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Prices of Aluminum Windows in South Africa

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Doors and windows play a very crucial part in framing the appearance of your house.

Though disguised internally by blinds and shades, externally, the doors and windows serve as an important focal point.

Therefore, much consideration should be put into the process of selecting a suitable door or window for your home or office building.

Most times, homeowners worry more about the kind of window blinds or curtains for interior design than the type of material to use for either the door or window. This is because, once inside, the window is often hidden by the window blind and the door by the curtain. However, this does not mean that the door or window in itself is unimportant.

Aside its ability to complement your overall building appearance, both the door and window are functional elements in any building and ones occupants will have to deal with constantly. Choosing the right type of door or window is non-negotiable if you are looking forward to having a better experience in your home or office.

There’s no shortage in the type of doors or windows you can get in South Africa. You can find ones made from iron, wood, aluminum or even steel.

Amongst the diverse options available for you, aluminum might be your best choice.

Aluminium is a popular material choice among homeowners for doors and windows for many reasons. They are durable and require maintenance and great noise control. Aluminium windows and doors are also economical and used widely in public buildings such as hospitals and schools.

This post provides you with the prices of the various types of aluminum doors and windows in South Africa as well as the best types to go for.

Prices of Aluminum Windows in South Africa

Types of Aluminium Doors and Windows

The different types of aluminum windows and doors include:

Aluminum Casement

Casement windows are the most popular types of aluminum windows. They are popularly used in residential homes. This does not mean they are not fit for office or public buildings.

Casement windows are large framed and often made of two panes. This large-frame and two-pane design have lots of varied options. There is the non-opening casement, where one or both panes do not open; there’s the side-hung casement, in which one pane opens; the top-hung casement in which the bottom pane opens but the top does not.

The same variation is also available if you’re looking for an aluminum door. Just as Aluminium Casement are popular for windows, they are also popular choices for doors.

Aluminium Casement has lots of variations and noise control options making it a very popular choice. The look and design is often premium. However, casement windows are the hardest to maintain.

Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding aluminum windows are a popular choice for most public buildings and business offices. This type of window can be made to slide from one side to another.

Sliding windows have also been very popular especially with an equivalent variation which is often used as internal doors.

Sliding windows are a popular choice for public buildings because they are very easy to maintain and operate. They do not contain many parts and are also quite easy on the budget. They, however, do not communicate taste or luxury as other types of aluminum windows.


Aluminium Pivot Window

Pivot windows are not very popular. They are mostly used in public buildings and schools especially in tall buildings.

This type of window comes with a latch at the bottom and hinges hooked at the top. As such, pivot windows can be opened by pushing, unlatching, and pushing the frames upward from the bottom. This way, you get a semi-open window with air rushing in from the bottom.

Pivot windows are a bit tedious to operate since most people will already be accustomed to the slide or side operating system common in most areas. Pivot windows also require a lot more maintenance than a slide. A common problem is the window getting stuck or losing its ability to keep open either due to rust or wear with constant use.

Aluminium Bifold Doors and Window

Bifold windows are not very common in South Africa. They have very limited use and are often bulky, making them unsuitable for homes especially one with kids.

Think of a folding gate or window blind and you’ll get an idea of this type of window. A bifolding window folds its frames into a stack to keep the window open and then can be unfolded again to keep the space open.

Bifolding windows also have a door variation. This sort of aluminum door is suitable for a very wide door which cannot be covered easily by a single frame without it looking messy. Of course, it cannot also be used on a smaller scale.

The bifolding door, just like the window, folds into a stack to keep it open. Bifolding aluminum door or window is great for a building which is required to be kept open at all times. This is because this type of door or window is often bulky.

Prices of Aluminum Doors and Windows in South Africa

Prices of aluminum doors and windows are hard to keep a tab on. They are most dependent on the seller and your ability to bargain as well as on features like the net, type of glass, type of aluminum and so on.

Most times, the prices increase with an increase in square footage.

Getting the best deals on aluminum doors or windows is quite easy. Different sellers have different overhead costs. As such, prices are bound to be different. Get as many quotes from as many sellers as you can and settle for the best deals.

Aluminium Door Prices
Aluminium DoorR$ 6000 – R$ 8000
Sliding Windows Prices
4 X 4 Sliding Windows with NETR$ 370 – R$ 555
5 X 4 Sliding Windows with NETR$ 555 – R$ 740
Prices of Casement Windows with Imported Materials
4 X 4 Casement Windows with NETR$ 740 – R$ 925
4 X 4 Casement Windows with NET AND BURGLARSR$ 962 – R$ 1,110
5 X 4 Casement Windows with NETR$ 888 – R$ 1,036
5 X 4 Casement Windows with NET AND BURGLARSR$ 1,110 – R$ 1,295
Prices of Casement Windows with Thick Imported Materials
4 X 4 Casement Windows with NETR$ 999 – R$ 1,184
4 X 4 Casement Windows with NET AND BURGLARSR$ 1,184 – R$ 1,332
5 X 4 Casement Windows with NETR$ 1,110 – R$ 1,295
5 X 4 Casement Windows with NET AND BURGLARSR$ 1,369 – R$ 1,554
Prices of Casement Windows with Tower Materials
4 X 4 Casement Windows with NETR$ 1,036 – R$ 1,221
4 X 4 Casement Windows with NET AND BURGLARSR$ 1,295 – R$ 1,480
5 X 4 Casement Windows with NETR$ 1,295 – R$ 1,480
5 X 4 Casement Windows with NET AND BURGLARSR$ 1,480 – R$ 1,665

Note: This quotation was obtained from S.Dex-lum Enterprises. If you live in Durban and need an aluminium expert to install your aluminium door or window, you can call them on (Email enabled). Below is their contact card. 

Wrap Up

Aluminium is a popular choice for doors and windows in South Africa. Not all aluminum materials, however, are equal. In South Africa, the Tower aluminum is rated as the best type of aluminum. It is a little more expensive than other types, but for the sake of quality and reliability, you might want to ensure the Tower aluminum is used for your windows if you have the budget.