Prices Of Vitafoam Mattress In South Africa

The importance of sound sleep cannot be overestimated. Apart from the fact that you feel refreshed, relieved and internally settled when you sleep, your overall efficiency is sometimes determined by how sound your nap is. What is a sound sleep without a good, comfortable mattress? And which other comfortable mattress are there in South Africa above Vitafoam?

Ask an average South African to mention the three best mattress brands in South Africa. You can be sure to hear Vitafoam among the options. This doesn’t just emphasize the popularity of the brand; it is also a factor of how the brand has constantly maintained high-quality products since their establishment. Vitafoam mattresses deliver to you everything you want in a perfect mattress. They are durable, comfortable, easy to lay on and all things being equal, guarantees a very sound and healthy sleep.

Prices of Vitafoam Mattress in South Africa

Vitafoam has been among the leading mattress brands in South Africa for decades. It might not necessarily be the cheapest of brands, but it is up there with the best. Till today, Vitafoam products are one of the most in-demand products in the market. Their exploit in the market has been largely attributed to their constant desire to satisfy their customers with the best possible mattresses.

Vitafoam mattresses vary in size, design, colours and types but maintain the same top quality. They manufacture various types of mattresses for various purposes. Their orthopedic mattress is regarded as one of the best in South Africa while their hard beds are recommended for people with recurring back or neck pains. They also manufacture mattresses suitable for children.

In this post, we will take a look at how much the different types and sizes of Vitafoam go for in the market. We will also consider the pros and cons of the products.

Prices of Vitafoam Mattresses in South Africa

Vitafoam mattresses have one of the largest foam markets in South Africa. They come in various sizes and are of various types. It should be noted that prices of Vitafoam mattresses are basically determined by the size of the mattress. A 6-ft by 3-ft mattress will definitely be cheaper than a 6-ft by 6-ft mattress. Sometimes, prices of the same mattress vary; this is usually caused by some basic factors like the location of purchase, the time of purchase and other related factors.

Vitafoam mattresses can be bought directly from the manufacturer or distributors across the country. They can also be gotten from online stores and contemporary retailers. It is always advisable to purchase Vitafoam products directly from the manufacturer or brand distributors. Products can easily be returned and changed when need be in such situations.

Vitafoam mattresses come in different types. Here, we will take a look at the prices of the various types and sizes available in the market.

Vita Spring Prices

  • Vita Spring Firm 6x6x10″ == R$5,256 – R$5,580
  • Vita Spring Firm 6×4.5×10″ == R$4,032 – R$4,140
  • Vita Spring Flex 6x6x10″ == R$3,240 – R$3,600

Vita Supreme Prices

  • Vita Supreme 6x6x10″ == R$3,780 – R$3,960
  • Vita Supreme 6x6x16 == R$6,480 – R$6,840

Vitafoam Grand

  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x6x8″ == R$2,268 – R$2,448
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x6x18″ == R$5,040 – R$5,400
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x6x14″ == R$3,528 – R$3,780
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6×4.5×10″ == R$2,016 – R$2,160
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6×4.5×12″ == R$2,520 – R$2,700
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x6x16″ == R$4,032 – R$4,248
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x6x12″ == R$3,060 – R$3,240

Vita Shine

  • Vita Shine 6x4x6″ == R$1,188 – R$1,260
  • Vita Shine 6×4.5×8″ == R$1,440 – R$1,548

Vitafoam Orthopedic Mattress

  • Vita Orthopedic 6×7 feet == R$5,508 – R$6,300
  • Vita Orthopedic 6×4.5×10″ == R$4,500 – R$4,680

Other Vitafoam Mattresses & Prices

  • Vita Sizzler == R$5,940 – R$6,120
  • Vita Haven 6x6x10″ == R$3,600 – R$3,780
  • Vita Galaxy Orthopedic 6x6x8″ == R$5,220 – R$5,940
  • Vita Standard Hospital Mattress == R$1,584 – R$1,620
  • Vita CP Mattress 6x6x10″ == R$2,736 – R$2,880

Vitafoam Pillow Prices

  • Vita Pama fibre pillow == R$177 – R$180
  • Vita Quilted fibre pillow == R$148 – R$152
  • Vitafoam Dove fibre pillow == R$58 – R$62
  • Vitafoam Flamingo pillow == R$134 – R$137
  • Vita Gazelle fibre pillow == R$80 – R$83
  • Vita Jumbo fibre pillow == R$141 – R$144
  • Vita Fluffy fibre pillow == R$216 – R$224
  • Vita Haven memory pillow == R$216 – R$224
  • Vita Cool memory pillow == R$346 – R$353
  • Vita Pearl memory pillow == R$785 – R$792
  • Vitalex memory pillow == R$278 – R$285
  • Vitalite memory pillow == R$180 – 5,100
  • Vitarev memory pillow == R$371 – R$378

Things You Should Know About Vitafoam

Vitafoam is one of the oldest mattress companies in South Africa. The brand is known for manufacturing top notch mattresses that are durable, dependable and guarantees sound sleep. Established over five decades ago, vitafoam has since matured to be one of the leading brands in the country.

Things You Will Like About Vitafoam Mattresses

Vitafoam was one of the first entries in the mattress market in South Africa. They still remain a force in the mattress industry till date. Their constant desire to satisfy their customers by manufacturing world class mattresses that will enhance sound sleep is one of the major factors that has singled them out in the market. Vitafoam mattresses are products you will love; here is why.

  • The mattresses are comfortable to sleep in and move on.
  • Their products come in different sizes and colours.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • The mattresses are durable and maintain top quality no matter how long.
  • The mattresses are relatively cheap compared to other mattresses of the same quality.
  • They are easy to lift, making the products easy to move from one place to another.

Where to Buy Vitafoam Mattresses in South Africa

Vitafoam is one of the most popular and widely trusted mattress brands in South Africa. So, it’s just expectable that the company has more-than-countable sales and distributorship outlets spread out all over the country.

If you’re the type of person who wants maximum convenience and can pay anything to get just that, you can order your Vitafoam mattress online at any of the reputable e-commerce outlets in the country. With this option, you’d be able to get the product delivered at your doorstep and get it without stress. And if you have issues with paying upfront, some retailers would allow you to choose the “payment on delivery” option. Another benefit of buying online is that you’re likely to get a better price than you’d get from local stores.

But if you’d rather see what you want to buy with your two eyes, then your best bet is to visit your local retail outlet with your cash in hand. Bear in mind, however, that you’d also have to arrange and pay for transportation from the store down to your home (or wherever you want to use the mattress).

To locate the nearest Vitafoam retail outlet, simply visit the company’s website ( and use their store locator. You’ll see the “STORE LOCATOR” option in the top menu. Choose whether you’re trying to locate a distributor or a comfort center.

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