Tiger Generator Prices in South Africa

Tiger is one of the leading generator providers to consider.

This review is focused on Tiger generator prices in South Africa and other important details.

Looking for an alternative source of energy has become the bane of South Africans who live in a country where its demand for electricity extremely outweighs its supply; therefore, the need for a power source to stand in place of the epileptic power supply is a must.

Tiger is one of the leading alternative energy providers in South Africa which might be due to the affordability of its generators

Tiger generators are known to be one of the most popular electric generator brands till date. The brand is well known for producing generators with power rating lower than 2.5KVA. The brand is also well known by many South Africans as “I better pass my neighbor generator”.

Due to its affordability, the generator brand can be found in many South Africa homes, beauty salons, small business centers and many other places of business.

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Tiger Generator Prices In South Africa

You can buy Tiger generators online or offline. You can also get the generator in two different ways; one is to buy it and the other is to rent it.

Below are the different specifications and their current prices.

  • Tiger TG950 650VA – ranges from 25,000 ZAR to 35,000 ZAR
  • Tiger TG2700 2KVA – ranges from 60,000 ZAR to 95,000 ZAR
  • Tiger TG1850 1.2KVA – ranges from 40,000 ZAR to 85,000 ZAR
  • Tiger TG3700 2.5KVA   – ranges from 75,000 ZAR to 105,000 ZAR
  • Tiger TNG2500A 2KVA   – ranges from 65,000 ZAR to 120,000 ZAR
  • Tiger TNG3500A 2.5KVA   – ranges from 80,000 ZAR to 120,000 ZAR
  • Tiger EC2500CX 2KVA   – ranges from 90,000 ZAR to 140,000 ZAR
  • Tiger EC3800CX 2.5KVA   – ranges from 99,500 ZAR to 140,000 ZAR
  • Tiger EPN4000DX 2.5KVA   – ranges from 80,000 ZAR to 150,000 ZAR

Note: The prices listed above are the current price range. You might get different prices depending on the time of year, your location, and the salesperson involved.

You can buy your generator on e-commerce sites such as Jumia, Konga, Kara or fairly used Tiger generators on e-commerce sites such as Jiji and Olx. You can also purchase one by physical walking into a generator store.

Factors Responsible for Price Difference and Specification Details

The main factor that determines the price of generators in South Africa is the amount of power they can supply. You can get a 650VA power generator for as little as R$ 925 while a 2.5KVA generator could cost as much as R$ 5,550.

Generator prices are neither specific nor static  as they are prone to changes due to the rise and fall of the currency exchange rate, market demand, and the amount of power they can supply  (KVA)

Other factors include the location of the purchase and functionality of the electric generator set.

Advantages of Tiger Generators

Tiger generators are not known to be the best brand of generators in South Africa for no reason. They have various advantages over other generator brands which puts them at the top

Varied Capacity: They are available for use both at home and in small business centers. Residential class generators come with power capacity ranging from 650VA to 950VA, while the business-grade generators offer from 2KVA to 2.5KVA.

Tropical Adaption: The generators are made to adapt perfectly to our tropical climate. They offer water-cooled engines and a radiator to keep the generator cool and operating at a safe temperature.

Affordability: This might be the main advantage as compared to other brands of generators. Tiger generators seem to not only meet the power needs of most South Africans but also fit their income level. Their affordability has made them one of the most popular brands of generators on the market.

Key Things to Consider Before Buying A Tiger Generator

There are several key things you should consider before you make the purchase. The most important factors to consider should be the type and power output.

Ease of Installation: It is important to consider the location where you wish to install the generator as this plays a key role in determining the type to be purchased. It is also important to consider where you will face the exhaust to prevent carbon poisoning which is very deadly. Always measure the space available before you proceed to buy any model. 650VA Tiger generators are relatively smaller than the 2.5KVA models.

Capacity: Where you decide to install your generator will determine what capacity of the generator is to be considered. By capacity, I mean the amount of power (KVA) it gives out. The KVA needed by a small business center will considerably differ from that needed by a residential home. Tiger provides various options from low to medium or large electric generator sets to satisfy its customers’ needs.

Features: Before making a purchase, take your time to go through the specifications and characteristics of the said generator. These characteristics otherwise known as the generator rating is important for you to understand how well the generator will perform. These ratings include output voltage, rated power, maximum power, rated output frequency, fuel type, recommended engine oil, excitation method etc.

Customer Feedback and Reviews: If you are buying online, be sure to check the user feedback and reviews. However, Tiger is a popular brand and has a reputation as one of the best as acclaimed by many customer feedbacks and reviews.

Authorized sellers: Make sure you buy your generator from trusted and reliable outlets with a receipt and warranty card to avoid buying contraband, counterfeit or stolen item. When buying or renting a used Tiger generator, make sure to test run it at the seller’s location.

Budget: The prices have already been listed above and should be the first thing you consider when buying a generator. Luckily, Tiger provides various generator types to suit every income level.


That‘s all you need to know about Tiger generator prices. They are available in every generator market and you can get them on the various online stores I listed above.

It is highly recommended that you compare the prices of different dealers before making a purchase. The prices listed above are simply a guide to help you budget for the model you wish to purchase. Be sure to make enough inquiry before confirming your purchase.