South African Pilot Salary: See How Much They Earn

Becoming a pilot is a childhood dream for lots of children, a dream which some even carry to adulthood. However, only a few eventually pursue this career and achieve their goals. The main reason for this is actually the cost of being a pilot. No doubt, the pilot profession is one of the most coveted professions in South Africa.

Apart from the fact that the job seems fun and command a lot of respect from both people in and outside the profession, their basic salary is mouth-watering, not to talk of the bonuses and other allowances they are entitled to.

South African Pilot Salary: See How Much They Earn

When you pick the top five paying jobs in South Africa, be sure to include a pilot. South African pilots not only enjoy the luxury of being well paid, but their value in the society is also absolutely respected and they are placed in a class of their own. Just like medicine, it takes quite a lot to become a pilot.

Apart from the hefty sum they pay to be trained in pilot schools, getting into a pilot school is quite competitive and given the delicacy of the job, you should expect so. It is not just enough to graduate from an aeronautic school, it is essential you get a license as a trained and qualified pilot before you are regarded as one; a certificate that cannot be gotten without some significantly huge amount of money.

Although the profession seems to be unidirectional as they only work in the airport and are may not fit in anywhere else, the field is broad and has lots of specializations. Pilots are divided into two main categories: the fixed and the rotary wings. A fixed-wing aircraft is one which generates lift caused by the forward airspeed movement of the vehicle and the shape of the wings. A rotary-wing aircraft is a heavier-than-air machine that uses wings generated by the rotary wings that revolve around a mast. The operation for pilots in each aircraft varies and so do their salaries.

Have you ever wondered how much pilots earn? Great! This post talks about the salaries of pilots in South Africa.

Nigerian Pilot Salaries: How much Do South African Pilots Earn?

Flying an aircraft is one of the most delicate jobs to do. It is one of the reasons why it reflects in their bulky pay and bonuses. The profession not only commands respect roundabout, its delicacy and sometimes complexity makes it a highly selective profession that requires lots of training. If you want to become a pilot, then you must be ready to spend. Labour that will surely bring multiple profits if successful.

Generally, an entry-level pilot earns a minimum of R$7,200 regardless of his or her position, grade or level of experience. It should be noted that fixed-wing pilots earn less than rotary pilots. Most people start as fixed-wing pilots. After some years of experience, they become captains and later convert to rotary pilots with much higher pay.

As of 2018, most aircraft companies pay in US Dollars. Pilots in oil and gas companies like Shell and Chevron earn about $10, 000 – $25, 000 per month . Air pilots that work with oil and gas companies significantly earn more than their counterpart in airway companies. The take-home of a pilot usually depends on his or her year of experience, type ratings, rank, flying hours and other basic factors. Let us take a quick look at how much pilots in various type ratings earn.

South African Pilot Salary: See How Much They Earn

Second officers earn between N1m and N1.8m, while a new-entry Captain earns between R2.6m and R3.3m monthly.

Commercial Pilot License: An entry-level pilot with a Commercial Pilot License from the South African Civil Aviation Authority earns between R$12,600 and R$36,000 — depending on the airline, job description and agreement. Getting a job without type rating can sometimes be challenging

A First Officer: A first officer pilot in South Africa earns between R$28,800 and R$108,000 depending on the airline, flying hours, and work conditions. This is the first stage after the type rating.

The Authority: The Authority on the aircraft, usually called a captain earns between R$54,000 and R$180,000 per month, depending on the airline, total flying hours, and working conditions.

It should be noted that pilots for local airlines earn about R$28,800 per month on average, while pilots that fly international airlines are paid R$72,000 monthly on average.

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