Top 10 Credit Card Providers in South Africa, along with their answers:

Q: What is the minimum income requirement to qualify for a credit card from the top 10 providers in South Africa?
A: The minimum income required to qualify for a credit card varies depending on the provider and type of credit card you are applying for. The majority of top providers require a minimum monthly income of R5,000 – R6,000. However, some premium or exclusive cards may have higher income requirements.

Q: Can I apply for a credit card if I have bad credit history?
A: Having poor or no credit history can make it difficult to get approved for a regular credit card from most providers. However, secured cards that require collateral (such as an upfront deposit) or prepaid cards that work like debit cards may be options worth considering.

Q: How long does it take to receive my new credit card after I apply?
A: It typically takes between 7-14 working days to receive your new credit card after your application has been approved by the provider. Some providers offer expedited processing services that can reduce this time frame to as little as 48 hours, but these often come at an additional cost and availability may vary depending on the provider’s policies and procedures.

Note that these are generalized answers based on common practices and guidelines among top 10 Credit Card Providers in South Africa; however, specific terms and conditions may vary depending on each individual provider’s policies and products offered.