Price of Waterbed in South Africa

Day by day, humans are looking to make life more pleasing to the mind.

Innovation debut’s itself from all angles daily. And in the aspect of sleep and comfort, it has resulted in the existence of mattress.

We go out on a daily basis to make money. And when we are done, we return home to sleep on mattresses, which help to round up our day on a juicy note.

Most significantly, these mattresses have been designed to suit various purposes such as recreation, healthcare, comfort inclined sleep and many more. Waterbed is one of these mattresses. As the name implies, waterbeds are floatable mattresses made of very strong plastics that can be filled up with water.

Waterbeds can be deflated and inflated with a pump. This makes them a part of the inflatable mattress family.

They come in various designs, colours, and shapes and are mainly for recreational usage. They are widely recognized for their support in healing the body from an already formed ulcer.

Care to know the kind of comfort waterbeds offer? Imagine lying on a mattress that floats on water without the water coming up against you. Such is the comfort you would derive from a waterbed.

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Are Waterbeds of Good Health Benefits?

Health is the general condition of the body and good body health is when the human body is free from any illness or malfunction. This is one of the reasons why air bed mattresses are produced.

Medical inflatable waterbeds designed to prevent bed soreness and also healing the body from an already formed ulcer.

In a clear cut, waterbed mattresses are positively impactful to our health and not just the comfort they offer. Go for this type of mattress if need be and be rest assured of good health benefits.

Cost of Waterbed in South Africa

In terms of availability in South Africa, they are fairly readily at hand. They can be picked up at any time in any of the nearest authorized dealer stores of genuine waterbeds.

As for the prices in South Africa, they are relatively suitable. They are not overpriced and are very affordable.

Below is a list of waterbed prices in South Africa.

Ocean Sleep Water Bed  R$ 1,480 to R$ 2,109

Water Mattress  R$ 1,665 to R$ 1,943

Medical Inflatable Water Bed  R$ 2,220 to R$ 2,450

Inflatable Floating Row Pool Water Bed  R$ 481 to R$ 581

Flamingo Inflatable Boat Float Swimming Ring  R$ 1,036 to R$ 1,147

Swimming Inflatable Floating Bed Hammock Water  R$ 407 to R$ 493

Wavelike Transparent Floating Row Air Mattress  R$ 555 to R$ 740

Folding Hammock Water Floating Bed  R$ 204 to R$ 263

Bedsore Medical Water Mattress Water Bed  R$ 1,961 to R$ 2,498

Price Determinants of Waterbed in South Africa

Note that the prices come in ranges as a foldable sleeping water bed will not be the same with a medical inflatable waterbed.

A key determinant of the prices is the location. This determines the price on the grounds of transportation from the main distribution center to other parts of the country.

Having known these, you must also understand that the sizes and quality determine the price, too.

This having been stated, do not hope to get a waterbed of high quality for a lower price. Also, be sure to determine the exact reason for the waterbed you are in need of so that can budget fully for it.

The Need for Water Bed Mattress

The need to have a reason for what you want to buy should never be discarded. If you are in need of a mattress, for example, you must understand the situation that strongly requires the mattress.

Do you need it for a medical purpose, comfort or recreational purpose? This and many more should be considered before making a move for it.

Take for instances, you will be going out with your family to a water-bound place like a beach, swimming pool at some resort center, you would not want to go out with a Mouka Foam or Vitafoam Corona mattress that isn’t water resistant. In this case, you’d be going for a swimming waterbed variant. This is where the reason for the need comes in.

Please note that waterbeds are not designed to fully guarantee your utmost safety. In the case of being near a large water body, do not abandon the user to the comfort of the mattress, especially children. Waterbeds are only mattresses adding to your comfort and not your life jacket.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Bed in South Africa


Waterbeds come in a delicate form and can burst easily. Therefore, be sure to go for a good quality to get the value for your money. Although it may cost a little above the inferior quality, try to re-budget and go for it. You don’t want a mattress that will disappoint you on a very glowing and beaming occasion.


Please look out for the warranty that comes with the product so that you can have it fixed or changed without cost on spotting a defect such as a cut on the mattress.


This comes in as one of the things to consider while getting a waterbed. Be sure to go with a complete set or risk being stranded, especially if you bought it from a location pretty far from you.

Pros and Cons of Water Beds


When the mattress is well maintained, it measures up to expectations. Specially built and frail mattresses such as this can only dispense its best if well cared for. Waterbeds are, in general, specially made for heartwarming comfort and are the real pros in outdoor recreational activities.


On the other hand, since this caliber of mattresses is made with plastic, it can be easily broken. If used indoors and mistakenly struck by a sharp object, it will burst and leave the room filled with water. This will be quite unpleasant to you. Otherwise, it is a good mattress and better when the quality is of a high standard.

Are you shopping for a waterbed in South Africa? If so, you might be wondering about the prices you can expect to pay. To help you out, we’ve put together a table of some popular waterbed prices in South Africa.

Brand Size Price
Aquaglow Queen R9,999
Classic Waterbeds King R10,999
Waterbed Warehouse Double R7,599
My Waterbed Shop Super Single R5,299

As you can see, prices vary depending on the brand and size of the waterbed. It’s important to keep in mind that other factors such as materials and features can also affect the price. Be sure to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal for your needs and budget.

Overall, a waterbed can be a unique and comfortable addition to your bedroom. While it may be a bit more expensive than a traditional mattress, many people find the benefits of a waterbed to be worth the investment. Happy shopping!

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