Public Health Salary in South Africa Currently

In this article, we shall be looking at public health salary structure in South Africa currently in this 2022. Many people who have picked interest to become public health workers would love to know how much public health employees are paid in South Africa. This and more is what we have answered in this post.

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Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. This work is carried out by health workers who give talks, create awareness through outreaches and sensitizations in the community geared towards promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention of diseases and injury, promoting personal hygiene and ensuring that everyone in the community is aware of the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles.

The field of public health is gradually becoming one of the most sort after in the medical sector as many people are becoming aware of who a health worker really is and what his or her job function actually entails. These set of people work hand in hand with other medical professionals to sensitise the public on health and health related topics.

Public health has evolved so much in the country that it is currently one of the most decent paying jobs in South Africa. Those who want to venture into public health can be rest assured that their career path is defined and will certainly enjoy working on the field with different groups of people all coming together to make the country a healthy nation.

If you wish to study public health in South Africa, it’s better to do it at Masters level, where many universities in the country offer it, and you can apply to the university of your choice for it. The beauty about studying it at post graduate level is that irrespective of whatever you studied in your undergraduate years, you can be admitted. You can also choose to study the course at undergraduate level but at the few universities which offer public health as an undergraduate course.

Having said all that, let us now focus our attention on how much public health workers are paid in the country presently. The public health salary structure in South Africa, that is, the range of payment of health professionals in the country are all given as we proceed.


In South Africa presently, this is the information on how much some of the public health companies pay their workers as salary. Generally, entry level public health professionals this 2022 are paid a salary in the range of R$ 6,588 – R$ 12,810 depending on the type of organization. The range of these salaries can match many other top paying jobs in the country currently.

In this post, we have selected some top Non-governmental organizations in South Africa and their salary structure. As at 2018, entry level public health employees at FHI 360 were paid a salary in the range between R$ 12,078 – R$ 13,542 monthly. That figure is still applicable in 2022.

Other top paying public health companies and their salary range include the following:

  • Danish Refugee Council (DRC) pays their entry level staff a salary in the range of R$ 8,418 – R$ 9,150 monthly
  • Norwegian Refugee Council pays their entry level public health staff between R$ 8,418 – R$ 9,150 monthly
  • International Medical Corps pays their entry level public health staff a salary range of R$ 6,588 – R$ 7,320 per month
  • Catholic Relief Services pays their public health entry level employees a salary in the range of R$ 12,078 – R$ 13,176 per month
  • Action Against Hunger pays between R$ 6,588 – R$ 8,052 as salary for their entry level public health workers per month.

From the information above, it is easy to see why public health is gradually becoming one of the most sort after jobs in South Africa presently, especially if a public health professional chooses to work for the top Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) in the country. The field of public health is very dynamic and it accommodates people from different fields of study as long as they have a public health certificate.

One thing about the salary structure of public health workers in South Africa is that they are also given bonuses apart from their basic salaries, making them some of the top earners in the medical sector, competing favourably with medical doctors salary in the country. Most top NGOs in South Africa work with are foreign organizations, hence the large salary structure of their workers, and salary increases with time and experience on the job. This also applies to bonuses and other incentives.


If you want to become a professional in the field of public health, you should first of all know that you have to be certified as a health worker in the country. The following steps are all you need.

  • Get a first degree in Public Health or in any other health related discipline. Many South African universities do not offer public health as an undergraduate course, so at your undergraduate level, you can take life science courses or any of the accredited medical courses offered in South African universities. Courses like Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy, etc., are acceptable. However, there are very few universities in the country that offer public health as a first degree course. You can apply directly for the course and study it.
  • Get a Master’s Degree in Public Health. After your first degree, you can apply for a Master’s degree in public health.  Even if you have a bachelor’s degree in the field, it is advisable to go for a master’s degree in public health as it stands you in good stead in the labour market for great job opportunities.

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