Radiographers Salary Structure in South Africa

This article is about radiographers salary structure in South Africa 2022. Radiography is the medical profession that employs the use of imaging to diagnose and treat diseases in humans and it is the salary structure of radiographers that is the focus of this article today. We will discuss how much radiographers are paid in their line of work per month.

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Radiography is very important in the medical sector as it uses advanced technology to find out the cause of certain diseases. It may not rank among the most sort after jobs in the medical sector due to the dominance of medicine and surgery, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing to mention but a few but there can be no questioning its importance in the health sector. Radiographers use X-rays, Gamma rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Ultrasound to get clear details about a person’s anatomy.

If you want to know how much radiographers are paid in South Africa currently, this article as we proceed will give you the breakdown so you know the monthly take home pay of these medical professionals. It can also serve as a guide in your decision making when you are choosing where the sector to work in if you are in this field and are seeking employment.

While we take into cognizance that salaries may change or differ from company to company, we will consider the average monthly pay of radiographers in government and teaching hospitals as well as those in the private sector.


How much radiographers earn in the country is determined by their job functions and descriptions in the institutions they are employed in. Their years of experience and educational qualifications also matter when it comes to salary payment.

The nature of the employing company matters too. Is it a hospital? Is it a laboratory? These factors impact the kind of monthly payment package that a radiographer takes home. Other important factors that affect salary of radiographers include the field they decide to major in, whether it CT Scan, Ultrasonography, MRI Scan etc, all these make sure of what a radiographer earns at the end of the month.

CT scan experts, ultrasonographers, MRI scan experts, PET experts with more years of experience in the field of radiography are paid more in Government hospitals and Laboratories than those at entry level, just beginning their careers in the field.


On the average, the monthly salary of radiographers this 2022 in federal government hospitals at entry level starts from the pay range of R$ 3,660 – R$ 5,490 while in state hospitals and laboratories, radiographers are paid a starting salary in the range between R$ 2,928 – R$ 4,392. These earnings may change with time.

Many radiographers would lean towards government jobs because they are better paid in the public sector than in private hospitals and laboratories.


Radiographers in private hospitals and laboratories are paid a salary in the range between R$ 2,562 – R$ 3,660 at entry level. Their salaries increase and they get better paid as their level and year of experience increase.


If you want to become a radiographer in South Africa, the information provided will be very helpful to you as it seeks to guide you on what to do to achieve your aim.

Just as earlier stated at the beginning of this article, radiographers are medical experts who use various imaging techniques to help determine the cause of an illness in humans and treat it accordingly.

With their job function, it is safe to say that their importance in the medical field grows day by day and with advances in medical technology, they have come to stay as an integral part of the medical profession.

Radiographers can be found in clinics, hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic imaging centres. Medical radiography will continue to advance because of the complexity in diagnosing and treating certain illnesses. Its importance in medicine can never be overemphasized.


Many people are beginning to take a liking to the field of radiography in South Africa and as such, there are quite a number of people who want to study the course in South African universities and make a career out of it.

There are vast career opportunities in this field and even if one doesn’t want to work in a hospital or a laboratory, they can set up their own diagnostic centres if the money is there and help make a difference in this field while making money as well in the process.

Radiography in the coming years will be what South Africans call a “hot cake” and could compete with medicine in terms of salary structure.

If you want to pursue a career in radiography, you have to be a science student first of all. Then once you have completed your O’Level, you will have to meet the basic requirements for a prospective student who wants to study radiography is the university. We shall look at those requirements below:


To study radiography in the university, you are required to have a minimum of 5 credit passes in at least 5 of the core science subjects which includes Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Some universities in the country makes it mandatory that you must pass WAEC/NECO in just one sitting while some allow for a combination of results for a maximum of two sittings at the very least.


As a prospective student applying for a course in radiography in South Africa, you are expected to score a minimum of 200 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculations Examinations, UTME, organized by the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, JAMB. Some universities accept a minimum score of 180, but to be on a safer side, you should score at least 200 and above.

Once you have scored 200 and above in the JAMB UTME, you will be required to sit for the Post UTME at your institution of choice where you’re expected to beat their cut off mark. JAMB subject combination for prospective students applying to study radiography include Use of English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology but make sure you pass Mathematics at WAEC level to avoid ‘had I known’.

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