Prices Of Doors In South Africa

When it comes to building a house, one of the most important aspects is the door installation. Once the structure has been raised and roofed, the next important step is fixing the doors. As easy as this sounds, a lot of people have fallen victim of picking the wrong types of door for various reasons. Apart from the fact that doors are meant to limit access to rooms, offices, and other places in the building, they also have a way of beautifying the whole structure and giving it an overall amazing appeal.

The door market in South Africa has been on the rise ever since. With lots of structures built daily, you will expect nothing less from the market. The heavy and ever rising market has prompted a lot of door manufacturers within and outside the country to come up with more amazing and creative designs that only makes the door market larger.

Prices of Doors in South Africa

Doors are available in different styles, types and classes. The different types available are used for different purposes. For instance, security doors are usually placed at the frontage of the building to limit access into the building. Some are basically designed to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens which some are suitable for offices, rooms, and so on. These doors are made from different materials and they also heavily vary in durability, ruggedness and finishing. Doors installed in rooms, living rooms and offices are usually classier and fanciful than the ones installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Doors also come in different designs. These designs sometimes determine the prices they go for in the market. Most of the time, the materials used in manufacturing doors determine the quality and hence durability of the door. Generally, steel doors and aluminium doors are more durable and rugged compared to some doors made from other materials.

In this post, we will consider various types of doors in South Africa and how much they go for in the market.

Prices of Doors in South Africa

Roofing sheets vary in sizes, designs, quality and prices. While there are lots of choices to pick from in the market today, it is important to pick the best for you based on the type of structure and of course, your taste. Doors are part of a building and have a special way of beautifying a building.

Here, we will take a look at the various types of doors available and how much they go for in the market.

Prices Of Doors In South Africa

Prices of Doors According to Materials

  • Flush plywood low-density door– R$180 – R$216
  • Flush plywood high-density door – R$324 – R$396
  • Imported single door (from a Chinese supplier) – R$432 – R$648
  • Imported double door (from a Chinese supplier) – R$1,080 – R$1,440
  • Imported door from Turkey – R$900 – R$1,080
  • Imported security double door – R$1,800 – R$2,160
  • Domestic furniture doors – R$216 – R$288

Steel Doors & Prices in South Africa

  • 3 Feet Steel Door 50mm R$540 – R$1,260
  • 4 Feet Steel Door 50mm: R$936 – R$1,440
  • 3 Feet Steel Door 70mm: R$648 – R$1,260
  • 3 Feet Steel Door 9 Inches: R$1,296 – R$1,800
  • 4 Feet Steel Door 70mm: R$1,080 – R$1,800
  • 4 Feet Steel Door 9inches: R$1,800 – R$2,520

Kitchen Doors & Prices in South Africa

  • 3 Feet Kitchen Door 70mm – R$1,080 0 R$1,260
  • 4 Feet Kitchen Door 9 Inches: R$1,800 – R$2,160
  • 5 Feet Kitchen Door 70mm: R$1,872 – R$2,520

Stainless Steel Doors & Prices in South Africa

  • 3 Feet Stainless Still Door: R$2,520 – R$2,880
  • 4 Feet Stainless Steel Door: R$4,320 – R$5,040
  • 5 Feet Stainless Steel Door: R$5,760 – R$7,200
  • 3 Feet Stainless Steel Door in Door R$5,040 – R$6,120
  • 4 Feet Stainless Steel Door in Door: R$5,760 – R$7,200
  • 5 Feet Stainless Steel Door in Door: R$6,840 – R$7,560

Armored Doors

  • 3 Feet Armored Door 9 Inches: R$2,880 – R$3,600
  • 4 Feet Armored Door 9 Inches: R$5,400 – R$7,200
  • 5 Feet Armored Door: R$6,840 – R$9,000
  • 4 Feet Armored Door: In Door: R$14,400 – R$16,200

Toilet Door

  • PVC Toilet Door: R$360 – R$720
  • Regular Toilet Door R$540 – R$900

Security Doors & Prices in South Africa

Watson Time – Chinese Security Steel Door

  • 3 ft: R$1,440 – R$1,980
  • 4ft: R$1,440 – R$2,340

Turkish Luxury Security Doors:

  • Turkish Luxury Door (4ft): R$10,440 – R$10,800
  • Turkish Luxury Door (3ft): R$7,560 – R$7,920
  • Turkish Security Core for Entrance (4ft): R$7,560 – R$7,920
  • Turkish Security Core for Entrance (3ft): R$5,580 – R$5,940
  • Turkish Special Door (4ft): R$7,920 – R$8,280
  • Turkish Special Door (3ft): R$6,120 – R$6,480
  • Turkish Pompom Door (4ft): R$4,680 – R$5,040
  • Turkish Pompom Door (3ft): R$3,600 – R$3,960
  • Turkish Walnut Door (4ft): R$4,680 – R$5,040
  • Turkish Walnut Door (3ft): R$3,600 – R$3,960
  • Turkish Armored Door (4ft): R$16,200 – R$16,920
  • Turkish Armored Door (3ft): R$12,600 – R$13,320

Click HERE to see pictures and details of Turkish doors

German Copper Security Door:

  • 3 ft: R$1,620 – R$2,520
  • 4 ft: R$2,160 – R$2,880

German Armored Security Door (Iron):

  • 3ft: R$4,320 – R$7,200
  • 4ft: R$5,400 – R$9,000

Local Metal (Steel) Security Doors:

  • 3ft: R$720 – R$1,260
  • 4ft: R$900 – R$1,440

It should be noted that the variation in prices of each type of doors listed above is as a result of some factors which include varying features they boast of, currency exchange rate as at time of purchase (for imported products), place and period of purchase, custom clearance charges and other similar factors.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Door

The market for doors has grown over the years, thanks to the increasing number of structures being built every day. New materials and types are designed and pushed to the market every day. Security doors, like other normal doors, vary in sizes, materials, quality, design, and durability. Gone are the days when there were just few brands and types of doors. Today, there are various classes of doors which has only made it more difficult to choose a type to buy.

The most expensive doors may not always be the best for you in certain scenarios. Various doors have been designed for some specific purposes. It is always important to consider some basic factors before deciding to buy one. Here are some of the factors to look out for when buying a door for your building.

  • Consider where you want to install the door. Doors to be installed in delicate places like living rooms and offices should be strong, durable and well designed.
  • Doors are available in grades. Consider your budget and go for what you can afford.
  • Consider the durability of the door.

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