Tcl Smart Tv Prices In South Africa – March

Smart TVs are fast becoming the real deal in the gadget market today. Although they are quite more expensive than the common TV types, they are increasingly developing their own market and have been largely successful in that. Smart TVs are not just some casual televisions; they boast of some sleek characteristics that enhance picture qualities.

In this, we will consider smart TVs of one of a rising TV brands – TCL. We will take a look at prices of these televisions in the current market.

TCL Smart TV Prices in South Africa  – March

Prices of TCL Smart TVs (Roku, etc.) in South Africa

No doubt, TCL quality reflects in their prices. While you wouldn’t compare their TVs with the likes of Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, one can still easily distinguish TCL TVs in the mid-range market with their prices. Deservedly so, their products functionality, ease of use, robustness and overall productivity make them worth every penny.

TCL TVs can be gotten from their offices and stores across the country. While there are only a few outlets, they are also available for purchase online and in contemporary gadget stores.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of various types and models of TCL Smart TVs available today.

  • TCL 32 Inches Android Smart TV – R$6,120 – R$7,200
  • TCL 40 Inches Android Smart Full TV – R$7,200 – R$8,280
  • TCL 43 Inches Android Smart FHD TV – R$5,760 – R$7,920
  • TCL 55 Inches Android Smart UHD TV – R$9,720 – R$14,400
  • TCL 55 Inches Android Smart 4K TV – R$10,800 – R$12,600
  • TCL 55 Inches Android Smart Curved UHD TV – R$12,600 – R$17,280
  • TCL 65 Inches Android Smart Curved UHD TV – R$14,400 – R$18,720
  • TCL 32 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – R$5,760 – R$7,200
  • TCL 40 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – R$7,200 – R$9,000
  • TCL 48 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – R$9,000 – R$10,800
  • TCL 50 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – R$10,080 – R$11,880
  • TCL 55 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – R$12,600 – R$14,400

The variation in prices as listed above is as a result of some factors which include the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, place and period of purchase and other similar factors. Numbers of inches are also factors that affect the prices.

The prices of electronic gadgets are usually unstable, although they have been quite stable over the last few years. You should also know that prices of lots of gadgets shoot up in festive periods, especially towards the end of the year. Prices also vary per location; you can get a TCL smart TV for R$2,520 in Johannesburg or Pretoria and get the same TV for R$1,800 or even way more in other parts of the country.

Things You Will Like About TCL Smart Televisions

Impressive Picture Quality

This is usually the first quality one looks out for in a TV and for the fact that these are smart TVs, you’d expect top picture quality and TCL does not disappoint. Whether you are watching a football match, enjoying your favourite TV show, music video, movies or any other program, TCL smart TVs guarantee the best experience possible in terms of picture quality.

Amazing Sound Quality

Unlike the picture quality, most people don’t take cognisance of this feature at first. Sound quality enhances Picture brilliance to produce a great overall experience. While some few brands have had issues with their sound output, TCL stands out among the mid-range smart TVs with exceptional sound quality and smooth delivery.


If durability and robustness are among the factors you really cogitate when buying a smart television, then TCL should serve you just fine. This means you can be sure you can be sure to be able use the television for a considerable number of years and still maintain its top picture and sound qualities. They also come with a warranty that affords you the opportunity to return the product whenever you notice any issues as long as it falls within the warranty period.

Ease of Setup

TCL smart televisions are easy to set up and maintain. This adds to its well-built design that ensures its toughness and durability. You do not essentially need to read all the manual for the structure and pattern to know how to set the smart TV up. Although you might have some challenges navigating through the features and functions at first, they are very easy to understand and you should catch up soon. While the use of the manual is still advised, particularly for first timers, it will only make the configuration easier.

Compatibility with Other Devices

TCL Smart televisions boast features that make them compatible with most other gadgets. They feature USB ports and HDMI slots and connect with most other gadgets with ease.

Things You may Not Like About TCL Smart Televisions

Products are Not Readily Available

TCL is not the most popular electronic gadget brand and you shouldn’t expect their products to be everywhere in the market. This is even worse in rural societies across the country. This means you are not certain to go into any gadget store and see the exact type of TCL Smart TV you want. It is easier, however, to place orders on various online e-commerce platforms accessible today and, in as much as your location is easily accessible and traceable, you can be sure of the delivery of your product in few days.

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