Prices of Soundproof Generators in South Africa

The worsening unstable power supply system in South Africa has left many of us scrambling for an alternative source of power.

Due to this erratic supply of power, generators have become a popular sight in many South Africa homes as they seek a more reliable means of power supply.

Companies, businesses, and factories are not left out as they also seek high capacity generators to suit their power needs.

For companies and factories, the popular choice is industrial-grade diesel generators with a power rating from 9KVA for small businesses and 20KVA and above for large organizations. This is due to a large number of appliances, equipment, and facilities that need electricity for a company to operate normally.

Operating a generator in a company can become a problem if the generator produces noise as this may disrupt the normal day to day activities in the company.

This why most companies opt for soundproof generators as they operate silently but are more expensive than their open-type counterparts.

This article is a review of the prices of soundproof generators in South Africa. It contains the list of soundproof generators from every popular brand whose generators are available in South Africa. This review also provides a buying guide to enable you to make the right choice when searching for a soundproof generator, which is also known as a silent generator, quiet generator, or noiseless generator.

Prices of Soundproof Generators in South Africa

What Makes Soundproof Generators Silent?

Soundproof generators are able to operate silently due to the silencer system installed in them which absorbs noise and vibration produced by the generator during operation. This enables the generator to operate silently.

Cost of Soundproof Generators In South Africa

Prices of soundproof generators will differ from brand to brand depending on the quality, power output, and features. Also, some brands like Mikano offer after-sales services like installation and technical support.

Below are prices of soundproof generators in South Africa.

Sumec Firman Soundproof Generators Prices In South Africa

Sumec Firman Soundproof Diesel Generator  5KVA   R$ 12,950 – R$ 16,650

Perkins Soundproof Generators Prices In South Africa

Perkins Generator  30KVA  R$ 137,000 – R$ 167,000

Perkins Generator   20KVA   R$ 100,000 – R$ 130,000

Gateway Soundproof Generators Prices In South Africa

Gateway Power Generator  45KVA  R$ 160,000 – R$ 185,000

Gateway Power Generator  36KVA   R$ 137,000 – R$ 167,000

Lionrock Soundproof Generators Prices In South Africa

Lionrock Generator  16.5KVA  R$ 104,000 – R$ 130,000

Lionrock Generator   12.5KVA   R$ 97,000 – R$ 111,000

Lionrock Generator  22KVA    R$ 111,000 – R$ 148,000

Mikano Soundproof Generators Prices In South Africa

Mikano power generator [403-11G] –   9KVA   R$ 93,000 – R$ 111,000

Mikano power generator [403-15G] –    13KVA  R$ 11,000 – R$ 119,000

Mikano power generator [403-15G2] –   15KVA    R$ 108,000 – R$ 126,000

Mikano power generator [404-22G] –  20KVA  R$ 115,000 – R$ 132,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33G] – 30KVA   800,000 – R$ 148,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33TG1] –  40KVA  R$ 160,000 – R$ 167,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33TG1] –  50KVA  R$ 163,000 – R$ 171,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33TG2] –  60KVA  R$ 182,000 – R$ 193,000

Mikano power generator [1104-44TG1] –  65KVA  R$ 189,000 – R$ 197,000

Mikano power generator [1104-44TG2] –  80KVA  R$ 202,000 – R$ 211,000

Mikano power generator [1104-TAG2] –  100KVA   R$ 235,000 – R$ 248,000

Mikano power generator [1106-TG1] –  135KVA   R$ 304,000 – R$ 311,000

Mikano power generator [1106-TAG2] –   150KVA  R$ 345,000 – R$ 352,000

Mikano power generator [1106C-E66TAG4] –  180KVA  R$ 396,000 – R$ 407,000

Mikano generator [1106-TAG4] –  200KVA  R$ 444,000 – R$ 452,000

Mikano generator [1306-E87TAG6] –  250KVA   R$ 548,000 – R$ 555,000

Mikano generator [1606A-E93TAG5] –  300KVA  R$ 707,000 – R$ 718,000

Mikano generator [2206A-E13TAG2] –  350KVA  R$ 740,000 – R$ 744,000

Mikano generator [2206A-E13TAG3] – 400KVA  R$ 851,000 – R$ 870,000

Mikano generator [2506A-E15TAG2] –  500KVA  R$ 962,000 – R$ 999,000

Mikano generator [2806A-E18TAG2] –  650KVA  R$ 1,314,000 – R$ 1,340,000

Mikano generator [4006-23TAG3A]  800KVA  R$ 1,924,000 – R$ 1,980,000

Hyundai Soundproof Diesel Generators Prices In South Africa

Hyundai generators  9KVA  R$ 56,000

Hyundai generators   15KVA  R$ 71,000

Kipor Soundproof Diesel Generators Prices In South Africa

Kipor (3-Phase)   10KVA   R$ 60,000 – R$ 110,000

Kipor KDE23S3 (3-Phase)  17.8KVA  R$ 97,000 – R$ 173,000

FG Wilson Soundproof Diesel Generators Prices In South Africa

FG Wilson P13.5   13.5KVA  R$ 90,000 – R$ 147,000

FG Wilson P22-6  20KVA   R$ 130,000 – R$ 169,000

FG Wilson P33   30KVA   R$ 138,000 – R$ 178,000

FG Wilson P50   45KVA   R$ 176,000 – R$ 185,000

Key Things to Consider Before Buying a Soundproof Generator

Cost: Soundproof generators are the most expensive types of generators. You would normally expect a soundproof generator with a 25KVA capacity to cost more than an open-type generator of the same capacity.

When opting for one, it is important you budget well enough to enable you to buy one that is durable, reliable, and dependable to ensure you get the value for your money.

Brand: There are quite a few brands that produce soundproof generators but they are enough to provide you with an abundance of options. When settling for a model, it is important to consider brand popularity first before completing the purchase.

Popular brands tend to be more reliable, which is mostly the reason they are quite popular. Also, certain brands offer some benefits like after-sales support to customers who purchase directly from their offices.

Fuel Economization: Soundproof generators run on diesel which burns slower than petrol. This means you are likely to spend less refueling the generator than you would with a gasoline generator of the same capacity. However, it is advised to seek a brand that has the best fuel economizing generator to help you reduce the cost of usage.

Where to Buy Soundproof Generators in South Africa

You can buy soundproof generators offline by walking into the office or branch of any soundproof generator manufacturer. You can also purchase them by buying from the distributors and generator dealers spread across the country.

Another means is to buy from online stores like Jumia, Konga, and Kara. Ensure you confirm the seller’s authenticity and the warranty period before purchase. Also, check the return policy in case of a faulty or wrong model.

As you’ve already seen, this article focuses on new soundproof generators. If you seek to buy used soundproof generators, then you should check out online marketplaces like Jiji and Olx.

When buying used soundproof generators, it is important you take with you a person that is conversant with the operating system of such generators to test-run the generator and check for faults.

Used soundproof generators are much cheaper than brand new ones, but that doesn’t mean they are the right choice. However, it all depends on your budget and what you can afford.

Again, you can check out the offices of the generator brands listed above to buy a new soundproof generator model of your choice.