Top 10 Best Selling Hatchbacks in South Africa

South Africa is a country with a diversified car market where small and compact cars, like hatchbacks, are the most popular. Although the demand for SUVs and crossovers has been increasing in recent years, hatchbacks still hold an important place in South African automotive culture.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 best selling hatchbacks in South Africa based on sales figures from reputable sources such as automakers’ press releases, vehicle registrations data from government agencies, and industry reports.

The Criteria We Used to Select Our Top Picks

To create our list of the top-selling hatchbacks in South Africa, we used several factors to determine popularity within the market segment. These include:

  • Affordability: Cars that offer good value for money.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Vehicles that consume less fuel or are equipped with eco-friendly technology.
  • Style: Hatchback models that feature well-designed exteriors and interiors.
  • Performance: Cars with high performance features which can cater to drivers’ needs.
  • Safety Features: Implements advanced safety technologies that prioritize passenger protection and accident prevention.

Toyota’s subcompact car model stands out among its competitors due to its remarkable balance of efficiency and affordability. Its reliability record also enhances desirability among consumers.

Key Features:

  • Available color options (white, silver metallic, etc.)
  • Front electric windows
  • Air conditioning system
  • Steering wheel audio control function
  • allows you to adjust radio volume without letting go of your steering wheel

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

The Toyota Etios offers a service plan of up to four years or 60 000 km along with a warranty period often extending up to three years/100000km(depending on whichever comes first).

As one of the most iconic names in entry-level motoring globally, the Volkswagen Polo is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in South Africa. The latest model, Polo Vivo underwent a significant facelift with exterior design and interior features receiving major upgrades.

Key Features:

  • Available color options (Pure White, Smoke Grey Metallic, etc.)
  • Infotainment System– compatible with Apple Play
  • Start-Stop system (manual only)
  • Engine automatically turns off when the driver shifts into neutral at a stoplight or idling moment.
  • Reduces fuel consumption

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo comes equipped with attractive service plans including maintenance services for up to 60,000kms or four years(depending on whichever comes first).

Kia proudly launches its charming subcompact car that’s not just affordable but also incredibly sophisticated in all aspects. The flagship feature of Picanto model hails ‘city-car’ ability perfectly balancing performance over style.

Key Features:

  • Available color options( Clear White, Shiny Red )
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connects your smartphone to your car speakers via Bluetooth
  • Displays songs being played and other phone notifications like contacts/calls/messages while driving.

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

Owner benefits extend beyond five year/150000km warranty period(Kia covers components such as engines/gear boxes) which makes it one of the most comprehensive warranties among competitors.

Renault’s entry-level hatchback car has gone through several updates since its initial launch back in 2016. It boasts quality engineering and value-for-money propositions making it an extremely popular choice amongst compact buyers.

Key Features:

-Available color options(Ice Cool White,Ocean Blue Color)
-Multimedia Support(Bluetooth/AUX/USB)
-Electric Power Steering
-Adjustable steering i.e., high/lower adjustment to suit individual driver’s preference

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

The Renault Kwid comes along with a standard 5 year/150 000 km mechanical warranty and a service plan of up to two years/30,000km.

Ford has positioned their hatchback car model at the affordable yet stylish segment. The name represents ‘cool’ in Italian and the brand certainly delivers finishes combining both style and performance attributes.

Key Features

-Available color options (Diamond White, Smoke Grey, etc.)
-Sync3 Infotainment System
– Reverse Camera
– Helps drivers park safely by displaying what is behind them using a rear camera.

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

The Ford Figo provides benefits including free services for upto 4 yr/60k kms(maintenance cost included).

Next on our list is the Korean-made Hyundai Grand i10 that holds an attractive design language making it one of the most popular cars in its category. Inside, it boasts advanced features such as touch screen infotainment display systems and intuitive driving dynamics.

Key Features

Available colors options(Sleek Silver,Midnight Black)
Rear parking sensors
Comfortable space for all passengers
2 yrs / 30,000 km Service plan

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

Along with great beneficiary maintenance plans which include parts replacement under supervision by trained technicians; customers can avail of interesting exchange offers on old cars during purchase.

This Japanese car-manufacturer has produced some of the most dynamic vehicle models across categories globally. For South Africa specifically, Suzuki Swift makes its way into number seven on our top-selling hatchbacks list for efficiency gains combined with comfort designs.

Key Features

  • Available color options(Medium Blue Pearl Metallic,Pure White )
  • Dual Sensor Brake Support– helps prevent collisions by automatically applying brakes when needed
  • Hill hold control — provides extra assistance when starting up a hill.
  • Music System with USB support

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

Suzuki Automobiles is offering customers an excellent service plan for free services after every 4,000km or six months until the end of their contract.

The American-made Chevrolet hatchback model has been around since the early 2000s and is still proving to be one of South Africa’s most popular subcompact cars.

Key Features

-Available color options (Passion Red, Switchblade Silver Metallic)
-MyLink Infotainment System– compatible with Apple Play
-Driver and Passenger Airbags

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

This car comes along with ‘Complete Care’ benefits package which includes standard maintenance at no additional cost among other incentivized packages tailored towards customer retention.

From its inception in 2001, Honda’s fame for producing luxury vehicles equips this comeptitive vehicle option boasting top-notch performance alongside reliability.

Key Features

Available colors options(Phoenix Orange Pearl,Cosmic Blue Metallic)
Magic Seat – unique seating arrangements that provide added cabin space
Eco Assist system-to cut down fuel consumption rates
Rear-view camera-capturing detailed visual behind the car

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

Honda Jazz models are sold across dealerships nationwide providing periodic check-ups coupled with attractive exchange offers on older used cars.

Finally, our list concludes with Japanese-based automaker Mazda’s vision to produce excellent vehicle designs over decades globally. Its latest compact hatchback model boasts unparalled style matched by great aerodynamics resulting in time-tested success.

Key Features

Available color options(Sonic Silver,Premium Soul Red Crystal )
Mazda Connect Infotainment System
High-performance speakers
Traffic Sign Recognition-tech assisting drivers to recognize road signs

Warranty & Maintenance Plan:

The Mazda2 Hatchback vehicles come equipped with a 3-year/unlimited kilometer warranty among other customer-centric service offerings tailored towards periodic maintenance and part replacements.


All the hatchbacks listed above have unique features that make them popular choices for South African drivers. Whether you’re looking for affordability, fuel efficiency, style or performance, there are many great options to choose from in this category. We hope our list has been helpful in guiding your decision-making process when buying your next vehicle.

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Sure, here are three frequently asked questions along with their answers for ‘Top 10 Best Selling Hatchbacks in South Africa’:

Q. What is the most popular hatchback car in South Africa?

A. As of 2021, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo is the most popular hatchback car model in South Africa based on its sales figures.

Q. What are some affordable options for a new hatchback car in South Africa?

A. There are several affordable options available for new hatchbacks cars in South Africa, such as:

Suzuki Swift
Kia Picanto
Hyundai Grand i10

These models offer good value for money and come equipped with features that meet basic requirements needed by many drivers.

Q. Are there any fuel-efficient choices among the top-selling hatchback cars in South Africa?

A.Yes, there are several fuel-efficient options available among the top-selling hatchback cars in South Africa.Some examples include:

1.Toyota Yaris Hybrid
2.Renault Clio IV Dynamique EDC
3.Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion TSI

These models offer excellent mileage per liter and deliver cost-effective performance to customers who prioritize fuel efficiency when choosing their vehicles.