Rolex Watch Prices in South Africa

Rolex watches are highly coveted luxury timepieces that come at premium prices even in the pre-owned market in South Africa. As an iconic brand, Rolex [] enjoys great demand and watches tend to hold value very well over time.

Entry-Level Pre-Owned Rolex Models

For buyers looking to get a Rolex in South Africa at the lowest possible investment, pre-owned stainless steel Rolexes start at around R69,900 . The most affordable new Rolex models retail for around R110,200 such as the Oyster Perpetual Date .

Rolex Watch Prices in South Africa

Some of the most in-demand Rolex models in South Africa span a wide range of prices:

  • Datejust: R183,000 to R269,900
  • Submariner: R127,000 to R279,300
  • Daytona: R329,900 to over R2 million
  • Sky-Dweller: R379,900

As a luxury brand, some special edition Rolex watches with diamonds or gold can sell for multiple millions.

Buying Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

The pre-owned Rolex market is quite strong in South Africa as watches tend to hold value very well. When buying pre-owned, ensure sellers have a trusted reputation to avoid counterfeits. Well-known pre-owned sellers include HQ Milton, Beckertime, and Philip Zetler Jewellers .

For further assistance on the purchase and care of Rolex watches, visit an official Rolex retailer  in major cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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