SAT Exam Fees in South Africa

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SAT is an entrance examination that most universities and colleges in the United States and Canada use in making admission decisions. The exam is a combination of both multi-choice and pencil-and-paper tests. This exam helps higher institutions in the United States and Canada determine how ready a student is for college.

How much does it cost to write SAT exams in South Africa? Where can you write SAT exams in South Africa? We will answer these questions and many others in this post so continue reading.

SAT Exam Fees in South Africa

Cost of SAT Exams in South Africa

Many students domiciled in South Africa want to travel to the United States or Canada to further their studies. To do this, they are required to write the SAT examinations. The major hindrance for most individuals is that they don’t know how much the exams cost. If you are in the same shoes, we will get you out of your misery in this section. We have done some research on your behalf to get the cost of SAT in South Africa:

  • SAT Registration Fee: ZAR$2,407
  • SAT Rescheduling Fees: ZAR$926
  • Score reporting charges: ZAR$371

Note that these prices are based on the current exchange rate since the payment for this examination is in USD. If we notice any price changes, we will update this post. With this out of the way, let’s discuss a little about SAT and its structure.

Explaining SAT

SAT is an acronym for Scholastic Assessment Test. It is an entrance examination for undergraduate students that want to school in the United States and Canada. The examination helps to evaluate both mathematical reasoning and language skills. When you apply to any higher institution in any of the countries above, they consider your SAT scores.

In 2016, some changes were made to the pattern and format of SAT. Despite the changes, the maxim and basic eligibility of the examination remain the same. While the previous version of the examination contained just mathematics and critical writing and reading, the new SAT contains evidence-based reading, writing, and mathematics. The examination also has an essay section that is optional to candidates.

Another major change in the format of the examination is the duration. The old SAT had a 3-hour-45-minute timeframe while the new one spans just 3 hours for students not writing the essay. However, students writing the essay section have an extra 50 minutes. The previous scale was between 600 and 2400 while the new scale is between 400 and 1600. Thankfully, the new SAT doesn’t come with mark penalties for wrong answers.

Eligibility Criteria for SAT in South Africa

Currently, there aren’t specific age or eligibility criteria for students who want to write SAT. However, students are expected to have completed high school or secondary school. With this in mind, it means that SAT candidates should be between the ages of 16 and 18 years.

Registration for SAT in South Africa

Several bodies offer help in the registration for SAT exams in South Africa. The registration is online and it requires you to complete the following steps:

  • Create a profile on the official College Board website.
  • Complete the application by submitting all the necessary pieces of information via the website.
  • After filling in the educational and personal details, choose the test type and the test centre closest to you.
  • Upload a clear photograph.
  • Make payment and submit your application.
  • Once you apply, you will get an admission ticket. You have to print this out and take it along to the examination venue.