Student Mattress Price in South Africa

On the course of producing mattresses to suit various purposes, the mattress production industries in South Africa have been able to not only produce big sized mattresses but also small sized mattresses.

By small sized mattresses, the insinuation is the student-sized mattress.

As the name expresses or states directly, they are specially designed to be used and to give comfort to the students.

Student mattresses are predominant in South African boarding schools. This makes it rather easy for each student to own a mattress in their respective dormitories.

The cake-icing thing about this type of mattress is that it can be used on other bases other than by a student and in a dormitory occupied by other students.

Various other occasions can also call for the use of this mattress due to its portable size. On occasions like summer time or a period of fine weather, one can easily go out on a cool evening with this mattress and place it in an open space to enjoy the atmospheric view or the weather condition at that moment.

This kind of mattress is almost like a multi-purpose kind of mattress as it can further be used not only by students leaving in a dormitory but also by other persons who own smaller rooms or living a non-luxurious lifestyle.

This class of mattress is designed with the major aim of supporting healthier sleep. As already known, they are relatively smaller in size.

In South Africa, there are popular and reputable brands like Vitafoam, Mouka foam, Sara Foam, Unifoam and the others who produce this set of mattresses. They do not only produce but also make them affordable to the buyers in South Africa.

Student Mattress Price in South Africa

Types of Student Mattress in South Africa

They can be categorized into two; the water-resistant student mattress and the non-water resistant student mattress.

For the water-resistant student mattress, the surface is made of a silky material to prevent water from penetrating the mattress and altering the comfort of a student or any other individual using it.

The non-water resistant variant, on the other hand, isn’t made of a silky surface. The foam absorbs water when it spills on its surface or any other part.

Features of a Good Student Mattress

  • Student mattresses are made of latex
  • They come in really small inches
  • Student mattresses are more affordable
  • They are usually flat to the ground. This makes them more of a portable mattress

How Much Is Student Mattress in South Africa?

As do other kinds of mattresses, the student mattress comes in slightly different sizes and prices.

For the talks of being affordable, they are quite okay and the allotted prices really match their structure.

Below are some student mattresses and their verified prices.

Mouka Foam Student Mattress Price

Student Mattress: 6ft X 2.5ft X 4inches R$ 407 to R$ 500

Water Resistance Student Mattress: R$ 703

Mouka Comfy: 2.5ft X 4inches R$ 444 to R$ 504

Vitafoam Student Mattress Price

Shine Mattress (Students Mattress): 6ft X 3ft X 6inches R$ 814 to R$ 938

Students Shine Mattress (Bunk Bed Size): 6ft X 2.5ft X 4inches R$ 555 to R$ 648

Sara Foam Student Mattress Price

Sara Foam Student Mattress: R$ 296 to R$ 352


How to Get the Best Student Mattress in South Africa

It’s one thing to own a student mattress and it is another thing to be satisfied with it. It’s your right as a customer to be satisfied with what your money got for you. For you to be served better, there are things you need to put in place. Below are some guides for you to follow in order to have a happy transaction.


While making a move for your mattress, do not fail to fully understand why you need it. Since they are specially built for student use, it’s not appropriate to buy it for the purpose of correcting your body from certain health-related issues.


You will not want to miss out on this. A decent student mattress should have, at least, medium firmness since it is designed to stay really flat on any surface that they are placed. If it should come really soft, factually, it will in no time become loosened and too flat to the surface. This is to say that the foam will lose much of its ability to stay up for you to obtain its comfort.

Length of Mattress

This is a very important factor to consider. You should that you are not taller than the mattress before purchasing it. Going for a mattress that is shorter than you makes it an off. You will not get the best out of it since you are buying it for comfort.

Where to Buy Student Mattress in South Africa

The student mattress, although designed for the comfortability of mostly students, can also be used by non-students and individuals of all statuses. It is such a mattress that will always not go against your idea of having a mattress in your home.

You can find them in any mattress store in South Africa. There’s hardly a local store you won’t get one. They are available even in small shops, unlike the more expensive mattresses like the orthopedic mattress.

They are also available on online stores like Jumia and Konga. You can easily place your order and have your purchase delivered to your doorstep.

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