Prices Of Speakers In South Africa

Speakers can break or make your video or audio setup. Whether it involves music or just public speaking, the importance of speakers cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that they enhance sound quality, they improve overall sound output. They are useful in almost in all spheres. From mobile phones to indoor and outdoor events, speakers have been absolutely useful in sound enhancement.

Speakers are available in different types, sizes and shapes. There are different speakers for different purposes. While some speakers are basically designed strictly for the use of mobile gadgets and similar computer systems, some others are rather designed for heavy duty functions.

Prices of Speakers in South Africa

The amazing thing about speakers is that whether they are designed for mobile phones or outdoor functions, they help enhance the sound effect to the maximum efficiency, depending on the capacity of the speaker. Speakers also vary in features. Latest designs feature advance connectivity which enables speakers connect directly to the device via Bluetooth. The market has embraced the concept of speakers. The fact that they are regarded among the most sought after gadgets in the current market highlights the importance of the device in today’s world.

In this post, we will take a look different types and classes of speakers in South Africa and how much they go for in the current market. Due to the very large variety of speakers in the market, we will focus on the popular and most used types and brands.

Prices of Different Types of Speakers in South Africa

Speakers vary in types, sizes, qualities and functionality. With the market for speakers increasing daily, different brands have joined the competition in an already congested market. New high tech sound speakers have been introduced in recent times which only makes the market more competitive.

Sound speakers also very in features and functionality and hence, a heavy difference in prices. They can be gotten directly from various manufacturers or local distributors across the country. For convenience, speakers can also be easily purchased online with lots of e-commerce websites boasting of a whole different types and brands of speakers.

Let us take a look at prices of common speakers in South Africa today.

Proel Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • EX15A 15-inch 400W Loudspeaker: R$10,440 – R$11,520
  • NEOS218A 18 inches Active Subwoofer System: R$20,880 – R$25,200
  • All Weather Wall Mount Loudspeaker: R$9,000 – R$10,800
  • EX18P 15 inches 500W Loudspeaker: R$7,200 – R$10,800
  • 12 inches Passive Speaker: R$30,600 – R$32,400
  • Edge Monitor System: R$23,400 – R$25,200
  • Flash 12 HAD Active Pro Loudspeaker: R$16,200 – 500, 000

Ahuja Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Ahuja Ceiling speakers: R$180 – R$1,188 (Depending on the type)
  • Ahuja Public Address Wall Speaker: R$432 – R$720
  • Ahuja SUH 40 Public Address Horn Speaker: R$972 – R$1,260

RCS Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • RCS Double Directional Speaker: R$1,728 – R$2,160
  • RCS Ceiling Speaker: R$900 – R$1,080
  • PB-730 S Pro Speaker: R$2,052 – R$2,340
  • RCS Horn Speaker: R$1,080 – R$1,440
  • RCS Column Speaker: R$2,700 – R$3,240

Kling and Freitag Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Outdoor mobile speaker SW118E: R$47, 000 – R$58, 000
  • Passive CA 1001 Speaker: R$27,000 – R$28,800
  • Nomos LS Subwoofer: R$30,240 – R$32,400
  • Gravis 12 Speaker: R$9,000 – R$10,800
  • Scena 15 Speaker: R$44, 000 – R$58, 000
  • CA106 Passive Speaker: R$14,400 – R$18,000

Behringer Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Behringer MPA40BT PRO Portable Public Address System: R$540 – R$7,200
  • Behringer MS16 16W 2-Way Speaker: R$3,060 – R$3,600
  • Behringer MS20 Digital Stereo Speaker: R$2,340 – R$3,420
  • Behringer Europort PPA2000BT 2000W Bluetooth Speaker: R$14,040 – R$16,200
  • Behringer Truth Monitor B2030A: R$6,660 – R$7,200
  • Behringer All-in-one Portable PA system: R$4,320 – R$6,480
  • Behringer Machine Combo: R$7,200 – R$7,920
  • Eurolive VP 2520 Dual 15” Speaker: R$10,080 – R$11,520
  • Ultrabass BXL 1800 Combo: R$4,680 – 175, 000

NOCO Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • NOCO Portable Speaker (Mini Bluetooth Stereo Speaker): R$288 – R$396
  • Rosity Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with touch sensor: R$432 – R$612
  • Waterproof bloom mini speaker: R$144 – R$360
  • Smart Box Mini Speaker: R$144 – R$288

JQAIA Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Mini Portable Subwoofer: R$288 – R$540
  • T2 Outdoor Waterproof Super bass Bluetooth: R$360 – R$720
  • Jarre Aero Bull Nano Dog wireless speaker: R$360 – R$720
  • Mini Mushroom player waterproof mini speaker: R$252 – R$540
  • Panda Mini Speaker Amplifier: R$468 – R$720

Yamaha Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Stagepas 400i 400W Speaker: R$15,120 – R$18,000
  • Yamaha Public Address System PA S500: R$19,800 – R$23,400

M-Audio Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • M-audio BX8 D3 Speaker: R$10,368 – R$10,800
  • M-Audio D3 150W Speaker: R$6,120 – R$7,200
  • M-Audio AV 42 Desktop Speaker: R$4,680 – R$5400
  • M-Audio BX5 Studios monitor speaker: R$3,600 – R$5,040

Polystar Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Combo DVD-S-760 TV Speaker: R$972 – R$1,440
  • S30BB Bluetooth boom box: R$576 – R$720
  • Polystar Mini Hifi Speaker System: R$2,340 – R$2,520

DJACK Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Jiepak 15” Rechargable X-Bass Bluetooth PA System: R$4,320 – R$5,040
  • Multifunction Speaker System: R$504 – R$720
  • 12” Rechargeable Trolley Speaker: R$1,980 – R$2,160

Baseus Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Baseus E05 Bluetooth Speaker: R$432 – R$720
  • Baseus E50 Buetooth speaker: R$900 – R$1,440
  • Baseus E03 Bluetooth speaker: R$360 – R$720

Zealot Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Zealot S1 Bluetooth Speaker: R$180 – R$360
  • Zealot S5 Bluetooth Speaker: R$252 – R$540
  • Zealot S8 Bluetooth Speaker: R$396 – R$720
  • Zealot S9 Bluetooth Speaker: R$432 – R$828
  • Zealot S11 Bluetooth Speaker: R$504 – R$1,080
  • Zealot S12 Bluetooth Speaker: R$504 – R$1,260
  • Zealot S13 Bluetooth Speaker: R$540 – R$1,296
  • Zealot S15 Bluetooth Speaker: R$540 – R$1,440

ZGPAX Speakers & Prices in South Africa

  • Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker: R$540 – R$720
  • New Bee Portable Pocket Speaker: R$504 – R$720
  • Bluetooth Shower Mini Speaker: R$324 – R$540
  • TLS 33 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker: R$360 – R$720.

The list above combines the various types and models of speakers available. They include heavy duty speakers and mini speakers for computer gadgets and mobile phones. The variation in prices of speakers listed above is mainly to some factors which include the place and period of buy, currency exchange rate, and other similar factors.

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