Prices of Baby Strollers in South Africa

Picture an evening out with your little one, strolling at the park, the winds gently caressing your skin. Perfect right? Most of the time, the problem is how to carry your baby for hours, with ease and comfort, after all, they can’t walk just yet. The quick solution is this stroller; comfortable enough for you both and easy enough to keep pace.

Other than the family vehicle, the first vehicle that your baby get will spend most of the time it is his or her baby stroller. The importance of strollers cannot be overestimated. Asides from the fact that it enables parents easy transport their babies from one place to the other in style and comfort, it also gives parents that dynamism and flexibility when taking a walk down the street, going shopping, or strolling around the house.

Prices of Baby Strollers in South Africa

The introduction of baby strollers many centuries ago has been wonderfully embraced by South African parents. Since its primer in the South African baby product market, baby strollers have been a huge success. In fact, strollers are regarded as one of the most sought after baby products in the Urban parts of South Africa today. The flexibility and dynamism it brings for parents while they stroll with their babies any time of the day have been hugely praised.

Prices of Baby Strollers in South Africa

Baby strollers are readily available in baby product markets today. They are easily accessible and can be purchased directly from manufacturers or local distributors within the country. They are also available in major online stores in South Africa.

Depending on the design, sizes, features and general functionality, prices of baby strollers vary. While some are cheap, some others are relatively expensive. We will take a look at the latest prices of popular baby strollers available in the South African market today. It should be noted that the variations in the prices below are a result of the factors already stated above.

  • LMV Baby Stroller: ZAR$1,481 – N 65,000
  • Graco Baby Stroller: ZAR$2,036 – ZAR$7,404
  • Generic Full Canopy Baby Stroller: ZAR$1,185 – ZAR$2,147
  • Discovery Baby Stroller: ZAR$1,111 – ZAR$1,481
  • Universal Activity Baby Stroller: ZAR$371 – ZAR$1,481
  • Graceland Baby Stroller: ZAR$1,037 – ZAR$5,553


Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Stroller for your Baby

With the demand for baby strollers increasing by the day, the market for these products remains on the rise, prompting lots of new innovations and designs. There are different types of baby strollers in the market today. These strollers, although they perform a similar function of conveying the baby from one place to another with ease, are different in style, shape, functionality, ease of use and general features. While some of these strollers possess features that will better suit you and your baby, some others, though good, might not perfectly fit into your purpose of buying a stroller. Hence, the need to take note of some basic factors to consider before buying a stroller.

It is important to note that there is no “the one” baby stroller. Many strollers are designed for specific purposes and it is expedient to get that stroller that fits your reason for purchase. We will take a look at basic factors to consider while buying a baby stroller.

  • Safety Features: When it comes to buying a stroller, the most important factor to consider is the safety of your baby. Baby strollers vary in safety features, which means that some strollers are safer than others. Look for strollers that have frames firmly locked into position, this prevents the stroller from collapsing accidentally while carrying your baby. You should also strongly consider strollers that are certified by safety agencies.
  • Harnesses: Another important feature to look out for is the harness. A restraint system is a must. Consider strollers with a 5-point harness that wraps around the waist, between the legs, and comes down to the shoulders. Also, check for a buckle that is easy to unhook in case of an emergency.
  • Easily Adjustable Seat: You should consider strollers with adjustable seats. Babies need a seat that reclines to an almost flat position until they have head control and can sit up on their own.
  • Easy to Manoeuver: Look for strollers that you will be able to push in a straight line and can manoeuver in tight spaces.
  • Consider the size of the Stroller: You might always need to carry the stroller from one place to another frequently. It is important you get a stroller that fits into your car. There are also adjustable and detachable strollers that make it easy to transport the stroller.
  • Canopy: An adjustable shade will protect your child from the sun, wind and rain. It is always advisable to go for strollers with an extra adjustable canopy.

Other factors to consider include versatility of the stroller, ease of use, storage space, handle heights, etc.