Prices Of Sheet Glass In South Africa

Sheet glass is basically glass that has been transformed into thin sheets. Usually, the glass is passed through a molten bath for the conversion to take place. Sheet glass is used for several purposes, especially in the construction industry.

How much does sheet glass cost in South Africa? Continue reading this post if you will like to find out. We will also discuss some other important pieces of information about sheet glass later in this article.

Prices of Sheet Glass in South Africa

Cost of Sheet Glass in South Africa

Sheet glass is used in making windows, windscreens, electronics, and for several other purposes. They come in different sizes and thicknesses. So how much does sheet glass cost in South Africa?

For you to find out, you will need to survey both online and offline vendors. This can be a very difficult task. We understand how rigorous it can be and decided to do all the hard work for you. After surveying the market, we have come up with a list of sheet glass types and their prices. Check below to see our list:

  • 36 by 36 per piece (water-based) sheet glass: R$310 – R$360
  • 24 by 26 per piece (5 millimeters) sheet glass: R$270 – NR$296
  • 36 by 36 per piece regular sheet glass: R$252 – R$285
  • 24 by 36 per piece (3 millimeters) sheet glass: R$234 – R$245

Please note that these prices may change slightly when you visit the market. This may be the result of visiting a different vendor or the location of the purchase. It could also be the result of the action of market forces.

Advantages of using Sheet Glass in Construction

Sheet glass has been used in construction for several decades. Are there any special benefits of using sheet glass in construction? Of course, there are. We will discuss a few of them in this section.


Sheet glass is transparent so it allows light to pass through. This makes objects located behind the glass to be visible. Using sheet glass in construction means that you have a clear view of what is on the other side. It also allows natural light to pass through creating the most amazing ambiance in your building. Lest we forget, it also makes for an amazing night view as well.

Waterproof and dustproof

Sheet glass has a very smooth and glossy surface. As such, it is dustproof and can be cleaned very easily. What this means is that this building material is a lot easier to maintain than many of its counterparts. You can also use water to clean it since sheet glass is not affected by water. Being easy to maintain, you end up saving effort and time maintaining sheet glass than with other materials.


One of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of a product is to enclose it in a glass. It is the same for buildings. When sheet glass is used for different parts of a building, it adds to the aesthetics of that building. It changes the whole outlook thus making the building look more attractive. Many architects make use of sheet glass to add beauty to the design of their buildings.


In many parts of the world today, materials being recyclable is a very big deal. Recycling has to do with the conversion of waste materials into reusable forms. This is one of the major benefits of sheet glass. Even if you are no longer interested in using it or it gets damaged, you can recycle it easily. The recycling process is cost-effective and saves the environment from pollution.

Disadvantages of using Sheet Glass for construction

While sheet glass offers great advantages, there are a few disadvantages to this building material. Here are some of them:


The manufacturing process of sheet glass is quite costly. Because of this, the material is also costly. As such, when you make use of this material for construction, you increase your budget considerably.


Any material that can be ground to powder or broken into pieces is known as brittle. Sheet glass is regarded as brittle because it also possesses these properties. Any little hit or pressure on the glass could mean that your investment goes down the drain.

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