Top 10 Best Generator Brands In South Africa

In this post, we shall be looking at the top 10 best generator brands in South Africa 2022. South Africa has always been plagued with epileptic power supply and this alone has been the main reason why there is a huge import of generating sets into the country.

Top 10 Best Generator Brands In South Africa (2022)

Both heavy duty and portable generators are purchased by many South Africans for electricity purposes as an alternative to the power supplied by the various electricity distribution companies in the country and this has made South Africa one of the biggest markets for generator imports in Africa and the world at large.

There are generator brands that according to consumer behaviour, have become the most purchased in the country due to the fact that their manufacturing companies are among the best and most recognized in the business and their products are really very good, long lasting and are standard bearers among the many other brands out there. We shall take you through every one of them in a little while.


Below are listed the 10 best generator brands in South Africa this 2022:


Mikano is a heavy duty generator brand that is known throughout South Africa. It is used to power homes, offices and other businesses that require a great amount of electricity everyday. This generator is fueled mostly on diesel it is very economical. Most Mikano generators are soundproof ensuring that you do not really need to worry much about noise pollution. Generators from this brand range from 9KVA – 800KVA and they are very expensive.


Lutian heavy duty generator is also one of the most popular brand of generators in this category due to its quality and efficiency. It is cheaper compared to Mikano but still expensive when you consider that it belongs to the class of generators known as heavy duty. With this machine, you can forget about power issues as long as you have the finance to fuel it.


Perkins generators are heavy duty, sound proof generators powered by diesel. This generator brand is one of the most reliable because Perkins as a company manufactures excellent engines, but since the demand for heavy duty generators is on the high, the have assembled some impressively built ones. Factories, corporate organizations and large homes are the target market for such generators and they are expensive as well.


Kipor is another popular heavy duty generator brand in South Africa and the company produces soundproof or low noise generators like most of the ones mentioned above, targeting large organizations as their market, and their generators are very efficient and economical with diesel consumption. Prices range from R$ 14,640 – R$ 110,000.


This is perhaps the most popular generator brand in South Africa. Many people across the country are drawn to this brand and it has served the electricity need of the South African populace for many years now. Tiger generators are very efficient and relatively affordable. They are also known to conserve petrol and can last for several hours before a fuel refill.


Elepaq is a leading generator brand in the country that is loved by many South Africans. Engines of this generating set are produced with highly durable materials and replacement parts are also very easily gotten across the country.
Elepaq generators are affordable and they conserve fuel too. Most Elepaq generators come with key start, recoil start, built-in AVR, overload protection, etc. Their generators range from 800KW – 10KVA.


This very popular generator brand produces generators of different sizes and capacities which range from 1.5KVA, 2KVA,7KVA, 8KVA, 10KVA etc. There are some Sumec Firman generators which run on gasoline while others run on diesel. This brand of generators are affordable, durable and very efficient.


Honda is very much known for the manufacture of cars but they are also popular for developing really good generators. While their brand of generators are not as affordable as some others mentioned in this list, you can be rest assured that you are taking home quality when you buy a Honda generator.


Elemax Generators are very popular in many South African homes. You can also find many of these generating sets in offices, and small businesses. This generator brand is very reliable and is well known for conserving fuel as well. Products from this brand include portable generators, gasoline generators, heavy duty diesel generators, inverter diesel generators, welder generators to mention but a few.


Haier Thermocool is popular for making electronics and other popular home appliances. The company also manufactures excellent generators that have high power engines that deliver effective performance for long periods but are on the expensive side.

Thermocool generators also come with the key start feature, customer support and tyres for easy mobility in some. Some other more expensive Haier Thermocool generators come with the remote start feature. The cost of generators for this brand range between R$ 1,537 – R$ 12,810 or more depending on price differences.

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