Submersible Pumping Machine Prices in South Africa

In many parts of South Africa, water supply is not reliable at best and not available at worst. This explains why most people and families have devised different ways of sourcing for water for domestic use. From fetching water from rivers and digging water wells to building sophisticated borehole water systems, there are many different channels through which South Africans get water for everyday use.

As the demand for water continues to increase in South Africa, submersible pumping machines have become essential tools for pumping water from wells, boreholes, and reservoirs. With the market filled with various brands and models, determining the right submersible pumping machine to buy can be challenging. This article will provide you with information on popular submersible pumping machine prices in South Africa to help you make an informed decision.

Popular Submersible Pumping Machine Prices in South Africa

The table below shows the popular submersible pumping machine prices in South Africa:

Brand Model Price
Grundfos SQFlex R15,500
Franklin Electric 4″ Submersible Motor R6,500
Wilo Submersible Pump R8,500
Pedrollo 4SR R10,500
KSB Amarex N R12,500

Please note that these prices are subject to change based on the brand, model, and specifications of the submersible pumping machine you need.

Pumping machines have been around in South Africa for a long time. They are used to either draw water from wells or drive up water from borehole systems. Here, we’ll be talking about the submersible pumping machines, which are mostly used for deep boreholes.

Submersible Pumping Machine Prices in South Africa

A submersible pumping machine is a high-power pump with a hermetically sealed motor coupled to it. As its name implies, its whole assembly is submerged in water. This type of pump works by pushing water from the deep borehole to the surface and is more effective than the jet surface type, which works by pulling water up the surface from the deep source.

Although submersible pumps can be used in a wide range of applications, such as oil wells, sewage systems, water systems, and so on. But here in South Africa, they are most commonly used for domestic water systems. Popular brands of submersible pumps in South Africa include:

  • Pedrollo
  • Interdab
  • Grundfos
  • Granac
  • SAER

Prices of Submersible Pumping Machines in South Africa

  • Granac submersible water pump 0.5hp === ZAR$1,111 – ZAR$1,481
  • Granac submersible water pump 0.75hp === ZAR$1,296 – ZAR$1,666
  • Granac submersible water pump 1hp === ZAR$1,851 – ZAR$2,777
  • Granac submersible water pump 3hp === ZAR$3,702 – ZAR$4,442
  • Pedrollo submersible water pump 1.5hp === ZAR$5,183 – ZAR$7,034
  • Pedrollo submersible water pump 2hp === ZAR$8,329 – ZAR$11,846
  • Pedrollo submersible water pump 3hp === ZAR$8,884 – ZAR$12,956
  • Interdab submersible water pump 1hp === ZAR$1,851 – ZAR$3,147
  • Interdab submersible water pump 2hp === ZAR$3,332 – ZAR$4,072
  • SAER submersible water pump 1hp === ZAR$10,365 – ZAR$11,105
  • SAER submersible water pump 1.5hp === ZAR$11,105 – ZAR$12,956
  • Submersible water pump with copper coil 1hp === ZAR$1,666 – ZAR$3,887
  • Dredging submersible water pump === ZAR$75,000 – ZAR$93,000
  • Grundfox solar submersible water pump === ZAR$27,762 – ZAR$38,000
  • Stainless steel submersible water pump 1.5hp === ZAR$2,407 – ZAR$2,962
  • OPP submersible water pump 1.5hp === ZAR$2,221 – ZAR$3,702
  • Finedab submersible water pump 1hp === ZAR$1,111 – ZAR$1,851
  • Fovol submersible water pump 1hp === ZAR$1,111 – ZAR$1,851
  • Lolenzy submersible water pump 1.5hp === ZAR$4,442 – ZAR$5,553

The prices of submersible pumps vary based on factors such as brand reputation, power output, coil type, number of wires, and durability, and built-in features.

How to Choose the Right Submersible Well Pump

When looking to buy a submersible pumping machine in South Africa, you need to look beyond price, so you won’t end up making the wrong choice. A cheap submersible pump will most likely be of low quality and inadequate for your needs. So, you need to ask a seasoned borehole engineer about the best brands that are available here in South Africa.

More importantly, you need to figure out the required power output for your pump. This will depend on the number of water pipes and fixtures in your home, office or whatever facility you want to use the machine for. Also, the required power output of your pumping machine will depend on the diameter as well as the individual flow pressure of each water outlet in your facility. So, you can’t just hit the market and choose any pumping machine simply because its power output is perfect for your generator or its price fits your budget. If you buy an undersized submersible pumping machine, it will either work inadequately or you’ll have to spend a lot on frequent repairs.

The depth of your borehole is another factor that determines what type of submersible pump you will require. The deeper the borehole, the more powerful your pump should be.

For most residential settings in South Africa, a 0.5hp pumping machine should be adequate, but all factors mentioned above must be put into consideration. For example, a 0.5hp might not suffice for your home or office if your borehole is too deep or you have too many water fixtures and outlets. In that case, you’d have to go for a pump with higher power output.

FAQs on Submersible Pumping Machine Prices in South Africa

What factors determine the price of a submersible pumping machine in South Africa?

The brand, model, power rating, flow rate, head height, and material of construction are some of the factors that determine the price of a submersible pumping machine in South Africa.

Can I get a warranty on my submersible pumping machine in South Africa?

Yes, most submersible pumping machines in South Africa come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and other related issues.

Can I install a submersible pumping machine myself?

It is recommended to seek the services of a professional plumber or pump technician for the installation of your submersible pumping machine to ensure that it is done correctly.