Smart TV Prices in South Africa

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The internet has grown to become man’s best friend. As such, we can access the internet using all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs. TVs that can access the internet are known as Smart TVs.

The South African market is filled with all kinds of smart TVs. As such, we can hardly place a cap on the prices of these TVs. In this post, we will show you the prices of some of the most popular smart TVs on the South African market. Let’s dive straight in.

Smart TV Prices in South Africa

Smart TV Prices in South Africa

Smart TVs have become so popular in South Africa because of the numerous advantages that they present to their users. To purchase a smart TV, you should know the price ahead of time. Doing this allows you to plan your finances properly. We have done the hard work on your behalf. Check the list below to find the prices of the popular smart TVs in South Africa today:

  • Samsung 50-inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart HDR LED TV: ZAR$9,810 – ZAR$10,365
  • Sony 65-inch Android TV with Google Assistant and Chromecast: N494000 – ZAR$18,879
  • Samsung 75-inch Crystal UHD 4K HDR 2020 LED Smart TV: ZAR$28,288 – ZAR$29,613
  • Infinix 32-inch HD Smart Android TV with Wall Bracket: ZAR$3,587 – ZAR$4,072
  • Samsung 50-inch Crystal UHD 4K HDR 2020 LED Smart TV: ZAR$11,134 – ZAR$12,216
  • Polystar 50-inch Smart Android TV 8G PV: ZAR$7,396 – ZAR$8,144
  • Infinix 32-inch Smart TV Set: ZAR$3,998 – ZAR$4,442
  • Sony 55-inch 4K Android TV with Google Assistant and Chromecast: ZAR$13,215 – ZAR$14,807
  • Amani 60-inch Smart 4K TV: ZAR$8,329 – ZAR$9,254
  • Polystar 32-inch Smart Slim TV with Netflix (Black): ZAR$3,887 – ZAR$4,442
  • Royal 32-inch Full HD Smart TV: ZAR$3,741 – ZAR$4,257
  • Nsonic 50-inch Smart Full HD LED Screen TV Free HDMI Cable: ZAR$7,330 – ZAR$7,700
  • Royal 55-inch Full HD Smart TV: ZAR$8,476 – ZAR$9,949
  • Sony 43-inch 3D Android Smart TV: ZAR$13,900 – ZAR$14,807
  • ITEC 42-inch FHD Smart Android LED TV: ZAR$4,238 – ZAR$5,386
  • ITEC 50-inch UHD Smart Android LED TV: ZAR$7,061 – ZAR$7,774
  • Hisense Smart Full HD LED TV A4G with Free wall bracket: ZAR$6,497 – ZAR$7,219
  • Nsonic 55-inch Smart Television with Free mouse and HDMI cable: ZAR$7,992 – ZAR$9,254

Note that the prices of these products are quite volatile so they can change at any time. We will be on the lookout for price changes and update this post with new prices when we notice a price change. With this out of the way, let’s look at the most affordable smart TVs in South Africa along with their specs.

Most Affordable Smart TVs in South Africa and their Specifications

In this section, we will show you the most affordable smart TVs in South Africa along with their specifications.

Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD 4K TV

This TV is quite special because it was specifically designed for the South African market. It comes with the DStv Now app. Check the specifications of this TV below:

ModelNot Specified
Digital Audio OutYes
Precision ColorYes
USB PortsYes
HDMI Ports3
Super ContrastYes
ProsFull HD, Display Quality, Price

Polystar 32-inch Smart Android Television

Below are the specifications of this television:

ModelNot Specified
Operating SystemAndroid 8.0
Main MaterialGlass Screen
Energy SavingYes
USB Ports2
HDMI Ports2
HD ReadyYes
Size {LxWxH} cm7.78X1.23X5.28
ProsFair Price, Display

TCL 40-inch Android Smart FHD TV with One Year Warranty

Below are the specifications of this television:

Operating SystemAndroid
FrameBlack, Dark Brown and Metallic
Main MaterialMetal
Refresh Rate60Hz
USB PortsYes
HDMI PortsYes
Full HDYes
Wi FiYes
Resolution1920 x 1080
ProsAudio Performance, Display Quality

Polystar 32-inch Smart LED HD Curved TV

Below are the specifications of this television:

Screen32-Inch LED
Resolution1366 × 768
Weight40 KG
ProsTv browser, UHD Resolution Netflix, Youtube,

Hisense 40-inch LED Full High Definition Smart TV

Below are the specifications of this television:

Picture QualityFull HD
HDMI PortsYes
USB PortsYes
ProsPrice, Good Smart TV Features

Polystar 43-inch PV-JP39CV2100BD Curved Smart TV

This television comes with ultra-high-definition for better viewing. Below are the specifications of this television:

Refresh Rate60Hz
Main MaterialNot Specified
Resolution3841 x 2160
USB Ports3
HDMI Ports4
Smart TVYes
ProsFair Price, Display

Advantages of Using a Smart TV

A smart TV helps the user to access online content. It does this by connecting to the internet using the same broadband router as your smartphone. Usually, the TV connects to a wireless network or Ethernet. While a wireless connection is great for long-distance connections, Ethernet provides better results.

Are there any special benefits of purchasing a smart TV? Of course, there are and we will look at some of them in this section:

Surf the internet

A smart TV allows you to connect to a web browser so that you can browse through different websites. As such, you don’t just watch programs on your smart TV, you can visit your favorite websites from your smart TV.

Extra features

A smart TV comes with a lot more features than a regular TV. One such feature is the availability of several apps. Below is a list of the apps on different TVs:

  • Element, Toshiba, Westinghouse: Amazon Fire TV
  • Insignia, Hisense/Sharp, Hitachi, TCL, Philips, Element: Roku TV
  • LG: WebOS
  • Samsung: Tizen Smart Hub
  • Element, LeECO, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Westinghouse: Android TV
  • Haier, JVC, LeECO, Philips, Polaroid, Sharp, Skyworth, Soniq, Sony, Toshiba: Chromecast
  • Philips: NetTV
  • Sharp: VEWD
  • Vizio: SmartCast or Internet Apps Plus


One of the most important advantages of smart TVs is the fact that they are highly versatile. You can do so much with a smart TV. For example, you can connect to the internet or use an external antennal. It also allows you to enjoy movies, gaming, access to different websites, and a host of other functions.