Richard Mille Wrist Watch Prices in South Africa

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Luxury wristwatch brands come with a history of fashion breakthroughs and technical advancement. One of the top wristwatch brands in the world is Richard Mille. Despite hitting the market some 20 years ago, this brand is making waves on the market.

The brand was established by a man of the same name whose craftsmanship adds a lot to the ingenuity of his products. Richard Mille watches are very expensive and are mostly used by the affluent individuals of society like politicians and celebrities. We will discuss the prices of the most popular Richard Mille watches on the market in this post.

Richard Mille Wrist Watch Prices in South Africa

Richard Mille Wrist Watch Prices in South Africa

Even the low-end Richard Mille wristwatches cost a lot. The reason for this is that the manufacturer wants people to see his wristwatches and go crazy about them. As such, he has put a lot of effort into making his wristwatches unique through the use of high-quality materials. How much does it cost to own a Richard Mille wristwatch? Check the list below to find out.

  • Richard Mille RM 011: ZAR$5,182,232 – ZAR$5,626,423
  • Richard Mille RM 035: ZAR$5,866,287 – ZAR$6,070,614
  • Richard Mille RM 027: ZAR$34,078,355 – N1 billion
  • Richard Mille RM 055: ZAR$8,871,981 – ZAR$9,068,906
  • Richard Mille RM 030: ZAR$4,912,016 – ZAR$5,182,232
  • Richard Mille RM 010: ZAR$3,358,086 – ZAR$3,701,594
  • Richard Mille RM 029: ZAR$3,894,077 – ZAR$4,256,833
  • Richard Mille RM061: ZAR$6,384,510 – ZAR$6,810,933
  • Richard Mille RM67-02 Extra Flat Sebastien Ogier: ZAR$7,648,974 – ZAR$7,773,348
  • Richard Mille RM011 CA NTPT Black Night: ZAR$8,994,874 – ZAR$9,365,033
  • Richard Mille MINT 2014 Richard Mille RM 010 18K Rose Gold: ZAR$3,917,767 – ZAR$4,219,818
  • Richard Mille RM060-01 Ti: ZAR$3,834,852 – ZAR$4,182,802
  • Richard Mille Rm 010 White Gold Red Strap Mint Complete Set: ZAR$3,605,353 – ZAR$3,849,658
  • Richard Mille RM011 White Gold Chronograph Annual Calendar: ZAR$5,472,437 – ZAR$5,811,503
  • Richard Mille Rafael Nadal RM 27-04 Tourbillon TitaCarb: N1.2 billion – N1.3 billion
  • Richard Mille Black Carbon TPT Flyback Chronograph Watch: ZAR$10,779,042 – ZAR$11,141,798
  • Richard Mille Chronograph RM65-01 Rose Gold: ZAR$19,692,480 – ZAR$20,358,767
  • Richard Mille Pre-Owned Extra Flat RM67-01: ZAR$4,745,444 – ZAR$5,182,232
  • Richard Mille RM010 Rose Gold MINT CONDITION: ZAR$3,938,496 – ZAR$4,293,849
  • Richard Mille RM016 “America’s 3” Skeleton, Orange Limited: ZAR$1,739,750 – ZAR$1,961,845
  • Richard Mille Ultra Flat Medium Diamond Set: ZAR$4,560,364 – ZAR$4,923,120
  • Richard Mille Rafael Nadal Rm: ZAR$10,530,295 – ZAR$11,030,750
  • Richard Mille RM07 Rose Gold on Bracelet Diamond Dial Automatic: ZAR$5,781,890 – ZAR$6,181,662
  • Richard Mille RM50-01 Lotus F1 G-Sensor Tourbillon NTPT: N1.12 billion – N1.2 billion
  • Richard Mille Ceramic & Titanium Chronograph Special Edition: ZAR$16,272,207 – ZAR$16,990,317
  • Richard Mille Flyback Chronograph RM 11-02 Rose Gold GMT: ZAR$6,736,901 – ZAR$7,033,029
  • Richard Mille Pre-Owned RM61-01 Yohan Blake Black TZP: ZAR$7,440,204 – ZAR$7,736,332
  • Richard Mille Felipe Massa RM 011 Custom Diamond with WG Bezel: ZAR$5,700,455 – ZAR$6,181,662
  • Richard Mille RM 055 White Ceramic Bubba Watson: ZAR$9,017,083 – ZAR$9,624,145
  • Richard Mille RM016 Ultra Flat: ZAR$2,072,893 – ZAR$2,332,005
  • Richard Mille RM 11-03: ZAR$10,260,819 – ZAR$10,993,734
