Price of Microwave Ovens in South Africa

Microwave ovens have become a common home appliance that many households consider to be an important item on the must-have list.

Many people search online for the prices of microwaves in South Africa because they intend to get this device at the best available prices.

This price list is an important tool as it will help you to know what to expect when you visit the market, a local store around your household or an online store to purchase your microwave oven online.

Before you move on to the price list, there are some important things you should know about microwave ovens. There are a lot of speculations and theories about the radiation it produces and how they affect the food we eat.

Take some time to read through this piece to gain factual information on the use of microwave ovens in South Africa.

Price of Microwave Ovens in South Africa

What are Microwaves?

Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiations that are used for radar, communication, and cooking. They are transmitted in waves or particles. Other types of electromagnetic waves include ultraviolet radiation, infrared rays, radio waves, visible light, gamma rays, and x-rays.

This electromagnetic radiation was accidentally discovered after World War II. Since then, there have been a lot of research and experiments on how to optimize the potential of this discovery.

Microwaves oven are a type of home appliances that use microwave technology to heat food. The first generation microwave ovens that were invented were large and expensive. Technological advancement has, however, seen the size and price decrease over the years.

How do Microwave Ovens Work?

The working technique of microwave ovens is not magic; it’s pure science. The device contains a magnetron, an electron tube that emits electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic wave has a shorter (micro) wavelength than a normal radio wave and is, hence, called microwave.

When you insert your food item in the oven, the microwave emitted from this magnetron causes the vibration of water molecules in the item; this vibration results in the heating of the food item. This explains why food items that have a higher water content cook faster in a microwave than those with lower water content.

As you can see from this explanation, the microwave does not heat the food directly. It’s the vibration of the water molecules that causes heat. This is why you have to, sometimes, allow some thicker food items to rest for a while in order for the heat to disperse all over the item.

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Should You Use Plastic in a Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens are one of the healthiest ways to heat your food. Research has shown that if the heating process is properly done, the output is a food item that is still rich in nutrients.

There are some microwave-safe containers that are recommended for microwave ovens. Unless you’re sure that a particular plastic is microwave-safe, you’re advised not to use it in your oven. This is because the plastic could melt and leach into your food item; this could pose a dangerous health risk.

Is the Radiation from a Microwave Oven Harmful?

As discussed above, there is no doubt that microwave ovens emit radiation. In fact, the whole working technique is based on the emission of radiation.

But the big question is, is the radiation harmful to humans?

Well, with the current scientific evidence available, the answer is NO!

There is a standard restriction on the home appliances and gadgets we use that limits the level of radiation they emit. The level of radiation produced by all the radiation-emitting devices (smartphones, laptops, etc) we use daily or occasionally is far below the harmful level.

To serve as additional protection, the double interlock system was introduced. This system ensures that the microwave does not produce radiation when the latch is released.

The better part is that you can even employ another level of personal protection if you still feel concerned. Since the level of exposure to radiation decreases with an increase in distance, you may choose to stay away from your microwave oven while it is switched on and emitting radiation.

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Microwave Oven Prices in South Africa

Below is the price list of different brands of microwave ovens in South Africa.

  • Hisense Microwave Oven-20 Litres: R$ 592 – R$ 629
  • Galanz 20L Speedy Defrost Microwave Oven: R$ 611 – R$ 666
  • Midea 20 Litre Microwave Oven With Grill: R$ 629 – R$ 703
  • Haier Thermocool Microwave Oven Manual 20L: R$ 814 – R$ 925
  • Restpoint Built-in Microwave Oven: R$ 2,405 – R$ 2,590
  • Crown Star MicrowaveOven+Baking+Grilling: R$ 444 – R$ 481
  • Sharp Microwave 40 Litres: R$ 3,441 – R$ 3,515
  • Hisense Microwave 36 Litres: R$ 1,295 – R$ 1,406
  • AKAI Electric Microwave Oven + Grill – 30L: R$ 1,406 – R$ 1,480
  • Polystar Microwave Oven With Grill 25 Litres: R$ 1,184 – R$ 1,295
  • Master Chef Toaster Oven+Baking+Grilling – 11Ltr: R$ 333 – R$ 407
  • LG 25 Litres Smart Inverter Microwave Oven NeoChef: R$ 1,665 – R$ 1,850
  • Eurosonic Microwave Electric Oven 20L: R$ 592 – R$ 703
  • Binatone MWO 2018 20 Litre Microwave Oven: R$ 851 – R$ 962
  • Samsung 20L Microwave Oven: R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,665

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Best Microwave Oven Brands in South Africa

Obviously, there are many brands of microwave ovens in South Africa. Below is a list of some of the most predominant ones that South Africans love to use as a result of their quality, durability and other factors.

LG Microwave Oven

LG (Life’s Good) is an old brand that has become a household name. Apart from microwave ovens, they also manufacture deep freezers, home theatres, televisions, and several other home appliances. They’ve been in the microwave oven game for a long time and they currently manufacture some the most advanced microwave ovens available on the market.

Scanfrost Microwave Oven

Scanfrost is another popular brand known for quality and durability. Some people don’t even bother to confirm the quality of an electronic product when they find out it’s a Scanfrost brand. They are also one of the big players in the microwave oven production in South Africa. Their products definitely give South Africans a peace of mind.

Sharp Microwave Oven

The number one reason a South Africa won’t know Sharp is if they were not born years before the early 2000s. Sharp is one of the oldest brands in South Africa with strong recognition in the international market. Sharp microwave ovens are readily available in South Africa and can be purchased from local stores.

Hisense Microwave Oven

If you’re conversant with electronic products in South Africa, you would definitely know the Hisense brand is a good choice. Hisense branded microwave ovens are readily available at affordable prices. The company designed the ovens in different sizes and prices. This will allow you to choose the quality and price that meet your budget.

Samsung Microwave Oven

From smartphones to televisions and a range of gadgets and home appliances, Samsung is a major player in the South Africa tech market — in fact, the global tech market. You have nothing to worry about when you buy a Samsung microwave oven. Just like Samsung smartphones, the microwave ovens are also on the high side in terms of price; but the quality is guaranteed.

Panasonic Microwave Oven

This is another brand you should watch out for. Panasonic microwave ovens are predominant in South Africa. They are available in different sizes and prices. The company is also known for the production of other home appliances like air conditioners and washing machines among others.

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