Empower South Africa’s Youth: Join Our Organization Today!

If you are a young person in South Africa looking to make a difference, get involved in your community, or develop new skills, joining a youth organization might be just what you need.

This is a comprehensive list of youth organizations in South Africa, where you can find the right group for you, depending on your interests and goals. As a member of a youth organization, you will have access to a community of like-minded youths, mentorship, leadership development, and opportunities to participate in community service projects that positively impact your community.

Here are some of the top youth organizations in South Africa that you can check out:

  1. Scouts South Africa – A movement focused on the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national, and international communities.

  2. IkamvaYouth – A non-profit organization that provides extra classes to high school learners with the aim of improving their academic performance so they can attain their tertiary education goals.

  3. PeacePlayers International – An NGO that uses the power of basketball to unite and educate young people on issues of peace, conflict resolution, and leadership development.

  4. Activate! Change Drivers – A network of young leaders that challenge the status quo and lead the way towards a just and equal society.

  5. Junior Chamber International South Africa – A worldwide community of young active citizens dedicated to creating positive change in their communities.

These organizations offer a range of programs and activities tailored to meet the specific needs of young people, from educational programs to mentorship, leadership training, and community service projects. Regardless of your interests, there is an organization that aligns with your passions and goals.

Joining a youth organization is a fantastic way to meet new people, develop new skills, and contribute positively to your community. Check out these organizations and see which one resonates with you!

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