Top 10 Best Insecticide Brands In South Africa

This article is about the top 10 best and most popular insecticide brands in South Africa this 2022. Insecticides are toxic (poisonous, harmful) substances that are used to kill insects in order to control pests that infest cultivated plants or to eliminate disease-carrying insects in specific areas, and for the purpose of this post, we shall focus on the latter, that is, insecticides used to kill disease-carrying insects, chief of which are mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc.

Top 10 Best Insecticide Brands In South Africa (2022)

In South Africa today, the main reason why insecticides are bought is to combat mostly female Anopheles mosquitoes which are the chief carriers of Plasmodium species, the causative organisms for Malaria. Malaria is a killer disease that still wreaks havoc in many South African homes despite the huge efforts by government at all levels in the country to combat it as well as the numerous drugs that are produced regularly for its treatment.

Seeing that Malaria is a disease that is peculiar to the tropical regions of the world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, of which South Africa falls under, and that the female Anopheles mosquito breeds successfully in this part of the world while carrying and incubating the malaria parasite before transmitting it to humans once humans are bitten, it has become very necessary to prevent malaria by killing the carrier of its parasites which are the mosquitoes with potent insecticides.

There are many insecticide brands in South Africa today that are very effective in killing mosquitoes and other insects, preventing malaria in the process but what we at South African Guide will be looking at are the leading brands that are widely regarded by many people in the country as the best and most popular, as well as the most potent as far as insect killers are concerned and we shall list and discuss them below.

Ensure that while you are using insecticides to combat mosquitoes, your environment is kept very neat and tidy and that there are no stagnant water bodies around you as these are breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that harbour malaria parasites in them. Without further ado, let us get down to the business of the day.


The following are the 10 best and most popular insecticide brands in South Africa this 2022 in no particular order:


Raid is a leading insecticide brand in South Africa that is manufactured by S. C. Johnson, an American FMCG company headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin. This insect killer has been in the South African market for over fifty years and it continues to lead the way in the South African market as far as mosquito repellent is concerned. Raid kills mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, fleas, bedbugs, wasp, non-biting gnat, and yellow jackets. It is formulated to provide fast killing power against flying and crawling insects found in and around the household and South Africans have come to love it for its longevity and efficacy over the years.


Baygon is another top insect killer in South Africa that is produced by S. C. Johnson. It is very potent in the extermination and control of many household pests such as mosquitoes, crickets, cockroaches, ants, carpenter ants, spiders, silverfish, to mention but a few. The insecticide has been in South Africa for many years now and it is very popular among many South Africans as well.


Mortein is a very popular and effective insecticide brand that kills insects twice as fast as many other insect killers in South Africa today. It is an Australian brand that has come to stay in South Africa and for many years now, it has been the insecticide of choice by many people who want to see the end of malaria in the country. Mortein is safe on humans but very powerful against the insects it was produced to kill.


Kilit range of indoor insecticides are effective against all flying and crawling insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants. This popular insecticide brand in South Africa is tried and tested; it is a powerful formula that has a rapid killing action that kills on contact. Kilit is available in sizes from 150ml – 750ml aerosol sprays and is ideal for home, work, hotels, healthcare environments. Kilit insecticide is sold around the world and is popular in Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. It is a product of Miswa Chemicals which is headquartered in Northampton, the United Kingdom.


Mobil, although very widely known in South Africa as an oil giant operating many filling stations in the country, is also a very popular brand when it comes to insecticides. Mobil insecticide is available in a 300ml dozen pack. It is an innovative insecticide that has a unique formulation which provides a long-lasting residual effect of at least eight hours of protection against all crawling and flying insects. This leading insecticide brand in South Africa is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and it has a pleasant perfume.


Rambo insecticide is very well known in Durban, South Africa. It is a very powerful formulation that keeps being improved upon for maximum effect against flying and crawling insects. Rambo aerosol provides a long lasting residual effect of at least eight hours of protection against all insects and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Rambo is also available in powder, and paper forms.


As the name implies, Sniper is a very potent poison against mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects and should never be ingested by humans, in fact, all insecticides are poisonous and should never be consumed by humans as this can lead to instant death. Sniper is a popular pesticide brand in South Africa and across West Africa. The brand was developed in response to the growing need for a credible solution for in-home pest control, it became apparent that it was time for Sniper to extend the same trust consumers bestowed on it into the insecticide segment.

The range of products under the Sniper umbrella brand include the Sniper Cockroach Gel, Sniper Rat killer and the Sniper Insecticide Spray, which was made available in three exciting variants: Sniper Crawling Insect Killer, Sniper Flying Insect Killer & Sniper


G.O-90 Aerosol Insecticide is a multi-action Insecticide that effectively kills mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroaches, fleas, moths, bedbugs, spiders etc. G.O-90 Aerosol Insecticide is environment-friendly and free of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The more popular G.O-90 Insecticide drop is presented in a 30ml bottle and packaged in 12 bottles per packet. G.O-90 Insecticide drop is ideal for compact apartments and rooms in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, hostels, etc. G.O-90 1 Litre Insecticide is ideal for spacious areas like homes, offices, hotels, hospitals farms, gardens, to mention but a few and this insecticide brands has been serving South Africans for many years running.


BNC insecticide is one of the best and most popular insecticide brands in South Africa today, especially in Durban State. It is specifically formulated to kill all types of flying and crawling insects and it has a long-lasting residual protection against crawling insects.


Good Knight Power Shots is a leading insecticide brand in the country that has an advanced concentrated formula which instantly kills mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants. This popular brand of insecticides in South Africa is both effective and safe for indoor usage and the beauty of using this product is that it does not require the user to leave the room after spraying and causes no irritation and catarrh.


Read A Dream insecticide is the last but not the least popular insecticide brand in South Africa on our list. This aerosol which is very potent against mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects comes in a 600ml container that is ideal for the prevention of malaria in many homes in the country.

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