Price Of Smc Ceiling Fans In South Africa

SMC may not be the very first brand that jumps into your mind when it comes to the most popular and standout ceiling fans, but this does not talk less of the quality of the brand. Talk about great ceiling fan efficiency; talk about ceiling fan durability; then you can be certain to mention SMC ceiling fans. If you are familiar with the ceiling fan industry, you most likely would have come across SMC ceiling fans as they are among the oldest and unique fans out there.

Price of SMC Ceiling Fans in South Africa

With the quality of the brand already established, this post takes a look at how much their ceiling fans go for in the current market. We will also consider some things to note about the brand and their products.

Price of SMC ceiling fans in South Africa

SMC Ceiling fans, like all other ceiling fan brands, come in different sizes, types and designs. As it stands, SMC ceiling fans are in two main types – the K model and the KL model. The K model is the most popular in the market and can be purchased for anything between R$756 ad R$972 depending on the power output of the fan, the period of purchase, the place of purchase and the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase. The KL model is also available for purchase around the same price range.

It should be noted that with the current global unease as a result of the pandemic, there could be a rise in the amount the ceiling fans go for. While we expect this rise to be insignificant, we will update the price as soon as there is a significant change.

SMC ceiling fans can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or from distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be bought from various ecommerce stores across the country.

SMC ceiling fans: Things you will like about them

SMC ceiling fans may not be the most popular in the fan industry in South Africa today, but they have placed themselves in a class that has distinguished them from others. The ceiling fan, regardless of the inches of the fan, guarantee value for your money and you cannot just be wrong with SMC. Here are some factors that make them one of the very best in the industry.

  • Efficiency: One of the first things one should consider when buying a ceiling fan is the efficiency of the fan. The great news here is that when it comes to SMC fans, you wouldn’t be disappointed in this department. In fact, there are only a few other brands than can compete with their product’s efficiency. Regardless of the inches of the blades, the type you are going for or the power rating, the fans maintain high quality from every sphere of it.
  • Durability: If you are looking for a ceiling fan you can use for a long period of time without any issue, then the SMC ceiling fan should be among the top options on your list. Their fans are built to be strong and rugged enough to adapt to several environments. Provided they are maintained as expected, one shouldn’t have serious issues that would warrant constant attention of repairers to fix the fan.
  • Easy to Install: While majority of the ceiling fans in the market today are quite easy to install, there are a few ones that customers have complained about when it comes to installation. The issue could be with the blades or the control. SMC fans, however are very easy to install. While one would require the knowledge of how fans generally work or just get an engineer to install the ceiling fan, it is very easy to install. Also, the speed controls are very easy to regulate.

Price Of Smc Ceiling Fans In South Africa

SMC ceiling fans: Things you may not like about them

SMC ceiling fans are generally great, but like many other brands, they have some downsides that might not go so well with some people. Here are some;

  • Expensive: No putting it lightly, SMC fans are one of the most expensive ceiling fans in the market today. While they largely offer value for money, especially in terms of efficiency, durability and overall functionality, they prices they go for are on the high side. Ceiling fans, although not necessarily in the same category sells for between R$360 – R$648 but the SMC fans are about 20 to 50 percent higher.
  • Can be Noisy: Another downside of the SMC ceiling fans is that the fan can get noisy, especially when it is developing faults. Some reviewers have complained about the fact that while the noise is a sign that things are not right with the fan, the noise can be very disturbing.
  • Not Readily Available: SMC ceiling fans are not the most readily available in the ceiling fan market in South Africa. In fact, as it stands now, over 60 percent of ecommerce stores do not have the products available as they are out of stock. While part of this is as a result of the limitation when it comes to importation of electronics into the country due to the global pandemic, SMC products are becoming very scarce as people are complaining about the limited numbers manufactured in general. This means that you cannot walk into a random ceiling fan store and expect to see any model of the SMC ceiling fan.

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