  • Richard Mille RM011 Ivory Rose Gold Chronograph Annual: ZAR$8,374,487 – ZAR$8,735,762
  • Richard Mille RM11-03 Le Mans Classic Carbon White ATZ Ceramic: ZAR$15,629,611 – ZAR$16,027,902
  • Richard Mille RM005 Titanium: ZAR$2,674,032 – ZAR$3,035,307
  • Richard Mille RM011-FM Felipe Massa Titanium: ZAR$6,633,257 – ZAR$6,996,013
  • Richard Mille Pre-Owned RM 032 Flyback Chronograph Diver: ZAR$3,398,064 – ZAR$3,738,610
  • Richard Mille RM11-03 CARBON NTPT: ZAR$11,400,910 – ZAR$11,845,101
  • Richard Mille Flyback Chronograph RM11-03 RG 18k rose gold: ZAR$11,585,989 – ZAR$11,882,117
  • Richard Mille RM35-02 FQ/790 RAFA: ZAR$10,364,463 – ZAR$11,104,782
  • Richard Mille Yohan Blake Rm: ZAR$8,395,215 – ZAR$8,735,762
  • Richard Mille Rm023 18k Rose Gold Men’s Automatic Watch 2013: ZAR$3,088,610 – ZAR$3,368,451
  • Richard Mille RM 67-02 Sprint Van Niekerk: ZAR$6,818,336 – ZAR$7,403,188
  • Richard Mille Roberto Mancini RM11-01: ZAR$5,078,587 – ZAR$5,367,312
  • Richard Mille RM010 White Gold: ZAR$3,710,478 – ZAR$4,071,754
  • Richard Mille Automatic Winding “Dizzy Hands” RM63-01: ZAR$3,627,563 – ZAR$3,997,722
  • Richard Mille Extra Flat 18K White Gold Watch Preowned-RM016: ZAR$1,802,677 – ZAR$1,924,829
  • Richard Mille RM11-03 Roségold Titan: ZAR$9,348,746 – ZAR$9,698,177
  • Richard Mille Diver Rm028: ZAR$2,694,761 – ZAR$3,035,307
  • Richard Mille Regatta Flyback Chronograph: ZAR$4,042,141 – ZAR$4,441,913
  • Richard Mille RM035 Rafael Nadal Baby Nadal red button: ZAR$5,990,660 – ZAR$6,329,726
  • Richard Mille RM030 18k Rose Gold & Titanium RM030: ZAR$5,552,391 – ZAR$5,996,583
  • Richard Mille Rm 011: ZAR$5,327,334 – ZAR$5,478,359
  • Richard Mille RM011 RM11 FM White gold: ZAR$5,493,166 – ZAR$5,848,519
  • Richard Mille RM011 CHINA: ZAR$7,980,637 – ZAR$8,328,587
  • Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren 03/2019: ZAR$14,032,743 – ZAR$14,436,217
  • Richard Mille RM 029 Titanium Big Date: ZAR$5,990,660 – ZAR$6,329,726
  • Richard Mille RM 35 baby Nadal Aluminum 46 gr: ZAR$6,239,407 – ZAR$6,588,838
  • Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson – White Ceramic – With Box: ZAR$9,224,372 – ZAR$9,624,145
  • Richard Mille 016 Ultra-Thin Skeleton Titanium: ZAR$1,761,959 – ZAR$1,850,797

The prices of these wristwatches are subject to several factors. Because of this, they are quite volatile and we will update this post once we notice a price change in any of the products.

Core Elements of Richard Mille Wristwatches

Richard Mille is one wristwatch brand that enjoys a lot of celebrity endorsements. The main reason for its high price is the mix of certain elements. We will look at these core elements in this section:


You can spot a Richard Mille wristwatch from a mile away because of its unique design. These watches have a design that mixes the features of a high-end timepiece and an F-1 race car. It is this look that has contributed to the rise of the brand.


Richard Mille wristwatches generally feature tourbillons. This is a rotating cage that creates a different level of sophistication to the watch’s escapement. The wristwatch movements are built from distinctive materials like a hybrid of titanium.


We cannot discuss the core elements of Richard Mille wristwatches without mentioning the materials from which they are made. The brand makes use of baseplate materials and unique casings. These include gold fused with carbon or toughened ceramic and carbon nanotubes. All of these materials add some resilience to the wristwatches.