Public Health Salary In South Africa : Is It Worth It?

Public Health Salary In South Africa : Is It Worth It?

A bachelor’s degree in public health can help you get a job in the public or private sector in South Africa. The median salary for public health professionals in South Africa is R335,000 per year.

Geologists’ Salary In South Africa

Geologists’ Salary In South Africa

Geologists play a vital role in many industries and their salaries reflect this. In South Africa, the average salary for a geologist is R337,500 per year. However, experienced geologists can earn much more, making this an attractive career choice for many.

Mechanical Engineering Salary In South Africa

Right from the moment it was introduced in South African tertiary institutions through to the times it was rated among the best engineering courses to study, it was always sure that mechanical engineering is an interesting and productive field to look into. As a profession, mechanical engineering is one of the broadest, adventurous, innovative and … Read More

Anatomists’ Salary In South Africa In 2022: See What They Earn

Anatomy is one of the most interesting biological science lines in recent times. Although the likes of Pharmacy and other medical professions have taken the shine of Anatomy in the medical world today, the field still remains a tasty one for lovers of knowledge and a worthy compensation for the medical line. This also reflects … Read More

Civil Engineers’ Salary In South Africa

Civil Engineering is one of the leading engineering professions in South Africa. As far as job security, career clarity and job opportunities are concerned, civil engineering rate relatively high and compared to some other engineering fields, it is a course that is worth it in all forms of it. Their pay is as suiting as … Read More

Medical Doctors’ Salaries In South Africa : See What They Earn

The medicine profession is regarded among the best and most profitable professions for all the right reasons. The pride of being a medical doctor is one of the thousand reasons students try their very best to be enrolled in the medical school. Apart from the fact that the profession has attracted lots of parents and … Read More

Biochemists’ Salary In South Africa

Biochemistry is one of the most underrated courses in South Africa today. While the likes of Pharmacy and other medical professions have dominated the pharmaceutical market in recent years, courses like Biochemistry, which serve as basis to this field have been undertone. The dynamism of the course and the flexibility as a profession give Biochemists … Read More

Nurses Salary In South Africa : How Much Are They Paid?

Ever wondered why Nursing profession is one of the most sought after and followed professions in South Africa? It is simple, it is regarded as one among the most reliable and secure professions in recent times. Remember those times when people that chose to pursue nursing profession were called lazy and seen as people that … Read More

Mass Communication Salary In South Africa

Mass Communication Salary In South Africa

Mass communication is among the most dynamic fields in South Africa today. Communication as we used to know it, has drastically changed and evolved into another level. The world now circulates on ready-made information and it easy to see why the mass communication field is still among the most important and relevant career parts today. … Read More