Find the Best Cold Room Prices in South Africa!

Cold rooms are a vital addition to businesses dealing with perishable goods. For storage and conservation of such goods at low temperatures, cold rooms are widely used in many industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. In this article, we will discover the various models of cold rooms available in the South African market alongside their prices. This article also answers some of the most common questions on cold rooms.

Popular Models of Cold Rooms with their Prices

The cost of cold rooms varies depending on their size, cooling capacity, and features. Below are some of the common cold room models and their prices in the South African market:

| Model | Size | Cooling Capacity | Price |
| A | 2m x 2m x 2.4m | 4kW | R 45,000 |
| B | 3m x 3m x 2.4m | 6kW | R 68,000 |
| C | 4m x 4m x 2.4m | 8kW | R 95,000 |
| D | 6m x 6m x 2.4m | 12kW | R 145,000 |

Note: Prices are approximate and are subject to vary depending on the manufacturer, retailer, and location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a cold room?
A: Cold rooms are refrigerated spaces used to store perishable goods at low temperatures usually between 0°C and 5°C.

Q: What are the reasons for using a cold room?
A: Cold rooms’ benefits include preserving the freshness of perishable goods, increasing their shelf life, reducing spoilage, and preventing bacterial growth.

Q: What factors do I need to consider when choosing a cold room?
A: When choosing a cold room, it is necessary to consider the size, cooling capacity, insulation, temperature control, energy efficiency, and cost.

Q: How do I ensure the maintenance of my cold room?
A: Maintaining your cold room involves regular cleaning, temperature monitoring, inspecting the door seals, and scheduling maintenance checks by a certified technician.

Q: What is the approximate cost of installing a cold room?
A: The cost difference to install a cold room depends on factors such as size, cooling capacity, insulation, location, and installation fees. On average, the cost may range from R 45,000 to R 145,000.


Cold rooms are essential for many businesses dealing with perishable goods, and choosing a suitable model influences the business’s success. By understanding the prices and features of popular models as well as the common queries, businesses can make informed decisions when investing in cold rooms of different types, sizes, and capacities.

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