Toilet Seat Price in South Africa and Where to Buy

Toilets are one of those necessities we must put up with as humans.

It’s a necessity for every building – whether residential or commercial.

Therefore, carefully planning for one and having an idea of the cost of a toilet bowl for your building project plan will not only be helpful to engineers but can prevent unplanned expenses when you’ve finally started your construction work.

Today, there are lots of toilet seats available on the market. They range from very low-cost generic products to higher priced branded seats and in most cases, the quality is proportional to its price whether branded or generic. Pay more and you’ll be getting a better deal.

The prices of toilet seats in South Africa vary from one seller to another and from one part of the country to another.

While you can order a toilet seat online from an e-store like Jumia and Jiji at the same prices from any part of the country within the price range stated in this article, you’ll probably find the same model and sizes going for a slightly higher or even lower price depending on your location, buyer, model, and bargain power.

This is a guide on buying a toilet seat for your home or office including price range and how to choose the model that best fits your needs.


Price of Toilet Seat in South Africa

Toilet seats are often very identical. Though these models come from different brands and are available at slightly different prices, most are quite similar and have just very minor differences.

Some of the more popular brands in South Africa include Nismad WC Seats, Sweethome WC Seats, Twyford WC Seats, Virony WC Seats.

There are lots of other cheaper generic toilet seats on the market bearing no branding or particular company name or logo.

As expected, branded ones are a bit more expensive than their counterparts. For most of the branded models listed above, you can easily find a model priced within the range of R$ 1,665 to R$ 4,440 while you can find a generic model within the price range of R$ 11,100 to R$ 29,600.

Like I stated earlier, the more expensive a toilet seat is, the better it is – quality wise. The truth is, most times what you spend dictates the quality you’ll be getting. There are lots of cheap generic models and you may be tempted to go for these cheaper options to cut cost but you might end up shooting yourself on the foot.

‘What you spend is what you get’ is never truer than when purchasing a toilet seat. While this may not be true at times (some sellers can be fraudulent), you should ensure to spend as much as possible on a quality toilet seat. Such are often more cost-effective in the long run and would save you from future repairs and replacement troubles and costs common with low-quality toilet seats.



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Things To Consider Before Buying A Toilet Seat in South Africa

The Type of Toilet Seat: there are two main types of toilet seats; the standard toilet seat and the soft close toilet seat.

The standard toilet seat is the most common type of toilet seat found in the toilets of most homes and offices. It is very convenient and easy to fit in small places. It’s only disadvantages is the banging sound it makes while being closed after use and the problem of trapping children’s fingers if they are inexperienced.

The soft close toilet seat is a more recent innovation that provides a gentler closing mechanism. This type of toilet seat is more elegant and ideal for home use as it can easily prevent the cases of trapped fingers, especially when used by children. It is more expensive than the standard toilet seat and can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.


Toilet Seat Materials: The main option when it comes to choosing the material type for your toilet is wood or plastic. Plastic is more common and, as such, the popular choice in South Africa.

There are two types of plastic toilet materials; thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset is a type of plastic that can only be heated and molded once while thermoplastic can be heated and molded again and again. Thermoset is more scratch resistant and can, therefore, keep its ‘clean face’ for longer periods. Both have a long lifespan and ability to withstand high pressure. However, thermoset would look far neater and easier to maintain its color than thermoplastic within the same period of use.


Place of Use: The place of use should also be considered when choosing a toilet seat. A toilet in an office building will tend to get a lot of use and maintenance and, as such, should be made from very durable material with high scratch resistant ability.


Your Budget: In the end, your budget will be the ultimate determining factor and should be considered carefully.

Most times you’ll be tempted to cut cost and you might want to go for a low-cost toilet seat. Getting a low-quality toilet seat will require more effort to maintain in the long run and additional expenses for repair and replacement.


Where to Buy Toilet Seats In South Africa?

This is where you get the answer to questions like “where can I buy a toilet seat?”.

There are a lot of dealers in the South Africa market and you should be able to find a supplier in any market closest to you.

Jumia, Jiji, and Olx are good marketplaces to find a wide variety of toilet seats to buy from and get it shipped to your doorstep wherever you are in South Africa.

When buying a toilet seat in South Africa, ensure that you confirm the quality of such seats.

A few questions to ask might include the type of toilet material, the type of seat, and the type of peripherals you’ll be getting. Most toilet seats come with peripherals like wash basin and so on.


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