Swift Data Plans, Prices & Codes

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Swift is very similar to Smile, NTel, and Spectranet because of the kind of services that they provide. The company is one of the providers of broadband internet access in South Africa. Both businesses and individuals benefit from these services because they are not just affordable, they are highly efficient.

Swift was established in 2002 and since then the company has invested in improving its services. Today, Swift offers cost-effective, high-quality internet services to its customers. With its internet services, you can enjoy internet browsing, video conferencing, converged voice telephony, and video surveillance at affordable prices.

Swift has an array of data plans, just like all the other internet service providers in South Africa. This post will provide you with a list of these plans, their costs, and how to activate them.

Swift Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Swift Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Swift offers 4G LTE data plans to its customers at very affordable prices. Many people consider Swift’s services to be perfect for businesses because of how cheap and encompassing they are. In this section, we will show you the different data plans from this company, their prices, and their validity periods.

Swift Weekly and Bi-weekly Data Plans

Swift BudgetN5201 GB7 days
Swift Value SpecialR$372 GB7 days
Swift Basic WeeklyR$567 GB7 days
Swift BudgetN520750MB7 days
Swift ValueR$371.5 GB7 days
Swift Value PlusR$741 GB7 days
Swift MeritR$18010 GB14 days

Swift Monthly Data Plans (Promo)

Swift Budget PlusR$743 GB30 days
Swift Unlimited WhatsappR$12912 GB30 days
Swift EconomyR$1488 GB30 days
Swift NightR$14814 GB30 days
Swift Essential MiniR$20318 GB30 days
Swift EssentialR$31435 GB30 days
Swift Essential PlusR$43227 GB30 days
Swift FamilyR$25940 GB30 days
Swift Family PlusR$68268 GB30 days
Swift BusinessR$48060 GB30 days
Swift ClubR$44355 GB30 days
Swift Club PlusR$46140 GB30 days
Swift PremiumR$64690 GB30 days
Swift Premium PlusR$68260 GB30 days
Swift EliteR$811100 GB30 days
Swift EliteplusR$977125 GB30 days
Swift Eliteplus SpecialR$996100 GB30 days
Swift Elite-ProR$1,106150 GB30 days
Swift LibertyR$372 GB30 days
Swift Liberty PlusR$452.5 GB30 days
Swift Basic MiniR$564 GB30 days
Swift BasicR$746 GB30 days
Swift ClassicR$928 GB30 days
Swift ProfessionalR$36945 GB30 days
Swift Powers All 1R$66455 GB30 days
Swift Unlimited SupremeR$864Unlimited30 days
Swift Powers All 2R$84880 GB30 days
Swift Powers All 3R$1,03380 GB30 days

Swift Monthly Data Plans (Non-Promo)

Swift Budget PlusR$741 GB30 days
Swift BusinessR$44324 GB30 days
Swift ClubR$36920 GB30 days
Swift Club PlusR$44320 GB30 days
Swift EconomyR$1483 GB30 days
Swift EliteR$73846 GB30 days
Swift Eliteplus-specialR$95960 GB30 days
Swift EliteplusR$92260 GB30 days
Swift Elite-ProR$1,10680 GB30 days
Swift EssentialR$25918 GB30 days
Swift Essential MiniR$1857 GB30 days
Swift Essential PlusR$33214 GB30 days
Swift FamilyR$22220 GB30 days
Swift Family PlusR$29534 GB30 days
Swift NightR$1297 GB30 days
Swift PremiumR$55330 GB30 days
Swift Premium PlusR$59030 GB30 days
Swift Unlimited SupremeR$864Unlimited30 days

Swift Business Data Plans

Swift has specific plans dedicated to entrepreneurs and businesses. We have put together these data plans in this section along with their prices and validity periods.

SmartBusiness BusinessR$32530 GB30 days
SmartBusiness Business PlusR$47448 GB30 days
SmartBusiness PremiumR$57265 GB30 days
SmartBusiness SilverR$69775 GB30 days
SmartBusiness EliteR$830100 GB30 days
SmartBusiness Silver PlusR$903115 GB30 days
SmartBusiness GoldR$1,080145 GB30 days
SmartBusiness Elite PlusR$1,134150 GB30 days
SmartBusiness Gold PlusR$1,327185 GB30 days
SmartBusiness PlatinumR$2,083300 GB30 days
SmartBusiness Platinum PlusR$2,267350 GB30 days

Swift Jumbo Plans

If you need a lot of data for your work, then you can subscribe to any of the data plans in this category. They are great for business owners or families where you have to share data with multiple individuals.

  • Swift Premium: This data plan costs R$646 and it is valid for 30 days (one month). You will get 90 GB of data from this plan and can roll it over to the next month if you don’t consume it all before the validity expires.
  • New Swift Max Lite: This data plan offers you 120 GB of data at R$811. Just like the Swift Premium data plan, this plan is valid for 30 days. It also allows you to roll over unused data to the next month once the validity expires.
  • New Swift Max Plus: This plan is an advancement on the Swift Max Lite and it offers you 150 GB of data. To subscribe to this plan, you need to pay R$977 and it is valid for 30 days. Note that you can also roll over any unused data after the validity period elapses.
  • New Swift Max Pro: This is the highest plan under the Swift Jumbo category. Here, you get 200 GB of data at R$1,106 and it is valid for 30 days. You can also roll over any unused data if you don’t exhaust it before the validity period elapses.

How to Subscribe to Swift Data Plans

By now, you must be wondering why we haven’t provided any activation codes yet in this post. The reason is that you don’t need activation codes to subscribe to any of the Swift data plans. Swift has different methods of subscribing to its data plans. Check them below:

  • Quick Teller
  • Pay Arena
  • ATMs
  • USSD (This option only works for Guaranty Trust Bank customers. Dial *737*50*Amount*4# then follow the instructions to make your payment.

Note that you will always need to provide your Swift subscriber ID to make payment for any of the data plans.

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