Tcl Smart Tv Prices In South Africa

South Africans looking for an affordable yet high-quality smart TV should consider Tcl. This Chinese brand has been making major inroads globally with its budget-friendly smart TVs packed with features. As per Tcl’s official South Africa website, prices for their smart TV models currently range from R2,999 to R14,999 based on screen size and capabilities.

Overview of Tcl Smart TVs

Tcl smart TVs run on the company’s own Linux-based operating system called Android TV. This gives you access to all your favorite streaming apps and services like NetflixYouTubeDisney+, and more without needing any additional devices.

Key features common across Tcl Android smart TVs include:

  • 4K UHD display resolution
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) for improved color and contrast
  • Micro Dimming technology to optimize screen brightness and dark areas
  • Hands-free voice control with Google Assistant built-in
  • Chromecast functionality to cast content from other devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and HDMI ports

Tcl also offers a range of screen sizes to meet different needs and budgets:

  • 32” HD Ready
  • 40” to 43” FHD (Full HD)
  • 50” to 55” 4K UHD
  • 65” to 75” 4K UHD

Now let’s take a closer look at Tcl smart TV prices in South Africa across various models and sizes.

Tcl 32” HD Ready Smart TV

The 32-inch Tcl 32S6500FS with HD resolution is the most affordable smart TV from the brand, available for R2,999 from Takealot.

Despite the lower HD resolution, you still get key smart capabilities powered by Android TV including built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant voice control, and access to popular apps. This makes it a great budget option for secondary rooms.

Tcl 40” to 43” FHD Smart TVs

Stepping up to the 40 to 43-inch segment, Tcl offers FHD models ranging from about R4,500 to R7,000.

The Tcl 43P615 43-inch smart TV is available on Takealot for R6,999 which gets you full HD resolution, HDR Pro, Micro Dimming Pro, and Android TV.

For a more affordable 43-inch, the Tcl 43S6500FS costs R4,499 providing core smart features and FHD resolution.

Tcl 50” to 55” 4K UHD Smart TVs

This is the most popular segment for Tcl smart TVs in South Africa providing the optimal balance of screen size, price, and 4K UHD resolution.

The Tcl 55P615 55-inch model is a top seller available from R8,999. This gets you 4K visuals enhanced by HDR Pro, Micro Dimming Pro technology, and Android TV.

Slightly smaller 50-inch options like the Tcl 50P615 and Tcl 50S6500FS cost R7,999 and R6,999 respectively. Both deliver 4K resolution but the P615 adds more advanced display features.

Tcl 65” to 75” Giant Screen Smart TVs

For a truly cinematic viewing experience at home, Tcl’s largest smart TVs span 65, 70, and 75-inch screen sizes with 4K UHD resolution. Of course, the price also goes up substantially for these giant displays.

The Tcl 65C815 65-inch model costs R14,999 offering quantum dot display technology for over a billion colors. You also get hands-free voice control, Dolby Vision HDR, and powerful Onkyo-tuned sound.

More budget options in this size class include the Tcl 65P615 for R12,999 and the Tcl 65S6500FS for R9,999.

How Tcl Smart TVs Compare on Value

Across all models, Tcl smart TVs shine when it comes to value. They cost significantly less than premium options from the likes of Samsung and LG without compromising too much on display quality, features, or smart connectivity.

For example, the Tcl 43P615 reviewed earlier costs R6,999. Comparable 43-inch smart TVs like the Samsung 43AU7000 (R10,499) and LG 43UP75006LF (R8,190) are considerably more expensive for similar specs. Of course, Samsung and LG may have advantages in terms of brand reputation and additional proprietary features. But Tcl still offers the best pure value.

The same applies when comparing larger screen sizes models. The Tcl 65C815 65-inch quantum dot smart TV is priced very competitively at R14,999 against the Samsung 65AU7000 (R19,999) and LG 65UP75006LF (R17,990). For budget-conscious buyers who still want excellent 4K picture quality and smart connectivity, Tcl emerges as the clear value choice.


With robust features, solid display quality, and Android TV capabilities across all models, Tcl smart TVs offer outstanding overall value compared to the competition. Their pricing advantage makes advanced display technologies and 4K resolution much more accessible to mainstream buyers. For those seeking big-screen cinematic viewing without breaking the bank, Tcl’s 65 to 75-inch offerings are especially appealing and budget-friendly. As the brand continues gaining recognition in South Africa, expect Tcl’s smart TV prices to remain highly competitive against premium labels.

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