Price of Floor Tiles in South Africa

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Tiles are a great type of flooring option and can work in any room.

They are easy to clean, maintain, and are stylish.

With lots of options on the market, choosing tiles for your house can become challenging especially if you have no particular option in mind.

I’ve put this guide together to help you choose the best tiles for your building.

Choosing a tile for your building is quite easy, especially if you consider and note down your needs and personal preferences. Once you do this, you can then select a tile material type, find the right design for that particular material type and then go shopping for the tiles you want.

This helpful guide is intended to help you choose the best type of tile for each room in your home. Different rooms in the home require different types of tile material.

This guide also provides an estimate of the prices of flooring tiles in South Africa. The prices are estimated because they vary from one seller to another and from one part of the country to another.

Briefly, towards the end of the article, I also provide you with a brief guide on how to calculate the number of tiles needed for any particular room space. This way, you can estimate the number of tiles needed for your building and then get an idea of what it’ll cost you to cover it with tiles.


Price of Floor Tiles in South Africa

Price List of Floor Tiles in South Africa

Ceramic Tiles (inexpensive)

Ceramic tiles are popular tiling materials because they are inexpensive and fit almost any type of room decors. They are easy to install but require more effort to keep them clean since they are porous and can absorb liquids.

They can be used in every room in a building except in the bathroom since they are porous and absorb liquids. The price of a 30 × 30 pack of ceramic tile ranges from R$ 45 – R$ 56 while a 40 x 40 ceramic tile pack cost around R$ 52 – R$ 65.


Porcelain Tiles (more durable but expensive)

One problem with ceramic tiles aside from being porous is that they chip off easily and are not very durable. If you are looking for a more durable tiling material and are willing to up your budget a little, then you might want to consider porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles are one of the most durable types of tiles on the market and they do not absorb liquids. They are classic, smooth and can be used in any room.

The tiles come in two varieties; polished and unpolished. The price of a 30 x 30 polished porcelain pack ranges from R$ 93 – R$ 102 while a 40 x 40 pack of the same costs around  R$ 100 – R$ 111.

A 40 x 40 of unpolished porcelain pack costs around R$ 93 – R$ 111 while a 30 x 60 of unpolished porcelain costs around R$ 130 – R$ 148.


Natural Tiles (long-lasting)

Natural tiles are made from various stones like slate, granite, and limestone. They are among the most expensive type of tiles on the market but also the most durable of all tiles.

Slate natural tiles come in a range of dark earth-like colors and are good for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Limestone tiles also come in the same colors and texture. It scratches easily and should not be put in high traffic areas. Granite is very hard and suitable for all types of rooms.

You can find natural tiles in South Africa at prices ranging from R$ 204-R$ 296.




Simple Tips For Getting the Best Out of Your Tiles

Use tiles to make a room feel bigger – if room space is quite small, it can make everything look stuff up. You can easily overcome this effect by choosing to lay your tiles diagonally rather than horizontally. This creates the illusion of a larger space. Optionally, you can use smaller tiles to do this as they tend to make a room feel bigger. Smaller tiles, however, often take more time to install.


Use tiles to make a large room feel smaller – large space is anything but cozy. To make a large room cozier, you can use your tiling option to make the large space look smaller. You can do this easily by going for larger tiles which tend to create the illusion of a smaller space.


Create your own design by mixing colors and sizes – you can easily get creative and create your design with the various color options and styles since tiles are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs.

Most times it’s best you seek an expert’s advice before shopping for tiles as not all types can go together.


How to Calculate the Number of Tiles Needed For Your Floor

Step 1: Measure the length and width of your room.

The first step involves taking measurements of the length and width of each room you’ll be tiling. Then multiply the length of each room by the width to get the square footage.


Step 2: Add up the square footage

Once you multiply the length by the width of each room, add the figures together. This will give the total square footage for all the rooms.


Step 3: Divide the total footage by the size of tile

Tiles come in different square footage sizes. For instance, there’s the 12 by 12 ceramic tiles. If you’re going for this type of tile then divide the total square footage by 12. The number you get is the number of tiles you’ll need to purchase.

However, you should buy at least 20 percent of the total as extra to allow for errors, damages, and cutting.


Step 4: Get the number of tile packets

Tiles come in packets containing a definite number of tiles. For instance, the 12 by 12 ceramic tiles come in a packet. Each packet contains 12 tiles. So, you’ll need to divide the total number of tiles you got in step 3 by the number of tiles in each packet. This way, you’ll get an idea of the number of packets you need to buy.


Where to Buy Tiles In South Africa?

You can conveniently shop for tiles online in South Africa from the comfort of your home or find a dealer in any market close to you.


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