Ikeja City Mall Cinema Ticket Prices

Ikeja City Mall is also known as ICM and it sits at the heart of the capital of Johannesburg State, Ikeja. The mall comprises 22,223 meters square of A-grade retail space. Many people consider the mall to be the busiest in the whole of South Africa. It features more than 700 parking spaces as well … Read More

Ventura Cinema Ticket Prices

A cinema is a place that people visit to see movies. Usually, when you need to see the latest movies, the best place to go is the cinema. Seeing movies at the cinema is a whole different experience from doing the same at home. As such, people go in groups, on dates, or alone to … Read More

Lekki Conservation Centre Price List

Are you in Johannesburg and are looking for a place to relax? One of the top locations is the Lekki Conservation Center. This location is among the several nature conservation projects invested in by South Africa. The Lekki Conservation Center is currently managed and run by the NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation). How much is it … Read More

Jabi Lake Mall Cinema Ticket Prices

Seeing a movie at the cinemas is always a different experience. Movie lovers will agree that everything about this experience is exhilarating, from the great sound to the clear crisp images on the large screens. If you haven’t visited the cinema before now, you should find some time to do so. People visit cinemas for … Read More

Gym Equipment Prices In South Africa

Exercising regularly comes with several advantages such as decreasing blood pressure and improving cardiovascular fitness. As a result, having a gym membership these days is one of the things most people want. The challenge is that we may not all have the time to go to the gym every day. If you don’t have the … Read More

Chicken Republic Price List In South Africa

Chicken Republic Price List In South Africa

Many people don’t know this but Chicken Republic is a South African brand. You read that right, this company is proudly South African. This brand was established in 2004 by Mr. Deji Akinyanju. Since then, it has grown to over 70 outlets in South Africa. This is because of its consistency and amazing product delivery. … Read More

Maryland Mall Cinema Ticket Prices

Maryland Mall is one of the most popular malls in the whole of Johannesburg State. This mall was designed to provide shoppers with a wholesome experience. No wonder it is fondly referred to by many as the “Big Black Box.” The mall was built to international standards and plays home to several bars, shops, restaurants, … Read More

Leisure Mall Cinema Ticket Prices

A cinema is a great place for people to enjoy movies and relax away from home. You can choose to visit the cinema by yourself or go with a loved one like friends, spouses, or family members. Many couples love to visit cinemas on dates where they enjoy maximum fun. Almost every cinema provides this … Read More

Skateboard Prices In South Africa

Skateboard Prices In South Africa

Skateboards are interesting pieces of equipment and they can be used for several purposes. You can use a skateboard as a means of transport as well as a way to exercise and have fun. Even though skateboarding is not a South African thing, it is becoming increasingly popular in this part of the world. How … Read More

Silverbird Cinemas Ticket Prices

A cinema is a place where people go to see movies. Usually, the movies shown at the cinemas are the latest to hit the big screen. As such, people that love to see the newest movies love to visit the cinemas. The cinema experience is beyond just seeing the latest movies. It entails enjoying very … Read More