20 Business Ideas For South African Students & Startup Costs

20 Business Ideas For South African Students & Startup Costs

As a student, there is no better time to start your own business. You’ve got fewer responsibilities and lots of time on your hands, however, for many students, the lack of funds could make it difficult for them to start any profitable business. Starting a business as a student can be a great way to … Read More

9 Businesses You Can Start With R$360 In South Africa

Getting employed is not an easy task and when all things fail, you might have to go into one business or the other to make ends meet. However, starting a business is no small feat and you would require capital if you plan to be successful. Fortunately, this is not true for all businesses. Businesses … Read More

List Of Barbing Salon Equipment & Prices In South Africa

Salon business is gradually becoming one of the most patronized businesses in recent times. Whether on small scale or large scale, the salon business has been among the most consistent businesses in South Africa. The fact that they are not too expensive to start makes the business a top choice for entrepreneurs and has been … Read More

20 Untapped Businesses In South Africa & Starting Costs

While most South Africans are rushing into popular businesses, there are many untapped business ideas in South Africa that have more potential and could easily make you a millionaire. Some of these businesses would require little capital to start and still give you millions within a few months. In this list, you will find 20 … Read More

Cost Of Registering An Ngo In South Africa

The number of Non-Governmental Organizations has drastically increased in South Africa today. While a lot will accredit this to the ongoing insurgency in the country and the injection of international organizations, some believe it is as a result of the country’s dire need to reach out to more people for various reasons. In this post, … Read More

15 Fast Moving Businesses In South Africa & Starting Costs

There are businesses that are highly lucrative and can bring you profit in a short amount of time. These fast-moving businesses are great for individuals looking to cash out immediately or to continue cashing out. Fast Moving Businesses in South Africa & Startup Costs In this piece, we have made a list of the fastest-moving … Read More

Cost Of Starting A Blog In South Africa

When it comes to starting a blog, one of the common questions people ask is always related to the total amount required in developing one. While some blog as a hobby, some others do it as a source of income. Depending on how simple or complex you want your blog to be, the amount required … Read More