Prices Of Car Tyres In South Africa Currently

Motor vehicle tyres are essential components of automobiles, coming in various sizes from different beloved brands in South Africa. This article provides an overview of the cost to purchase car tyres in South Africa as of 2024, aiming to help vehicle owners make informed decisions when replacing their tyres.

Tyre selection depends on your specific vehicle, so it’s crucial to know the required size before making a purchase to ensure proper fit. With numerous tyre brands available in today’s market, comparing prices can help identify options that suit both your vehicle and budget.

When purchasing tyres in South Africa, consider the condition of local roads. Durable, long-lasting tyres are ideal for navigating the country’s varied road conditions before requiring replacement. The following sections detail current prices for popular tyre brands in South Africa.

Bridgestone Tyre Prices

Tyre Size Price Range
185/65R15 R1,464 – R1,647
175/70R14 R1,464 – R1,647
195/70R14 R1,098 – R1,281
196/65R15 R1,464 – R1,647
205/60R15 R915 – R1,098
205/65R15 R1,647 – R1,830
205/70R15 R1,830 – R2,013

Maxxis Tyre Prices

Tyre Size Price Range
185/65R14 R549 – R732
205/60R16 R732 – R1,098
195/65R15 R732 – R1,098
205/70R15 R1,098 – R1,281
215/65R15 R1,098 – R1,281
215/65R16 R1,098 – R1,281
215/70R16 R1,281 – R1,464
225/70R16 R1,464 – R1,830
245/70R16 R1,464 – R1,830
255/70R16 R1,464 – R1,830
215/55R17 R1,464 – R1,830
225/65R17 R1,464 – R1,830
225/60R17 R1,464 – R1,830

Goodyear Tyre Prices

Tyre Size Price Range
165/65 R13 R732 – R915
175/65 R14 R549 – R1,098
175/70 R13 R732 – R1,098
175/70 R14 R915 – R1,281
185/65 R15 R915 – R1,281

To find the best deals on car tyres in South Africa, consider comparing prices from multiple retailers and brands. Many tyre suppliers offer promotions or discounts periodically, so staying informed about these offers can lead to significant savings.

When evaluating tyre options, prioritize models with good durability ratings and warranties. While the upfront cost may be higher, investing in quality tyres can provide better long-term value through extended tread life and improved vehicle performance.

It’s also advisable to have your new tyres professionally installed and balanced by a reputable service center. Proper installation helps ensure optimal tyre performance, vehicle handling, and fuel efficiency.

In summary, the cost of car tyres in South Africa varies depending on brand, size, and retailer. By understanding your vehicle’s requirements, comparing prices, and prioritizing quality, you can find the best tyres to meet your driving needs and budget in 2024. Regularly checking tyre condition and maintaining proper inflation can further extend tyre life and promote safer driving on South African roads.

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