Prices of Baby Carriers in South Africa

Having a baby is undoubtedly one of the most amazing things to ever happen to a couple. With this wonderful gift though, comes a new set of challenges, especially for the mother. There is a constant need to transport your little one from one place to the other to make life easier. While it has been easy for some mothers to balance their domestic work life and raising their infants, some others have found it quite difficult and exhausting. Hence, the need for a device that helps maintain the balance whenever the need arises: a baby carrier.

Baby carriers are an excellent way to keep your baby close to you and still maintain your flexibility. It means you can do other house chores, take a walk, stroll down the street, read your favourite novels or even go shopping with your baby “attached” to you. This has not only made carrying your baby easier, you can also transport your baby from one place to the other with utmost ease, convenience and swagger. Some baby carriers even allow you “wear” your baby close to you in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you and the baby.

Prices of Baby Carriers in South Africa

The introduction of baby carriers has undoubtedly helped South African parents in lots of ways. Its success in the market has made the baby product one of the to-haves of mothers in this generation. In fact, baby carriers stand tall as one of the most sought after baby products in the modern market today.

Prices of Baby Carriers in South Africa

There are different types of baby carriers in the market today. While some are amazingly cheap, some others are relatively expensive. Although the different types of baby carriers vary in shape, material, design and features, they relatively perform the same function, albeit in varying manners.

We will take a look at the common types of baby carriers and their prices in the South African baby product market today.


A sling is a wide swath of fabric worn across your torso and over your shoulder. They come in different types and styles. They come padded, unpadded, and with or without rings for adjustment. This is always a nice option for mothers that will be breastfeeding while wearing the baby. The unpadded ranges between ZAR$371 and ZAR$1,111 while the padded is between ZAR$445 and ZAR$2,221.

Baby backpacks

Backpack baby carriers are sturdy, nicely designed backpacks often used for travelling. It is widely regarded as one of the strongest baby carriers. It keeps the baby firm and is not as flexible as other types around. It is not suitable for newborn babies. It ranges between ZAR$371 – ZAR$926.

Front carriers

The front carrier features a two shoulder strap that supports the fabric seat. The carrier enables the one to wear the baby close to the chest. This is always good for newborn babies as it is always advisable for babies to fast the chest of the carrier. It should be noted that front carriers don’t make it very easy for the mother to breastfeed while wearing the baby. Front carriers range between ZAR$371 – N 25,000 depending on the quality.

Wrap carriers

Wrap carriers are a piece of wide fabric that is wrapped around your body and usually over both shoulders. They are the most popular and orthodox baby carriers in South Africa. Depending on the size and strength, wrap carriers cost between ZAR$371 – ZAR$926.


Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Carrier

The demand for baby carriers in South Africa, and other parts of the world in general, has vastly increased these days, thereby enlarging its market. New products are being designed each day with lots of baby carrier manufacturers busting into the market. With this, it is always important to take not of some basic factors before buying a baby carrier.

There are different types of baby carriers in South African market today to choose from and determining the exact one that suits your need can be a daunting task. It is important to note that there might not be a right “one” carrier. Different situations might warrant different baby carriers. It is always essential to know the exact type you need that both matches the occasion and suits your need.

Here are some basic factors to consider while choosing a baby carrier for your little one.

  • Type: There are different types of baby carriers. They vary in design, sizes and style and hence, you may find one better and more suiting to you and your baby than others. The different types include buckle carriers, wrap, ring sling, front carriers, Backpacks, etc. Knowing the type that meets you need matters.
  • Comfort for your little one: Some baby carriers are more comfortable than others. When buying a baby carrier, look for ones with padded leg holes that are loose enough to constrict your baby’s thighs (but not so loose that your baby could slip through). Also, you may want to go for ones with padded headrest since your baby might likely sleep in the carrier.
  • Nursing-friendliness: You should also consider whether you will want to breastfeed while wearing the baby. Some carriers like Slings and wraps allow you to easily do so.
  • Weather-friendliness: You should consider the weather and how long you will be wearing the baby. Some carriers are too padded and packed and may be too warm for the baby, especially in the afternoon.

Other factors to consider include sturdiness, easy to use and clean and weight of your little one.