Sumec Firman Generator Prices in South Africa

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Sumec Firman is one of the most popular generator brands on the market today.

Although the generating sets are more expensive than those of other brands, the quality, durability, and effectiveness have made them a household name and built a trust that has been unshaken for more than a decade.

Sumec a.k.a Sumec Group is a multinational Chinese company that specializes in trade and service, investment, and contracting and engineering development. Sumec generator or Sumec Firman generator or Firman generator is a generating equipment brand under the SUMEC Group.

Sumec Firman generator sets are not just known to be one of the most efficient but have also received a ranking as the best brand of exported portable gasoline generators in China.

This review is all about Sumec generator prices in South Africa and some other useful information you should know before making a purchase. This will help you to make the right choice of the model that meets your expectations.

Sumec Firman Generator Prices in South Africa

Prices of Sumec Generators in South Africa

The prices of Sumec Generators in South Africa, just like those of other generator brands, are not fixed; several factors including location, season and the salesperson can determine the price of the generator.

Below are the price range you should expect when looking out for a Firman generator in South Africa

  • Sumec Firman Generator SPG1200  0.9KVA  R$ 1,221 – R$ 1,850
  • Sumec Firman Generator SPG1800  1.1KVA  R$ 1,295 – R$ 1,850
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 1990  1.2KVA  R$ 1,665 – R$ 1,887
  • Sumec Firman Generator  1.8KVA  R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,924
  • Sumec Firman Generator  2.0KVA  R$ 2,405 – R$ 2,775
  • Sumec Firman Generator   2.4KVA   R$ 2,479 – R$ 2,812
  • Sumec Firman SPG29000 (Manual Start)  2.5KVA   R$ 2,516 – R$ 2,923
  • Sumec Firman Generator FPG 3800ES  2.8KVA  R$ 3,441 – R$ 3,885
  • Sumec Firman Generator   2.9KVA  R$ 3,256 – R$ 4,033
  • Sumec Firman Rugged Generator RD3910  3.1KVA  R$ 3,626 – R$ 4,070
  • Sumec Firman Generator SPG3800E2  3.2KVA  R$ 6,475 – R$ 7,030
  • Sumec Firman Generator FPG 8800E2  6.5KVA  R$ 7,215 – R$ 7,400
  • Sumec Firman Generator FPG8800E2R   6.6KVA  R$ 7,215 – R$ 7,585
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 8990ES  6.7KVA  R$ 7,215 – R$ 7,770
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 8990ESR  7.2KVA  R$ 7,770 – R$ 8,140
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 10990ES  7.6KVA  R$ 7,881 – R$ 8,880
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 8990ESR  8.6KVA  R$ 7,955 – R$ 9,435
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 12990ESR  9KVA  R$ 8,325 – R$ 10,175
  • Sumec Firman Rugged Generator  9.6KVA  R$ 8,510 – R$ 8,880
  • Sumec Firman Generator ECO 10990ESR  9.8KVA  R$ 9,250 – R$ 10,730

How to Identify Original Sumec Firman Generators in South Africa

Sumec produces generator sets under several brand names which are Sumec, Sumec Firman, or just Firman; whichever one you find on the generator means the same thing and they are from the same company, the Sumec Group.

However, this has led to the production of counterfeit Sumec generator sets which are numerous in the South Africa market.

Fortunately, the company has noticed the prevalence of counterfeits of its products and has stepped in by placing measures to help users differentiate between the fake models from the original. Sumec calls these measures anti-fake indicators and can be seen on parts of the generators.

Below are several ways to spot a fake or original Sumec Firman generator

  1. You can verify the generator authenticity on the Sumec Firman official website
  2. Check for the brand name “FIRMAN”. The brand name is engraved boldly on some parts of the generators. If you do not find FIRMAN brand engraved in one or several parts of your generator, then it is a counterfeit generator. If you also see its other brand names “SUMEC” or “SUMEC FIRMAN” engraved on these parts, it is also a counterfeit generator as only “FIRMAN is engraved on these parts.

These parts include Oil tank, AVR, Air Filter, Engine Block, Alternator Rear Frame, Muffler and Carburetor, and Cylinder Head Cover.

Advantages of Sumec Firman Generators

Durability: Firman generators are quite durable and known to be trusted due to the high-quality make of their generator sets. Unlike other brands that advertise 100% copper and build their generators with aluminum instead, Sumec Firman is known to keep to their word. This makes them one of the most reliable generator brands in South Africa.

Abundance of Features: The generator sets have several features like a low fuel indicator, an oil indicator, and many others. This makes them much easier to use compared to models of other brands.

Affordability: Although Sumec generators are not the most affordable generators in South Africa, they are quite cheap in the long run. Their generators, which are quite durable, are known to last longer and require little maintenance. Their generators are also known to be very effective, using up the same amount of fuel for the same duration even after years of usage.

Fuel Efficiency: Sumec Firman generators are economical when it comes to fuel consumption, thereby reducing the running cost which is beneficial over long-term usage.

Sumec Firman Gasoline (Petrol) and Diesel Generators

Sumec lines up its generator sets in series based on features and power ratings.

There are several series in the petrol/gasoline fuel type; they include SPG series, FPG series, Ruby series, ECO series, Industrial series and RUGGED series. These are mostly residential generators. It also has the SDG series which features diesel generators also for residential use.

The brand also has another diesel generator series which features soundproof and open-type large industrial-grade generators meant for big companies and factories.

Where to Buy Sumec Firman Generators in South Africa

They can either be bought online or offline.


The generators can be bought from e-commerce sites like Jumia and Konga. When buying online, ensure you confirm the seller’s authenticity by checking user reviews. Also, check for counterfeit generators using the Sumec Firman anti-fake indicator guide above.

Take note of the warranty and return policy for a counterfeit, faulty or wrong model.


Sumec Firman generators can be bought from the manufacturer’s office spread all over the country. You can also buy from distributors of generator sets but ensure to test run it before finalizing the purchase.

Buying directly from the manufacturer’s office means you will enjoy Sumec Firman’s after-sales services which include spare parts service, technical support, and routine maintenance.


When planning to buy any model, it is important you consider not only the price but also the cost of running the generator set.

Also, check out for the features and the starting method of the generator; some are controlled by key (kick starter), remote or recoil (rope starter). The first two are much easier to use, but that means the generator would be more expensive.